Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm a Fool.... for you?

Hmm, I notice there has been too many post about me and not too much on reviews and EOTDs anymore. Not that I think I'm bloody good or anything, but can anyone suggest a colour to me? I'm cracking my head as to what colour people might like to see and as for reviews, I'm too broke to buy anything new but I'll dig up my old stuffs and put up a review or two soon.

I wanted to do an EOTD for tonight but after seeing my puffy swollen red eyes, I'll have to postphone it. Tonight just happens to be one night I'm feeling bloody down and low. I don't want no symphaties I just want to finally let it out from my mind.

The original Rider-Waite Fool

I feel like such a fool. It all started when I fell hard for a guy that I met for 3 weeks and after just another couple of weeks, he disappeared. Completely. He refuses to answer my sms-es or pick up my calls. I understand that he's probably busy with work, handling the company and flying here and there but a simple call or message replying me would really be nice.

I realize that from the start of this so called 'relationship' everything has been wrong. From the fact that we went out too fast and too soon but what's done is done. Perhaps I've said a few wrong things just as well and perhaps I didn't turn out to be what he wanted or thought I was or perhaps I got stinky feet although I don't think so, nyahahahha!

Guess I'll hang around a little bit more~

In the end of the day, I'm left hanging. I'm not sure what I am to him. Only a few knows of our relationship and for me to move on now is hard because part of my is confused. I'm still waiting for him to clarify so I can move on. I hesitate on moving on just in case he comes back. Silly as it sounds but I'll be more than happy to be with him but just as well, if it has to be, I don't mind being just his friend. All I want to know is what I am to him. It's easy to say, "Oh just take him as a good friend for now" but if I take him as a good friend then does that mean I'm more than free to start dating others? But then if I start dating others wouldn't that give him the reason to say that I'm 'cheating' on him?

I once asked him what I was to him, he couldn't answer me. All I gather was that I was more than a friend, more that a close friend, more than a good friend but he couldn't say the girlfriend word. Perhaps I was wrong to kept asking for an answer but I wanted to asesse my potision then and feel more secure. That was my downfall I admit.

In the end, he did say that I wasn't who he thought I was. Ouch, that hurts. LOL!

That's me!!

We knew each other from a mutual friend in a pub and my first impression about him was that our mutual friend was trying to hook him and Elisa together. So I never bothered about him. It was fun talking to him because I never had to 'put on an act' and be all girl-ish in front of him. He was just a friend so I felt comfortable in talking to him minus all filters. Little did I know, things were going to get more complicated from here on.

Elyn, I remember your words as well as the story, it's always at the back of my head but sometimes it's just so hard when all I think is him.

I guess, the only thing that I can do is wait and see how everything goes. I can't wait for the stupid heartache and the thoughts of ever loving him comes to a pass.

I want back my heart, Dammit!
Give it back, you ebil Casanova!

P.s: In tarots term, The Fool doesn't literally means that we're a fool XD

P.s.s: I felt so much better just typing all this out and having a good cry. As embarrassing as it is but once everything came out, a huge burden got lifted and I felt...relieved in a way. Yes, I'm still waiting for him but no longer as anxiously anymore. I've started to let little by little go and it feels good. Thank you everyone! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Products that has whitish cast makes you look weird :P

Everytime I look around for BB creams, one f the first things I check is whether it has or gives off a whitish cast. I know how some girls really don't mind it when their BB cream has that sort of effect since they think it might help them look fair but I'm about to prove otherwise.

I looked so tanned and flat chested here, AHAHAHAHAHAHAA! I look like an A cup here! XD
See the difference between face and body, UGH!

The pictures above were taken on last Saturday if I'm not mistaken. I was totally stressed out from having to defend myself against 'bombers' and idiots on an online forum so I headed off to the gym with Sulin and Kern. Halfway through gym, received messages from JeanJean consoling me which was very much a surprise. Thanks Jean for the messages, you really made me happy and you too Elyn *hugs hugs* A while later Elyn sent me a message saying that 'something has happen' and the seller has has agreed to refund and that I should go have a drink and celebrate.

Uhh, I think I took her a little too seriously cause by the end of the night, I was pissed drunk. Not good.

Also wearing white makes someone look tanner. I'm serious. After gym, I slap on some Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream ( a little too much maybe?), some eyeliner, blusher and went to Soi 11. It's not my usual 'full' make up since I didn't bring my face primer, eye primer, proper blusher or anything, hell, I didn't even have the correct shade of eyebrow pencil since it's just spare things to the gym!

So that's how I turned out. Weird looking. Nyahahahaha! The whitish cast that the BB cream gives off was something that I already knew after seeing how weird-ly coloured I was in previous pictures but that night was especially bad. My skin was abviously patchy and red after drinking.

Take a while back before my hair cut
This pictures are all extremely embarrassing to me and I wasn't planning on posting them here but just as well, I'm NOT perfect, I'm no super model that has perfect pictures every shot

This is really going to make me think twice about using this to clubbing the next time. Also I notice that Korean products has a higher tendency to have whitish cast products. I could be wrong but I wonder if anyone else notice or has this problem?

I've yet to use enough BB creams so I can't really tell. But when it comes to face powders, blushers, BB creams (except the Magic BB cream) and even some lip glosses by Etude House all has this weird whitish cast to it.

Whitish cast in lip glosses makes every line in your lips even more obvious but it obviously has it's own ups since people still loves them.

I do know that some sun block also gives off whitish cast, one sun block that I found with that effect would the one from Biore. I don't remember the name as it was Elisa who bought it. She ended up using it on her arms instead since she didn't wanted to waste it nor use it on her face.

I don't have problems like this when I use my normal MAC or Kate foundations but I was wondering if anyone else notice this problem...

Deleted post

On someone's request, I have removed one of my earlier post regarding the wig. TQ

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NOTD : Pink with silver glitters

Okay, no fancy name for the nails, I'm not that creative. I'm not going to name it Shooting stars across pink skies or something that fancy so lets call it exactly what it is; Pink with silver glitters. It's a fairly simple to do, in fact it's extremely easy to do.

One reason why I consistently paint my nails is because no matter what base coat I use, my nails does get stained yellow. I remember Elyn advising me to use lemons and I planned to do it but in the end, I paint my nails too often to even help.

Colours used for the nails

Since my nails is still fairly short, I like to use darker shades such as red or navy blue or dark purple but this time, I miss my pinks so I dug out a super old nail colour that is surprisingly still usable. Elizabeth Arden's Opal. It's been so long that I wonder if EA still have this colour. I think it came in a Christmas set that we gave our mom some time ago but she didn't particularly liked the colour so I took it instead. It's sheer pink with a mother of pearl kind of sheen.

After two coats, I painted TheFaceShop's BK902 over it and then Elianto's silver glitter and ta-daaa. Nothing fancy but it doesn't take a lot of time and it still looks good - to me anyway. I love the Elianto's silver glitter!


Went to the post office to send the wig back, took plenty of pictures as proof that I even sent the wig back as well as a short video clip. Why the paranoia? Let's just say that I have my reasons...

Went swimming with Sulin at the Penang Sports Club later on, I expected Kern to come along so imagine my surprise when it was just Sulin and me but I had a good chat with her exchanging gossips and news. I managed to ask her regarding the rumour I heard that a friend of ours was talking about. I'm not sure how much it'll help but at least I clarified my side of the story. Whether Sulin would trust me over her friend is totally up to her but I just needed her to know I'm not that type. So that's cleared. Phew!

It's almost the end of July and for some strange reason, I'm happy. In a nutshell, while there was the most misunderstanding and disappointments, it was also the month that made it the most memorable for me in my 25 years on Earth thanks to all the people around me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

MAC Mode Workshop + MJ Honey Pump Gloss

Was reading the newspaper when I cam across a Watson's advertisement saying buy 2nd Majolica Honey Pump Gloss for RM1! Whee, yes yes, good things occasionally comes in pairs! jumped around happily and gave E a call to check if she was interested in sharing one with me. She agreed to follow me but didn't needed another gloss so at close to closing time, we went to Gurney Plaza and I ended getting 2 for myself. I felt really guilty, I'm not buying it because I needed it but more on because I was curious about it and the sale was too good to pass over. This is probably one of the worst ever reasons to buy anything.

Left to right: BE155 and ED449; Ingredients stated

I smsed Elyn after that to tell her about the sale and thought that hey, if she liked them, I could give her one of mine but when she asked about the texture, I tried mine on and reported that although it was nice and glossy, it's super sticky, the type that will get into your lips and face and hair and just about everywhere if not careful. Elyn lost interest and I'm a little glad, I'll be embarrassed if I actually ended up giving her something like this. I'm not liking mine because my fringe reaches my chin and when the wind blows it gets stuck on the gloss and it's really disgusting to try getting gloss out of your lips and hair and giving something like this away would be insulting. Bleh, guess my lips will be drowning in these for the next few months.

Left to right: Majolica's BE155 and RD449 swatch, BE115 on lips

The total price for one was RM17.90 and bought the 2nd at RM1, so all in all, it was RM9.45 each. After that was done, I ran over to the Elianto counter to get some nail colours, I wanted some glitter nail colour after seeing JeanJean with some and how well the glitters comes out. I have one TheFaceShop's glitter nail polish but the glitter is a pain in the behind to get out and for some strange reason, it's bloody hard to dry. It messed up my nails when I painted it on when not only the glitters was hard to come out but it didn't dry well after 20 minutes.

Transparent coat + Glitter Silver

I was really looking forward to Saturday after such a rough week. It wasn't the MAC workshop that I ended up looking forward to but more on seeing Elyn again. I have not seen her after the day she came over to pass me my birthday present. Like I've said before, I love each meeting as it's really one time when I get to learn from Elyn about life and experiences as well as to know a bit more of her.

We were both advise to come bare faced to the workshop and so we did. Elyn looked great as usual even without make up, I was so envious! Then again, it was expected. It was a little embrassing for me to walk around in Gurney Plaza all bare faced and I didn't have the guts too so I put on a little of my Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream and The body Shop's shimmer wave and drew my eye brows a little. Ash the Vain Pot, I know. Still an achievement for myself since I would never really come out without my eyeliner usually.

Anyway, after a quick drink at Coffee Bean, we headed up to G Hotel to register in. While there, Elyn told me that she heard Enpointe was coming as well. Ooo, a suprise for me. Enpointe or WildBerry as I have known her before is someone I usually like to buy my sweetscents or MAC pigments from. Her service is super fast and she usually gives some nice samples out.

The EOTD I came up with using MAC Knight Divine and err.. other stuffs that the instructor came and put on

I must admit the truth, I felt extremely guilty that I actually bought the MAC mode workshop vouchers in the end. I had badly wanted to come and told my parents that so they ended up 'sponsoring' me and in the end of the day, perhaps I expect a little too much. I didn't learn much, I could have perhaps learn more if Elyn decided to do an EOTD on her blog or if she was the one up there teaching. I'm not exgerrating nor am I saying that the workshop was really bad but this is just my 2 cents la. If they have intermediate classes next time, perhaps Elyn should go and come back and teach the rest of us...

Left to right: After class = camwhore time!; Elyn, instructor and me

The good thing about the whole workshop was that we could play around with the MAC products. I discover that MAC strobe cream gave some really nice effect to the skin and their eye brow pencil was gooood! But the MAC Eye Kohl pencil was probably one the suckiest eyeliners I have ever used. It smudge nonstop and I ended looking like Ronald McD everytime I close my eyes. I also learn that MAC studio fix foundation in NC25 is so NOT my colour. It was 2 shades away from what I usually use (I use NC15 and have no problem with it) I had to use it for the class and that made me one unhappy camper. It was far too dark and too yellow for me but when I asked for a lighter shade, the person asked if I wanted something 'That fair?!" So I thought "Oh, okay, should be okay la" so hey, I learn something new. I also liked the attention they give everyone, that was nice and convinient when there was questions on how to do this and that.

Left to right: Me, Enpointe (Su) and Elyn; The freebies form Elyn and MAC

No meeting is completed without Elyn passing me something and yet again, Saturday was no different. Elyn passed me Red Cherry Drama mama lashes that she thought will look great with the Nice Mix EOTD along with an NYX cupcake in Orange and a super cute pouch to put everything in. LOL! Thank you so much dear! I feel pretty bad when i took it since I had nothing for her. *sigh* I will think of something for all Elyn has done for me T.T

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Drama Queen of the GOLDEN screen presents Wiggie muh Prettie~

Finally two problem solved, one more to go! I'm feeling pretty good :D


The problem has finally been resolved with the wig seller giving me a full refund of my RM68 with me bearing both shipping from and to her. This post was originally written on the 25/7 while I was feeling extremely annoyed. The feeling has now cooled down with the money safely back in my account.

My thoughts on the entire experience was it was a good lesson to the both of us. For one, I met lots of people who's exercise is probably nothing besides jumping to conclusion and having to meet someone who can spin stories better than how spiders can spin their webs. Everything's over and I'm so freaking relieved. Even my drama queen pimples has subdued. Thank Heavens!

So while everything is fine, which I truly sincerely hope so, I will still post up this article that I written then as part of 'my side of the story' only because I'm not too pleased with all the bombing I got.

So all in all, I'm not saying that the wig seller was someone bad. Each of us handled things differently and we have our own flaws. She sells some pretty interesting things actually and if I never had this problem with her, I would probably be more than happy to buy from her but considering our situation, I'll personally be staying away as I've probably been blacklisted :P


I decided to check my complain thread and saw that I was badly bombed by some idiots there. Yes, it's not very nice to call people idiots and yes it's not very nice to make a post of it after everything's been "resolved" but over here, in my blog, it would be my side of the story.

As I was saying, I finally went to the Trade Zone Helpdesk & Dispute Resolution Corner after P**~ didn't reply my PM on how to settle it.

Off track

It's fast becoming a crime to speak good English in Malaysia. Not only will you be an outcast but mostly people who cant speak English for shit for whatever reason they never bothered to learn will accuse us of trying to show off. *sigh* And the government is thinking of reverting Science and Maths to our national Language. I can see the future. I can see that Malaysia will be filled with people who can't speak English. I fear. I will migrate!

Back to 'story'. I happily call some people idiots because while it's easy to be immature and biased, don't make a utter fool of yourself by not finding out proper information before you open your big mouth. Yes I have a link to my blog on my signature and you can very well come over to my blog to leave something nasty. But the very least you can do is to listen to both sides of the story before being too quick to judge. Yes P**~ is your friend, yes, you want to score brownie points, yes you want to jack balls or whatever other reason you have. But please do know both sides of the story.

"To every coin, there is two sides"

There was all sorts of accusation pointing at me through the entire thread from me threatening to make a police report to me threatening to post up a YouTube video even, which I found hilarious. First off, I don't even know how to upload pictures into YouTube yet alone make an entire video clip and post it up.

Then the sob stories comes up on how P**~ talked to me till 2.30am when she has to wake up at 6.30am and how she cried. Of course she failed to mention that it was me who was asking her to go sleep and rest up and that we'll talk in the morning when we are both not so angry and hell, does she thinks she's the only one who cried, it was MY hard earned money for God's sakes and I was looking for a wig for months!

So anyway, I decided to post up a few part of our PM to everyone to read and in the end, if you still think that I'm an absolute monster. So be it. First up, the thing P**~ posted

Thank you for those who making things difficult, allowing us to learn a valuable lesson, allowing us deeply understand how every single cent is counted and valuable, improve our EQ n experiences at the same time. we shall improve and continue to improve time by time.
I feel offence when you are trying to pull me down, bad writing and spoilt my reputation. In fact, I found out that still many customers pm us to ask us help them order n also some r try to giving support n consolation secretly. asking us be tough, the wise one will know how to judge. really deeply appreciate to u guys, so sweet.
Strong business goes on, we do not want to deal with an unreasonable and nonsense customers. The wigs is really in good condition b4 sent out n checked. Tired to explain n explain again, I assume to lose the money for a charity.
The customers deal with us b4 will know our nice service, no need to talk much. And For those customers who r unable to bare the risk by buying online n the cause by courier company, looking up some money as big as their whole property or assets, pls pass by our threat next time, do forgive us n we r so sorry not to have the wise knowledge n the honour to serve u.

What do you want me to say? You are very welcome. Life is full of experiences, so take this that you should always check your goods before sending them out, Stop blaming the customers and create stories and sob stories to make yourself look good. You have no EQ, you can't handle problems, you get problem, you push them back to customers, if a customer comes to you with a problem, the first words out of your mouth is, "None of our business" and proceed to blame customers.

And for God's sakes, learn how to read English. How many times do you want me to tell you that I'm not here to pull you down and that all I wanted was to get things settled. If I get RM1 for everytime I tell you that, I would have made the wig money back!

Well, let me put some of my opinion for the wig that I've bought. Seriously, I've tried few times to put it on, hoping to get the same effect as the modelled pic that posted in her thread. But end up I've figured different people will look differently for the exactly same wig, and I even felt weird when I look into myself with wigs. Moreover, the wig is little messy and having some frizziness which I believe that's what h.e.v.n encountered. I've applied some of my hair serum on the wig and surprisingly, the frizziness gone and the hair become smooth

What goes around turns around, the buyer should not threaten the seller for saying that she's going to make police report, to spread news on you-tube and so forth. I believe this is not the wise way to settle things as well. Both are making things worst.

I posted it because, this person has also encountered the exact same problem as me. Although she made it all better by applying serum, but thing is that, the frizziness problem with my wig is not the first then! See seeeeeee! *points*

About the second sentence, I blame the person who told her the ridiculous story...

Do not try to pretend innocent, though you wrote good English. Do not be the Super-Niao S.....

Go and learn this " Mastering.Negotiations". It would benefit you

Idiot #1

Who's trying to be innocent here? Anyway I have every right to be Super Niao-Siau cause it's my money. D'oh. Unless you think that buying defected good is okay. Then please buy my wig. Thanks :D

Then again, save the money and buy yourself a brain. It would definitely benefit you.

P.s: Niao-Siau = can literally be translated as 'Troublesome'

it's really abit over n unethical making a seller's threat being so 'hot' n concern by all people. pull others down n still trying to pretend or being as 'innocient' customer n 'kind girl' sweat.gif
ppl like this wont go far... n i feel comtempt for those ppl that show off their eng just to attack ppl.

When things happen, accussion should not to go to the seller only. for those who dont know how to appreciate n only know how to point their fingers to others. she should feel shameful.
especially making sellers threat hot but didnt get any support or feedbacks she wan from others. n then turn to here to find the 'fairness' she wan.
pls la, i believe tat the wise one will know how to judge.

& Pretty, If I m not mistaken, if u can exchange, surely u already exchange at the very beginning instead of wasting too much time with her. however, just a small suggestion, i know it's may impossilble to claim or get from ur supplier, u may offer a certain amount such as 50% refund by using ur own money to compensate her. to let someone stop b*rking here.
if she still refuse, i think u should just leave it, ignore her or even blacklist her in all ur selling thread as well. just my 2 cents

- Biggest idiot aka P**~
on a mule/dupe account

I don't exactly know where all this 'innocent' stuff is coming from but I'm guessing that a certain 'someone' has been saying lots of things about me. ARGH then again, I don't understand all her bad English shit! She's starting to sound like she translated everything form Babel Fish after a while and I'm tired of deciphering whatever she's saying. Can someone from Malaysia whatmore so close to the capital really talk like this? Which cave did she crawled out from again?

And.. HAHA! Must be embarrassing for you getting caught by a moderator for using a mule account. Serves you right! Using mules to 'buy' your own stuffs and self praising.

Go to the nearest convenience store and buy yourself some Humble Pie.

P.s: I really have no idea what's with all that about me trying to make her threat 'hot'.
I admit that I may not be the smartest person around. Perhaps along the way, I might have said something wrong to her. If I did, I sincerely apologize. But know for a fact that atleast I never put words into her mouth and try to make myself the innocent victim here while spinning stupid stories. Below are paste from MY part of the PM, since the person I'm talking to might throw a hissy fit seeing her name here again. Despite only reading my side of the conversation, I hope that you'll be able to figure out what she's trying to say on the other side.

, Jul 15 2009, 01:47 AM

"sorry... n i m decided not to sell hair wigs anymore as apologization. "

I rather you just change a new wig for me or refund me. That's all. I'll ship the wig back to you myself happily and even remove my post in my blog.

Do you seriously think I'm very happy to do this. I BELIEVE you are a nice person and trust worthy too but you cannot take pressure or responsibility when something bad happen and this is your downfall.

I too am a seller of imported goods in LYN but under another username which I will not reveal. I understand the stress and I understand you wanting to help other which I admire.

But please, all i want is not an argument or anything, i just want to settle this not by exchange threats or angry words. Know that I too felt cheated if you suddenly don't want to take responsibility.

I am NOT here to hurt you, although I do not know you, I also like you a lot. I am not lying. All i want is simple, please understand my position as well.

if you read my blog ppl somemore ask me make police report, to me, that is crazy. I myself also don't want to do that kinda shit.

I do NOT want to go to the extend of posting up your name, IC number and everything in my blog and say that you damn irresponsible just in case your future employer google your name and see all this.

I do think about you as well which is why I am pm-ing and posting in your thread wanting to settle this properly and not do anything stupid which both of us might regret.

Re:hi, Jul 15 2009, 02:02 AM
Police report is something someone else suggested and like I said, I will NOT do, please calm down and read my words.

NO, refund means that you are a responsible seller and is willing to make your customers happy. I do not see this as admitting that you are wrong cause no one blame or said that you are wrong in the first place.

Hello, I am as stressed out as you are over this okay because in the end, it's my money

Re:hi, Jul 15 2009, 02:05 AM

I am stressed over this issue but I am NOT angry, the only one angry here is you.

Like I said, I can remove my post and even retrack back what I said by saying that you did the right thing by refunding me (if you did) and everything would have been fine. It[s you who is all angry and all.

Please go sleep and in the morning, reply my messages. That way our mind would have been much clearer and our hearts not so hot.

Re:hi, Jul 15 2009, 02:1 AM

I promise you that if you settle everything nicely and we both happy, i WILL ask a mod to remove everything and I will remove my post as well as to do a write up on how everything is settled.

I will NOT go to police station but I might do something not very nice. Not threatening you, all I want is a win-win situation for the both of us. I'm not thinking of myself here but I'm thinking for the both of us.

So what am I?

Monster in the making perhaps? Now if you'll excuse me while I go adjust my halo a little bit, it's not balancing very well on my horns for some strange reason... *rolls eyes*

"And i really would like to thank you for those who has been making my threat hot directly or indirectly. thank you for the free advertisement n promotion as well. i have been learn much."
- P**~

No problem dear, I know you needed some advertising, after there's no such thing as "bad" advertising to you I'm sure :P
Oh and please learn how to differentiate between 'thread' and 'threat'. There's a huge difference. REALLY huge difference.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2nd attempt at Nice Mix

Back on July 17, I tried out the MAC Color Craft's Nice Mix for the first time and I wasn't too satisfied with the results. I searched the internet for anyone who might have done this look and hopefully I'll be able to learn from them but I couldn't find one. Perhaps my skills in searching wasn't too good either but anyway with the failure of the first, I was still left confused. Thankfully Elyn posted up a comment with the colours that I was suppose to use as well as a brief technique and with that it, I perked up and wanted to try the look again.
p.s. : After you apply your UDPP, try laying a thin layer of NYX jumbo pencil in milk (please use your finger for event application) then apply nyx nude pearl over the milk at the 1st half of your lids, and apply a gray or typographic works too on the rest of your lids. use black concentrating on your outter V turn your brush to make wink-out and smudge upwards see if the color combo work out for you not. if you want your outter corner to look more in dept try lining your upper waterline with black pencil, this will make your lashes look more intense and thick.. let me know how it turn out k...
- Elyn aka Makeupholics
After a good workout at the gym, a good shower and a good dinner, I was ready for anything! Fully charged and feeling excited.

I re-read Elyn's words and got to work, I went straight to NYX's Milk and skipped the UDPP cause my UDPP was still happily and nicely in it's box, I'm still not done staring at it yet, too precious to be use for something like this. I have a strange feeling if Elyn was near me, she would have either gave me an earful or at the very least twisted my ears since the UDPP were gifts from her and I know she wants me to use them. But since she's not near me, my ears are safe and I can stingily skipped the UDPP part.

Left to right: Smear the milk onnn, NYX jumbo pencil in Milk I mean,
NYX Nude pearl over first half of lids

I applied NYX Pearl powder in Nude after Milk over the first half of the eyes, and then applied MAC Typographic over the outer V and black eye shadow followed suit. 5 seconds later, I declare it a failure and move to the next eye. Sheesh.

Wrong, just so wrooong!

I extended the gray too far behind my eyes making it look odd. Not to mention there was way too much gray, but just for practice, I applied some black eyeliner to the eye just to see if I could at any point save it. Nope, too much damage, time to declare it a lost cause and move on to the other eye.

Phew, this time, learning from my mistake on the other eye, I applied less of gray and use a lighter hand on it. Drew the eyeliner surrounding the entire eye, the line was a little harsh so I used black to soften the line. At this point, I felt a twig of envious when I remember how Elyn does her eye make up so effortlessly and look fantastic, then there's Eki, even with just one NYX pearl powder and eyeliner, she rocks the look, how unfair! *whines* Why wasn't I born with double eye lids and phoenix shaped eye like Pinky Doodle Doo? Why must I be born with such small eyes with uneven shaped, one roundish and one elongated almond? Why why why?! *slaps self to stop whining*

*Ahem* So after lines as soften, I was too lazy to stick falsies on so I do what I usually do, place the falsies on top of my real ones and try not to blink as I snap a picture. Done!

Hmm, I definitely like this one better than the first, (Thanks Elyn!) Looks like I still need a little more practice on it and I'll be fine. I hope, fingers crossed anyway. That reminds me, finally got the pictures for that night when I tried on the Nice Mix for the first time, I really ended up looking 'cat-ish' NYAHAHAHAHHAA!

Me, Kern and DJ Chaoz in LOOK Bistro
Yea, my eyes are actually half closed if not entirely closed
Picture taken by Neko

Oh Oh, out of boredom a couple of days, ago, I ended up playing with a bunch of coloured concealer that E was about to trash. I think it was long past it's due date but seeing how much was left and me being greedy, I begged, cried, pulled E's hair, not in that order but ...okay okay I was kidding, but anyway E gave them to me and I happily went home with it.

I've always been curious about the effects of all the different colours. I've used green to cover my cherry red pimples for a long time now but never tried the other colours so ta-daa, with this in my hands, experiment begin~ I'm not too sure but I think E got this from her make up course she attended a couple of years ago, it's good for photoshoots and bridal make up I think since it's pretty thick and cover almost everything. o.O

Gross looking right? Nyahahahaaa, that's my fault actually.. =_=

Left to right: Holding my breath, see any difference between the face and neck?

I applied green over the cheeks area to my still cherry red pimples, salmon colour to my under eyes, yellow on my forehead and bridge of nose, darkish brown colour to sides of nose and under cheek bones. I really have no idea if I even put them in the correct places but since it's for fun, anything goes anywhere, heeee~

I was holding my nose throughout the entire application, the 'plasticky' smell was so strong. It made my face look ghastly white and I blended everything with a sponge, smooth of the edges but I purposely left my neck bare so I could show others how thick the stuff is and the colour difference.

Even without a primer, this stuff manage to cover most and almost port hole on my face, Wow! It brigten up my face but also made me look ghastly white, the almost same effect as applying too much BB cream. God dammit, the lighting sucks so bad can anyone even see anything?

Anyway something like this is really good for pictures and photoshoots, in real life, people would have given me second looks, not in a good way kinda seconds looks.

But if I could find this thing somewhere, I just might be tempted to buy it :P

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stress reliever - ENGRISH!

Not out to insult anyone, this is just for laughs, you've probably seen them circulating around in email but still, these really cracks me up. For those who has not seen them, enjoy!

I hope they have dictionaries too XD

Very very special deal, I won't be surprised if they have already closed down

I really don't think I'll be buying this...

This is new, this wasn't what our science teacher taught us... XD

There's only one thing to do after all the strenuous exercise.. go next door

The supermarket's meet and greet corner,
"Hi chicken, hi mutton, how's it going?"


Fantastic signs that makes absolute sense

Every information of little hobbits can be found here, I'm guessing

In a gist, remember to clean up after dying and die neatly please

So.. we gotta pay for it huh?

The name says it all...

I'm going to have this sign in my restaurant next time :D


Say it, go on, M.T brain, M.T brain!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Confrontation and pimple problems are driving me mad!

Go ahead just leave,
Can't hold you,
You're free
Here, take all these things,
If they mean so much to you
I gave you your dreams
'Cause you meant the world
So did I deserve
To be left here hurt?

I'll give it all up, but I'm takin' back my love
I'm takin' back my love, I'm takin' back my love
I've given you too much, but I'm takin' back my love
I'm takin' back my love, my love, my love, my love

So all this love I gave you, take it away
You think material's the reason I came
If I had nothing would you want me to say
You keep your money, take it all away

-Takin' back my love, Enrique Iglesias feat Ciara

I love this song, the beat is so catchy and listening to it, you can't help but tap your feet to the music and move your body. I know I can't. Since my break up in February and me resigning from my job in July, music has been my late night companion when everyone else is asleep. It keeps me from thinking too much and keeps me feeling a little more upbeat when the world seems to drag me down. And the lyrics are so true, to some money is the reason of starting a relationship with someone, it has never been mine. All I want is to be loved and never taken for granted. If you think money and other materialistic can make me put up with infidelity, stupidity and lack of love, I'll be singing the songs to them very soon.

I'm thankful for my friends companionship just as well, I wonder how I would have been able to make it through on my own and I'm glad I didn't have to with Elisa, Elyn, Kern, JeanJean and everyone else in my blog list. I like reading blogs and see what everyone else is doing and buying :D

The problem with Uncle P. is still unresolved, as well as with the wig seller, she was upset when she saw that I made a post about her and threw a fit. So I promised her that when everything else is resolved, I would remove my post as well as the post I made in her thread. But so far, although negotiations were on the way, we're at a standstill with her only willing to return me RM11 that she said were the profits from the sales.

Talking about confrontation, I recently recieved news on a rumor about me. Something that shocked me quite a bit. I'm not going to go into details about this but I must admit that I'm a little depressed about it, if this gets out, my reputation might be on the line. A reputation I spent 25 years guarding.

Penang is a really small island where news can really get around. And exactly because of that reason, I gave no one any chances to even bitch about me and relationships with guys. Then again, it's also because I go by a very strict principle when it comes to relationship with guys. There are a few unspoken rules between me and E as well as myself. Call this self imposing but I can do without all the dramas.

First things are,
I would never never never date my best friend exes or my best friend's current boy friend
I would never flirt with married men
I would never kiss or sleep with anyone who's not my boyfriend
No one night stands, no flings
A break up is a break up thus I don't sleep with my exes.

These are few rules that does not have exeptions. This is my principles in life. Call me rigid, call me party pooper, call me a saint wannabe, call me whatever but at the very least, you can't call me a slut. :D

Perhaps it's because of these rules that the rumors really hurts furthermore it came from someone close who's also not the type to lie. So what now? I need to clarify and settle this one soon, very soon before I break out anymore pimples. Another confrontation to handle but I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding or a case of mistaken identity :)

I'm so confused. I hate confrontations and these problem really broke me out in pimples, nightmares and insomia. I'm just so exhausted. I really am. I just wanna go sleep and wake up without any of these petty problems weighting me down like this. Yes, I said petty, but I'm the type that would like to clear everything off so I can sleep with a peace of mind at night.

And thus,

The one I bought myself, ingredients listed behind

With the money I got from Pinky Doodle doo on my birthday, I used it to buy... pimple cream. Yes I did. I finally got the big bottle of the Dermedex Refining Cream after buying, trying and loving the samples that I've been buying for a year or so. I forked out a little more since this cost me RM138 and I actually felt guilty spending my sister's money. I wanted to save it up for rainy days but after all the problems and never ending pimples, I had to get it before I lose my mind and face to these pesky drama queens.

The box and the ingredients used

The clubhouse guys wasn't sure what to get me so they sent my sister on a mission and finally after so long, Pinky caved in and asked. There wasn't anything on my mind but after a week, I decided that perhaps I would like the Dermedex Whitening Hydro Cleanser. And so, 3 days later, it magically appeared before me. LOL! I'm so thankful to everyone. I really am. Thank you.

How the bottle looks like, RM118

I weigh myself at the gym a couple of days ago and it's so funny how I used to be 47.5kg with a 23 inch waist just a month ago and right now, I weigh 52kg and I hop around maniacally just to zip my jeans.

Wake me up when July ends....

P.s: Elyn, how's everything? Are you getting better?