Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yay, green wee wee replied!

... And he turned out to be a stone expert, since he probably has rocks for brains but nevertheless he replied! Read here.

Green wee wee strikes again!

Did you like the picture I drew especially for you? I hope you did. You're one of the very few people that inspire me to draw. I thought alot about you when I drew it. *acts all shy and embarrassed* XD

Despite hating me so much and all, I'm happy Green wee wee still reads my blog. Even had me bookmarked too. Wee!

Anyway, you're starting to be yesterday's garbage so don't be upset if I ignore you the next time you post up.

Moving on, during my sleepless nights, I browsed around looking for NYX round lipstick swatches when I came across someone's blog on Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2. I must admit that I watched the season 1 and went, "EEEWWWW!"

No offense but Malaysia Dream Girl? Hello, yea, I wouldn't exactly want to meet them anywhere but in my dreams and I would then wake up and label it as a nightmare. Hell, I'm probably no better than them but that's also why I'm not in it in the first place. I'm not talking about anyone being ugly here, I'm talking about their attitudes. Bimbos are one of my pet peeves. Stupid is not cute to me and I can say that some of them are not very cute to me, if you get my drift.

I'm glad the girl that I wasn't too fond of didn't win in the end. Terrible of me I know but she just irks me with her bimbo-ish ways.

Season 2 had prettier looking girls me thinks but the only reason why I even bother to post up was because of this ONE picture.

Which one? This one...

Left to right: The perfect NOT to do eyes, awwww, sweet and pretty

The one on the left. Compare the picture to the one of her minus the whole panda looks and I kinda thought she looks really sweet and pretty. To be truthful, I kinda like her face, think her name was Ming or something. Didn't watch season 2, so I can't say much on their attitudes. I don't blame her for the look but I DO blame the make up artist for this god awful job.

It's so uneven to the point that it looks like the thickness of the eyeliner and also both shape are different with one being elongated and the other more on round-ish. I do understand that, it probably IS even (confused yet?) up close, but don't ever forget that all of us do not have even eyes. If you line your eyes while following the shape of our eyes, you'll end up with above. Try it. Since mine is elongated on the left and round-ish on the right, so I always even them up by making the left slightly higher and the right, slightly longer.

In the end, I don't know why this picture disturbs me so much, perhaps if she has tilted her head slightly to one side, it wouldn't be so obvious, perhaps if the make up artist stopped snorting whatever he/she was snorting, it would have even up, perhaps if the camera man could just find a better angle, perhaps there's just too many perhaps?


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pat's Bday BBQ, Elyn's pressie, lip experiment gone wrong

Went kayaking with the gang last Saturday at the Pusat Kegiatan Sukan Air, the weather was perfect and the sea was calm, despite the hat and sunblocks, came back a little tanner than usual. My first kayaking experience and I'm loving it!

Was partnered with Khim Sun, a dragon boat rower, we did okay but at some point we were kinda lopsided because he had powerful strokes and my arms are like jelly, was quite weak. Saw some jelly fishes too by the way.

Went to korek siput for dinner later and it was really fun! Minus the part where Khim Sun accidentally hit me on the side of my face with the paddle. I kneel down and praise God that I was wearing my sunglasses then or he would have literally taken my eye out as it came at the angle of my eyeballs. Heart attack!

A week later, in the clubhouse;

Celeste's all dressed up for the Henessey Party later

My make up looked so odd, I'm using all my normal stuffs but because I gotten a tan, my face now doesn't match my arms and chest area. ARGH! I looked as if I got thick make up on when I don't. T.T

With Carrie and Leanne, I looked like a giant!

One word: ARGH!

Look at all the goodies!

Ah muh sweet sweet Elyn, although she was sick for the past 2 months, she kindly packed and sent the parcel above to me. How it all started, I saw her post up a recent haul of hers where she got an E.L.F eyeliner. I asked her if it was an good as I need a black eyeliner myself. She then asked if I would have hers, I could choose between a MAC or a Bourjois one. Imagine that!

It would be extremely rude for me to take any since all this while of knowing Elyn, she never stopped giving us things, but she won't take no for an answer nor money when offered, "I have sharpen it many times!" I didn't care, it'll be great if I could even try them out. But anyway after some negotiations, with me treating her to coffee and cakes when I see her, I sent her my address.

A few days later, a parcel arrived. No one was home but thankfully, my dad went to collect it from the post office for me. Yay! I expected Elyn to post out one eyeliner in a Pos Ekspress RM2.50 envelope.

Top to bottom: Jordana's Glitterama in Bronze Fest, Purple Party, Turquoise Jamboree, MAC eyeliner in black, Bourjois kohl eyeliner in black

So imagine how big my eyes were when I saw the huge ass parcel. Elyn gave the trese of us Eyeko Face Off Cleansing wipes along with the white bottles of Jergen's body lotion that I believe K was once asked Elyn about. But the letter from Elyn really made my day. I love you!

The eyeliners were fanastic! I'm so pleased that I finally have not one but two eyeliners! Oh that reminds me. a couple of weeks ago, I saw this make up artist on Youtube, Nireyna which taught us a lip plumping technique. Having very small lips, I'll be obvously tempted to try them out. She mentions that she used white eyeliner but being me, I rummage through and brought out my NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk! Finally get to put it on good use, so my little head thought.

If you find this wrinked and pruned, please blame Mior, I know I did!

Proceed to line the outter corner of your lips while exgerrating the lines a bit. Remember you are trying to get bigger and plumpier lips afterall.

Remember the "Got milk?" ad ? XD
Damn, it looks disguisting!

Colour it up, took a step back and I looked like a ganguro!

Not exactly a time, I want anyone to see me in. It looks so odd! If you don't know what is a ganguro, google it up, it used to be a trend in Japan where the girls would tan themself silly, apply white eyeshadows around the eyes and on the lips, grab a marker pen and use it as an eyeliner and etc.

Two pics on the top: What happens when the tanning equipment blow up on your face
Two pic on the bottom: I liked these better, it's not that extreme and it actually looks pretty good!

Pictures from google

I don't wanna post up more extreme ganguro pictures as it might be a little disturbing, I remember reading a book all about them when I was in Singapore as I found them facinating. I have nothing againts them but if I saw the girl on the most left, I might have made a run for it, I'm not sure why, but she scares me.

Kinda uneven, dang! Anyway the pink was a nice pink on its own, combined, it didn't fit me

Apply a thick coloured gloss, I have plenty of glosses but 98% of mine are all sheer. Looked around like a mad person to find out and ta-daa, found a cheap pink gloss that I 'took' from my sister and slap it on. The pink has always been a nice pink but when mixed with white, it turned out many shades lighter (D'oh) and it became those cool toned pink that doesn't really suit me.

The picture didn't manage to catch how it really looked, pity

At the end of the experiment, I had one of the best laughs. I must have done something wrong along the way but it came out looking like Lip Fillers Went Wrong! Oh so wrong! My lips looks disfigured, it was disturbing for me to even look at them. The camera didn't capture it but in real life, if I went out like that, people must have been scared shitless at the sight of my lips! I can't describe it but it was A-W-F-U-L! If anyone else is trying it, let us know.

Elisa gave the experiment a go just as well and came back with the exact same results and thoughts, botox gone wrong.

My fair ladies~

A : I'm sad, Mr Green wee wee didn't reply me anymore

E : That's because he's busy getting his green wee wee examined by the doctor. You're such a terrible person, You have absolute no pity on him. He is probably so sick and you expect him to reply on your blog?? He probably had to amputate the poor thing.

A : I'm so sorry! =_=;;;

Been a little lifeless lately, the whole week was spent worrying about my sales and then about our training. Training was fine since E and K also went. A good 4/5 of our entire MST went to the training at Evergreen Laurel, Penang. I was actually secretly looking forward to it because of one thing; the buffet. I know. I'm greedy.

The two days of training, the buffet was a major disappointment. On the first day, I took a piece of roast duck, 2 mussels, a small piece of meat, a plate of salad and that's it. I loaded myself to the brim with desserts instead since nothing else appealed to me. I'm really not fussy about food and I basically eat anything (on most days) but the food really looked pathetic. *sigh*

Anyway decided to post this up, I've written this a on the 19 July last year and for some reason forgotten to post it up. During the time this was posted, I think Choi Ji Woo (My favourite Korean actress of all times) became the ambassador for Dior Snow or something and everyone was making a big Hoo-Haa over fair skin which left me scratching my head...

Ah! My Goddess! How I worship thee

Is it just me or does it seems like everyone’s over the moon about being fair? Have you flipped through any magazines and not see plenty of advertisement for a certain brand promising fairer skin. What is it with girls and fairer skin anyway?

Either they have been watching too many Asian dramas, namely the Korean or Japanese ones or they have been mislead in thinking that fairer equals better. Being fairer doesn’t guarantee you first place in a pageant.

I must admit that it irks me like crazy every time I see some fair skin girl acting all high and mighty like she owns the god damned world just because she are fair. Hello, does facial features mean anything to you guys?

Being fair is not all that great, take my words for it, it puzzles me when ever someone tries so hard not to get any sun or uses the wrong foundation colour while some goes to the extend of bleaching or skin peeling just so that they can appear all fair and lovely. Just as well, I never understood, how some girls would go to extremes to avoid the sun, like hiding under umbrella after being wrapped in long sleeve with a hat on start screeching when the sunlight hits some parts of their legs. *shakes head* a little bit of sun is always good for everyone.

Before you start bashing me, know that I don’t have a problem with people born fair or people who are ‘desperate’ to be fair. It’s just that I think they ought to be told the truth about how is it like being fair and being educated on being wary of the ways used to achieve fairer skin and not by simply going through skin peeling.

Also, there are plenty of types of ‘fair’. The naturally Caucasian pale type, the sickly type, the milky type, the ones with translucent skin which shows off all the vein on the side of the face type and the usual Malaysian type of fair which is fair but with yellow undertone. I fall under the sickly and usual Malaysian fair :P

I have pigmentation problem at the age of 24, can you imagine that? I can see spots on my face and I’ll be truthful when I say, I’m panicking. It’s not that I don’t use sun block or sun protection, I do and it’s just not helping much. Not to mention, pimple and scars are easily spotted and believe me, it’s not a pretty sight. Imagine red dots on a white paper. Isn’t it obvious? One thing about fair people is that they cannot live without concealers. We always have something to cover.

I’ve always love to look at healthy, radiance tanned girl. The sun kissed skin looks fantastic but I know that no matter what I do, I won’t get as tanned as them and not only it won’t last. I’ll burn first and I burn easy.

Under the sun, my skin becomes red. Lobster red and then only do I get a tan. But then tan doesn’t last and I look awful tanned.

I used to be allergic to the sun; I’ll sneeze every time I’m under the sun for too long or when the ray hits me on the face. One reason why I used to avoided the sun but despite allergic or not, you can always still find me on some beach looking for shells.

I spent most of my childhood on the beach running around, collecting sea shells since my grandmother had a seafood restaurant right next to the beach. I appreciated the sun even more when I went to Holland and literally freeze my ass off. At the point of time, all I could do was promise to bake myself under the sun as soon as I reached Malaysia. And it wasn't snowing or anything, it was just 14 degrees. Try sitting on the toilet bowl early in the morning and you'll understand the term, "Freeze your ass off"

I realized that girls should love their own skin colour and instead of trying to be too tanned or fair, they should instead work on emphasizing their natural skin colour.

Radiant skin is always the best no matter the colour!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Acne part II

Sing this to the tune of Akon - 'Mr Lonely'

Oh acne,
I got so many,
To call my ownnnnnn *chipmunk screeching*

I woke up in the in the middle of the night,
And I noticed a bump on the side,
Could have swore I dreamin', for sure I was feeling,
was hoping it was just a mosquito bite,
Backtrackin on these few years,
Tryin to figure out what I did to make it go bad,
Cause ever since it kept poppin',
My whole life came crashin
and im so...

never lonely,
I got so many
acne to call my ownnnnn~!

Do NOT sue me. I don't own the song, I just changed the lyrics to my liking.
Please don't copy paste the lyrics without permission <3>

Yesss, I'm a quarter of a century old and I still get my fair share of acne/pimples. They grow when they like to and where they like too. I have absolutely no say, and it pisses the shit outta me. Then again, one of the most likely reason they are even around is because I can't shit aka constipation. It's gotten better now as I drink more and more water.

But sometimes they (the acne) still do pop out for a visit especially when it's that time of the month again. It's like a full moon party with rave music and everyone gathers around some spots for an all night party.

It's not the end of the world for me everytime they pop up, it just annoys me. I don't kneel down and cry "Oh LORD, why me? WHY MEEEE!" oh wait, sometimes I still do that but still, I know they'll someday pack their bags and go away.

But for those people other there who suffers from acne like I do, I do suggest taking good care of it from young to prevent it from scarring later in the future. I can't stress enough on this cause trust me, the scarring part is probably worst than the pimple part. At least pimples goes away.

In my previous acne post, I mentioned some way of covering the acne up, and in this, I'm going to do a short write up on how to solve those damn acne problems.

Find the correct skincare is really no easy task, there are so freaking many skincare to choose from and we spend tons of money on it and we test everything on our faces with fear and hope in our hearts . . What suits me might not suit you and vice versa.

Not a miracle sure fire cure but just a little something that have helped me along the way. It was recommended to me by my long time beautician, Felicia and it's comes in a sample package costing about RM22.

Ta-daaa, my favourite pimple banisher! No magic wand required!

One reason why I dare to recommending this thing to everyone is because I do believe it'll suit most skin types, not to mention, I have extremely sensitive skin and this suits me fine. Ah what the heck, this thing comes with a money back guarantee!

Click on the page for a clearer pic of the ingredients

Over the years, I've spent a small fortune on my face from one facial to another, from one full range of skincare to another. One reason why I no longer buy full size items first anymore.

I don't care what the person says about it being a miracle anti-wrinkle, anti-pigmentation, anti-spots, and also cures black circles and puffiness from eyes all while having skin whitening, skin radiating, skin lifting ingredients that tightens your face so you look a gazillion years younger that banishes every crow line around your eyes that you have faithfully accumulated through out the ages and lines that you had due to excessive smoking and maybe who knows, swearing and cursing.

I don't bloody care what is stated on the box, what I really want is results! And the thing that I absolutely despise is people who LIES to get you to buy!

Sung to the tune of N Sync's - Bye bye

Buy Buy Buy!

Not only that, they try to scare you into buying by saying things like "Oh your skin so dull!" Hello, I wasn't born yesterday, I'm fair, it's hard for fair people to have dull skin. Not saying it's impossible but my skin peels often when I use the wrong products and when my skin peels, how can I have dull skin? Dull skin is because of the dead cells accumulated on the face, d'oh.

There's this one lady from Melilea that was trying to get me to change my skincare into theirs. Initially, I'm totally fine with the whole idea since the price was affordable. But her opening line to me was "Oh your skin so dull!"which left me confused.

I went to ask Elisa about it only to get an earful on how she has never saw my skin dull all her years of knowing me. I trust Elisa without a doubt but still feeling insecure and wanting a second opinion (just in case E was just being nice) and I asked the best person I could think of, Felicia from Beauty Concept. My beautician of 10 years. Felicia reconfirmed what E said and from then on, whatever trust I had for the lady (who apparently is a certified beautician of 3-4 years) eveporated like snow flakes in the Gobi desert!

I'm not sure about you guys but I tend to buy my things from people that I trust. One thing about Felicia is that she's not the pushy type and she's more concern about your face than how much she can squeeze out of you. She's truthful and she's never afraid to share her beauty tips. I absolutely love her. I've known her for a good 10 years now and she's the only one I truly trust to touch my face especially my eyebrows. And with over 20 years of experience, to me she is the best when it comes to eyebrows. Every single year I would go back to her to do my eyebrow embroidery.

I know that there are plenty of pimple/ acne clearing facial cleansers out there like Mior, Pro- active, whatever and whatever but if you're at your wits end, give this one a go.

I've used it and it really does have results and after finishing the small sample tubes that I use sparingly, my skin got way better and my skin was radiant. The only reason I'm having pimples now is because after my skin gotten better, I grew a big head and stopped using it, all was fine till I didn't drink enough water, period, lack of sleep and so forth. So this time, I really got to stick to these regime and save money to buy the full bottled ones.

If anyone has tried this before, do let me know your feedbacks whether you agree or disagree with me. Thanks!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fakies are flakies

If you're wondering if flakies is even a word, let me assure, it is. According to Cambridge Dictionary: Flakes (adjective): behaving in a way that is not responsible or expected, although it's usually used to describe a person >.>. But I'm not here to give English lessons considering that mine's pretty much only half past six. But then again, that's not the whole point.

Question of the day is, have you ever accidentally or purposely bought fake cosmetic? Much to my surprise, there are quite a bit of them going around selling in forums and also in eBay.

They copied an array of brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Lancome, SK II and even cheap drugstore brands like Maybelline and Loreal, imagine that!

A real Lancome Juicy Tube and a fake one

I once accidentally bought the Lancome Juicy Tube out of stupidity. Being stupid would really describe me then. It was about 3 years ago when I was doing filming for a 'travel' series, it was part of our class project and we traveled all the way down to the borders of Thailand and crossed over on a day pass. At one of the markets, they sold all sorts of make up.

The real and the fake. I'm not sure if the fake one was imitating the Lancome Juicy Tube from some special limited edition or not.

But anyway after browsing around and turning my nose up to every other thing, I finally spotted the Juicy tube.Being a 'mountain turtle' in that area, I was all wide eye when I saw all the cosmetic sold, I mean, I knew the SK II and such were fake but I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me that obviously the Lancome juicy tubes would be fake too.

The back view is actually similar, the difference is the type of font used and the real one has the name as well as colour code on the back

To me, it looked too real to be fake, so in my little head, I though maybe these were real but were like the items in FOS (Factory Outlet Store not Full Of Shit) Managed to bargain it down to roughly about RM8.

Left to right: The real one has a slightly longer and slimmer 'snout' while the fake one is shorter

*sigh* Bought it, opened it and applied it happily to my lips and then, notice the smell a bit off. I remembered Elisa had one in watermelon and it smell heavenly but mine was cherie and it smells ... sickly sweet.

The swatch and texture is probably not all that accurate anymore sine the fake one is pretty much 3-4 years old

Well. needless to say, I still have it in my drawer, a full tube of it. I never threw it away for some reason and once a while would take it out, stare at it, kick myself on the ass and then keep it away again. It was only a few months ago when I was given a real Lancome Juicy Tube in Peche, it was then I was only able to do a real comparison of it. I asked Elisa to borrow me hers a while back to compare and she herself mentioned that it was very different from hers. UGH!

Comparing the texture between the real and the fake, the real one comes off sheerer and when a pplied to the lips, it somewhat adhers to the lips giving our lips a beautiful glossy look while the face is just like any gloss, it's just glossy and smells sickly sweet.

A Fake Maybelline Watershine Lip Colour which I bought from a shop in Perangin Mall

Another things that I accidently got was the Maybelline Watershine Lip Colour. This happen way before I knew they even had fake cosmetics around.Roughly about 6 years ago?

Me and E was in Perangin Mall, Penang when we came across this shop selling Maybelline and Loreal cosmetic, it wasn't the proper counter thingie, and we saw them. We were extremely surprised that they were selling Maybelline / Loreal items for that cheap. The lip gloss was roughly about RM6-8 and the mascara was about the same. Since I really liked the colour, I ended up with the lip gloss.

The applicator from the fake Maybelline Watershine Lip Colour

Upon opening the damned thing, the smell is exactly like melted plastic crayons. How can anyone apply this shit to their lips is beyond me. It's a super turn off.

I never would use fake cosmetic despite the price because for one, I'm not sure of the ingredients used to produce this things and since we have a tendency to 'eat' / lick off our lip sticks or lip glosses, I like to use the slightly pricer one rather than the Buy 1 Free 1 no matter how cheapskate I may be.

This one is already happily nesting in my rubbish bin.

After this 2 incidents, I've smarten up when it comes to buying cosmetics and I've somewhat learn what's real and what's not. When you're unsure or if the price is too good to be true, remember, it probably is.

I've seen people selling fake MAC online and seeing lots of girls order them without knowing they are fake hurts me alot. I don't work for MAC but just as well, I don't want people to waste money on fakies like this. People ought to do research before buying anything and most importantly cosmetics from websites online. Buy from reputable sellers and make up lovers.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's been a while

... Since I had this good of a laugh. It's so funny, it was like watching Mr Bean for the first time.

Look "Green" wee wee, I made you a personal picture just to cheer you up! See, I do care about you!

Apparently I manage to piss someone off with my "Cool and Hot looks" as Mr. Anonymous puts it, Mr. Anonymous had no balls to post up his/her name so in a really sad way, I took NO offense in the "nasty" things he/she, I know I'm not suppose to be feeling this but after the initial reaction of shock, I can't stop laughing. I really can't. I'm not typing this for the sake of pissing Mr. Anonymous off but I really found it funny!

I'm really sorry that it failed to piss me off in any way. Thank you for making me laugh though. I appreciate your comment as well as feedback. Please feel free to post up more but hopefully, there will be a name behind those comments then. A real name to go with your 'green' wee wee as you yourself put it. By the way, your 'green' wee wee sounds sick, do bring it to a doctor soon as I'm actually quite concerned and sorry, no, I'm not interested in your little 'green' wee wee... XD

"my wee wee is also green, u want ?..... "
Actual quote from 'green' wee wee

Hey, lets call the above said person "Green" wee wee instead since that's what he referred his little tic tac penis as.

First off, I'm actually quite pleased that "Green" wee wee could spell pretty well, minus the fact that "Green" wee wee can't really spell my name properly for some unknown reason as well as the word personally was spelt wrong. No biggies, I'm always more than happy to help correct your spelling.

I see that you made lots of comment regarding my "Gothic Lolita FOTD". I feel kinda sad that all you did was admire my pictures and didn't read anything I wrote. I'm so hurt. I spent more time writing it that putting the make up on.

But I must have looked pretty good for you to get angry or jealous enough to comment. Whoaaaa.. babe, you just made my day! It's really people like you that can strangely make my day with your jealous rantings. Heee, never thought myself as pretty but you made me feel damn gorgeous today, thank you love! *muaks*

Anyway, "Green" wee wee was throwing a hissy fit saying things like how I look like a ghost and I look fake. Well, I was born fair so if I look like a ghost, hey, no prob, I'll pile on the blushers!

But if only Green" wee wee did read my entry, "Green" wee wee would have realized that I did that look out of boredom and that my make up was like 9 hours old. Obviously my blusher would have toned down by then, not to mention the word Gothic should have rung a bell in Green" wee wee's tic tac sized brains, but nooooo, it didn't. *sigh* A fellow ignorant.

And about my "ah eei" or "aunty" looks, sorry lor, at least give me credit for having more balls than you in daring to post up my pictures and not hide behind the name "Anonymous" right? I know you're little wee wee is green but must your face also turn green with envy?

So you know me personally? Gee, I'm flattered, a quarter of the people in Penang island probably knows me anyway, if not by name, by face atleast. Hell, I even have people recognizing me on my voice alone XD. Anyway I must apologize that I don't know you or remember you.

Oh and about Elisa, you should really stop drooling at her hotness and come to realize that she actually does allow comments. ROTFLMAO! Just keep your eyes peeled for the comment boxes that exist on some of her posts.

Oh yea, if you're wondering why I didn't publish your post, I only publish post that comes with a name, a real name. People who have guts to put a faces to those comments will always get my approval. So for now, all you get is stick men with little "green" wee wees...

Cheers mate!

56th Berlin International Film Festival

I know that writing about cosmetics and make up tends to draw more crowd into our blogs but sometimes to me, life doesn't revolve around cosmetic and painting my face this or that way. I don't wear rose coloured glasses, walk around like Paris Hilton and think that breaking a nail is a disaster bigger that the tsunami that hit Penang a couple of years ago.

There is so many depressing things happening all around me from bad sales to thinking about our current Prime Minister to the people who lost their lives in the earthquake in Italy. Not necessarily things that I can help change or anything but I do sit down and ponder about it sometimes. We all do.

Make up is only a way for me to 'escape' from the daily routine life and I personally find it relaxing, for many of us out there, we all have our very own reasons why we love make up and why we do it but that's not the topic here today.

The highlight for today's entry was an video entry submitted for the 2006 56th Berlin International Film Festival on the theme of Food, Taste and Hunger.

Out of 3,600 filmmakers around the world, only 32 films were chosen to be screened. (And here I am thinking that our bank's rejection rate was high T.T ) and this film titled "Chicken a la carte" topped the competition for the most popular short film.

Chicken Ala Carte by Ferdinand Dimadura

The films really brings awareness as well as a sense of humility. It reminds me that I should stop worrying about the petty, stop wasting food and to set a side a small fund to help others and also, be thankful and grateful for everything that we already have. Compared to my rantings of being too broke to buy this or that lipstick, there are people out there that worries about putting food on the table for their kids.

If there was something worth worrying about, it should be on how we can help ease these people's burden. I'm not saying that "Hey, let's all send big, fat cheques to these people! Problem solved" NOT, this may be how Malaysia does things and it works cause some people are still getting fed and fed and fed...

*Ahem* but then again, to some of us who are sometimes referred to as "squatters" in our own home country because of the colour of our skin, it's best to remember the Chinese proverb "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime"

We can always contribute in many different ways, small steps at a time and it doesn't always have to involve money. You can cook for the poor, donate to Sisters of the poor, RSPC, spend some time in the Old Folk's home. What does it have to do with the video above? Probably nothing but hey, you'll be contributing to making this world a little nicer place to live in.

Please please, if you could just spare 10 minutes of your time, do watch it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ignorance is not bliss, please

Initially, I sat staring at my laptop thinking of what to write when I came across JeanJean's comment and out of curiosity, decided to check out her blog just as well. All was fine till I read one topic of hers that made me hit the roof.

She mentions that she received a comment from a certain ignorant person that she was "plastic" with all the chemicals she uses. Chemicals from cosmetics it seems. Read it here.

Unlike JeanJean, I never took Chemistry and I was never in the Science stream to begin with but at least E and I tried our very best to understand the chemicals and ingredients used in the products we use on our face and try to avoid those that is really harmful to us. We studied science in Bahasa Malaysia so it was hard for us to understand all the ingredients at first.

At this very point of our life, almost everything we eat, put on our face, hair to the clothes we wear and wash has something to do with chemicals.

As soon as we wake up, brush our teeth, we're already consuming and using chemicals all to the night when we wash our face with whatever brand face cleanser. I will take back my words only if you do not brush your teeth, wash your face/body/hair with soap, wear clothes that has been bleached, dyed whatever in chemicals, wear tampons or sanitary pads etc.

It made me realize that despite the internet and all, there are still very ignorant people in this world. Believe me, I too have met a fair share of them.

It occurs to me that for someone to open their mouth and say things like that, it's can only be from someone who probably doesn't use cosmetic or has little or no knowledge on cosmetics.

The year is now 2009, take a look at your handphone now. What do you see? Is it black and bulky, weight close to 10kg, the size of a briefcase and cost you about RM10k? If you do, wow! I'm super impressed, so did you teleported yourself to 2009 or are you just totally out of date?

Time change and so does the things around us, gone are the days are handphones capable of being a nutcracker or what you use to crush crab shells and computer the size of your entire room. [Note: computer as in singular not plural]

A person who sits down browsing through people's blog and then accuse them of being plastic or using too much make up or wasting money on 'useless' items such as cosmetic are extremely ignorant people.

Ignorance is no longer bliss

This is not the stone age, the female species no longer get club on the head with a stick, dragged by our hair, presented with some fancy rock Mr.Man found and considered married. This is also not the age where your parents cry pitifully when they have a daughter, prepare a dowry so that someone would actually want to marry you and literally worry to death if you're not married by the time you're 18 and by 21 you can consider yourself "Si kiam chai"

If the above is NOT true and that you still do get club on the head by a guy and that your parents cry pitifully because you don't have a ding dong between your legs and you are already considered "lou ku poh" at the age of 21,

STBY [ Sucks To Be You]

MAC Butternutty Yay!

It's been a while since I last posted, had a bunch of things to say but after a while, they seem to evaporate like ice on a sunny day. Had a bad bad break out lately, not too sure if its because of the lack of sleep or the lack of water or whatever. Hell, it might even be due to constipation. LOL.

I didn't really feel like meeting anyone , more of a I-wanna-stay -home-and-play-with-make-up feeling but obviously I couldn't cause I don't wanna mess and agitate my skin even more.

Was suppose to wake up and meet a lawyer at 2pm today with E and I woke up at 1.20pm when Wong messaged me to let me know that my duty at a roadshow in Island Plaza was canceled. At 1.30pm E called to tell me she was coming soon. Pure panic! Did everything in fast forward mode.

Arrived on time, thank God. After an hour or so sitting around drinking coffee and chatting, I dragged E to MAC to check out if the SugarSweet Collection was out. They were! Hopped around happily then took my time to check out everything from that collection.

The lipsticks were all blah to me all except lollipop loving but I already gotten it from the Heatherette Collection, so skip that, eyeshadows? Nothing to go O-la-la over, the Mineralize Skinfinishes's colours were very nice but seems kind of chalky so nahh, the shadesticks were a different matter all together. YUMMY~

They were nice and definitely worth getting but since I'm actually on a make up fast, (Ma's b-day is coming soon and May and June is going to get tough, too many b-days) I'm limiting myself to only one item from MAC. And I got the one called Butternutty. Delish!

MAC Sugersweet Shadesticks
Left to right: Lemon Chiffon, Cakeshop, Butternutty, Penny, Red Velvet

Left to right : MAC Bare study, Etude House in BR302, MAC Butternutty

Just to show how Butternutty actually looks like, I got out two other colours I though might be close just to compare. Bare study is more of pale yellow-ish, EH's is right in the middle between Butternutty and Bare study as Butternutty is slightly more pinkish.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gothic Lolita FOTD??

It's Saturday night and I have nothing to do. And boredom compels me to do something. Anything. So I watched Youtube. And surf the internet. Then I got a bright idea, "Hey, lets go see what 2009 Summer trend make up is and maybe do a EOTD" , and after endless of fruitless search as nothing catches my eyes, I saw a tutorial on gothic lolita make up.

As you may know, I'm already a quarter of a century old, I'm way too old to put on these kind of make up and what more to go out in them but it doesn't mean I can't try it all in the safety of my own room.

Pile on the black people, difference between just nice and alot :P

So on wards ho! Since I was out with E to Gurney, I already had on some make up, instead of washing them off, being lazy old me, I just pile them on. Black covers everything and anything anyway.

Items used: Silky Girl, Yin & Yang, Mac Typographic, Black eyeliner, Nyx jumbo eye pencil Black Bean, and Falsies

I watched the tutorial and pretty much got a rough idea on what the hell was a gothic lolita make up is. According to this girl, it's just black black and more black. Fine with me, I like black eye shadows, so I gather my required items, the girl Eemeraude, used liquid eyeliner on some parts but since I don't own any good liquid eyeliner, I skipped that part. I didn't wanted to waste my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner either so I opted for Nyx jumbo eyepencil in Black Bean which has been sitting on my dressing table for months untouched. Grab the nearest and blackest eyeliner, black eyeshadow to put on top of Black Bean and I'm done.


This came out wrong! Oh so wrong, it was too high and roundish that it was the perfect for the Panda Festival - if there was ever one... Next eye!


Too high, too sharp, too tilted! I didn't notice how wrong it was till I did both eye in this shape. Took a step back and gasp! I look good with a slight cat eye look as I have single eyelid almond eyes but this was too much! It looks awful! At this point, I have successfully messed up both eyes and it was also at this point I realized where I've gone wrong.

If you remember make up artists telling you to be careful with black eyeshadow and eyeliners, and if you do a mistake, you gotta remove everything. Guess that's only cause they have not encountered Watson's make up remover tissues. These tissues removes everythingggggg. I ain't kidding. They are cheap too, got them when they were buy 1 free 1. Just be careful near the eyes as they can sting. A few "minor" adjustments later;

So I reshaped by slowly removing line by line the top of the shadow and making the end slightly lower.

The end result

All gothic lolitas has nice curly hair or long black hair and I don't have either, so pulled out my neglected wig and put it on. To be truthful, it doesn't really look like me...

And uhh, forget everything else, my make up was at least 9 hours old and I didn't touch up but I did slap on some clear lip gloss from Ettusais.


See how big my eyes are! In reality, my eyes can hardly be seen, nyahaha!!

Remember when your mom said, don't pair dark eyes with red lips cause you'll look trashy?
She wasn't kidding.

I pinned up my hair cause the wig was HOT

Celeste saw me and went, "Uhhh..."

The pictures would have been nicer if only I knew how to photoshop like some people so for now you get what you see, please bear with it.

Was sweating alot when I was trying to snap the pictures and it was actually raining outside. o.O;; Had one funny shot when I manage to snap a picture of myself while I was blinking, cracks me up thinking how stupid I was and that maybe sometimes my hands are faster than my brains. Hand, eye, brain coordination - FAIL

P.S : If you have the time, please post a pin (not your ATM pin number, as much as I would like you too XD) on my Bravenet Guestmap right on the bottom under my counter. Thanks!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

TFS Mud Nose Pack review

I've always loved Fridays, it's the starting of the weekends and weekends means that I get 2 whole days to myself to laze around in my undies, reading, eating chocolate, being a total slob and if anyone says anything nasty, there's always the excuse "Hey, it's MY weekend!"

So anyway, went to Gurney with E and Kern and Kern was telling me about this shop that sells handphone stickers. It's been some time since I wanted to bling up my phone but Sworvaski crystals are too bloody expensive and it'll be good if I really didn't wanted my phone anymore as you'll have to literally apply glue all over the handphone and stick those crytals on.

Problem was, like I said, they are too expensive and I still wanted my phone. So being the el-cheapo me. I bought those stickers and went home grinning like an idiot. They were super easy to stick too. Measure here and there, cut here and there and STICK!

End reasult.

Blimey, I blinded myself! ARGHH

The little white diamantes were actually for the nails I think, but I stuck them on a while ago and it turned out okay I guess, it'll be too goldish for my linking if it was all just gold. I know I know, I own an old phone. Was never the type to splurge on a phone or get the latest as I believe that if a phone is still useable, it's useable. :P

On Kern's recommendation

The Face Shop's having a sale so we went over to check it out and I saw this! Kern mentions that it does remove white heads and since it was only RM17, I bought it to try. I can't read the description as I gotten one with Korean descriptions;
"The Face Shop Green Tea White Mud Nose Pack Peel-Off Type 50g 1.76 oz.
Formulated with White Mud & Burdock extract, this peel-off nose pack cleans and clarifies pores."

The only thing I CAN read...

Being me, I was dead tired when I got home and after washing my face and all, I applied it and laid on my bed to rest, the scent were calming and relaxing and before I knew it, I fell asleep with the thing still on my nose!

I woke up about 7 in the morning and realized that it was still on and so was my computer, crawled to shut it down and remove it and ta-daa, it did pull out some white heads! Whee! But I did apply a very thick layer on it and I put on some toner before and after I put on the mask.

My Moroccan baby!

Ever wondered what heaven smells like? Nah, just kidding, read somewhere about The Body Shop's latest body butter in Moroccan Rose and since we were in Gurney, me and E went to check it out. Heavenly rose petals, if you ask me. It has a subtle pure rose smell unlike the usual Syrup Bandung smell as E describes it.

Haven't tried the texture yet as I've still have alot of body lotions to finish first!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chocolate my love!

Chocolates, one of my favourite things in the world~!

I eat chocolates everytime I'm sad. It lifts my mood and make me sit back and feel happy and contented for that very few precious minutes. Sweets and candies also gives me the kind of effect just as well, when the day gets a little too tough and I becomes a sour puss, I take a break and eat a candy. It always helps me out of my bad mood.

Sweets for my sweets, chocolate for my honey~ Okay okay, that wasn't the actual lyrics but what the hey :P

I know V-day is way over but oh well.. when you're in love, everyday is Valentine's Day

Extremely random pictures that I decided to post up due to extreme boredom. I took them a while ago and it was just sitting on my lap top collecting dust. If you like Re-ment stuffs, I do suggest bombing E's emails till she post up her extensive Re-ment collection that is almost to die for. Prepare a bucket cause you'll definitely be drooling.

Connection over in our area of late has been hair tearing with lots of swearing, *sigh* the day streamyx gives us the speed we actually paid for will be the day the Malaysia will start snowing.

The most expensive Re-Ment items I paid for, shipped all the way from the US, this little cosmetics set (most unshown) cost me RM190
How small are they? The pic on the right is the actual size Anna Sui loose powder, the thing circled is the Re-Ment item

The false eyelashes vs a real one from The FaceShop (my fav!)

E managed to scout around and found this, 2007 Re-Ment Bread and Butter and whatisthename again?

It's incredible that E even found these as they are already sold out and the people on E-bay or other websites are selling these really expensive. E manage to get them for a normal price too! Wheee. Thanks E!