Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Migraine Blues

Been suffering from severe migraine lately. Not too sure why but I feel like my veins are about to pop. I'm hoping not too keep on loading myself with more painkiller (not a avid pill popper) but I doubt there's anything much I can do. Sometimes it get so bad that I can't drive and all I wanna do is crawl into bed or at least be near a toilet bowl so I can safely puke. Never gonna puke into my handbag no matter the situation, I heard of someone doing that once and into her designer label bag too. Eeeww!

I rather risk puking on our PM's face/ shoe than my precious bag. Silly I know, I just don't wanna be face in a looming possibility of fishing my poor hand phone from a bag full of 'sharkfin soup'. Imagine taking out your credit card/ money at the cashier and she suddenly start sniffing the air for that terrible stench.

UGH! I might just start burning all the money instead or I might just use it to pay parking and infect the entire container of notes in the machine so when the person open the machine to remove the money, he/she will be the only victim to the horrible stench. MUAHAHA! [insert ebil laugh]

Nah, not even going think about it.

Mior Facial Soap

I was initially waiting for Elisa to post this first but since I'm free, I'll do a sneak peek and when E finally gets everything up and ready, you can go over and take a look for a proper review and write up.

I just wanted to say that ...

I HATE Mior Facial Soap or Eumora or whatever you wanna call the bloody damn soap.

Why is that so you might ask? Well for a few bloody good reasons I'll tell you why.

First off, forget the cut throat price but what it did to my skin. I was wondering how the hell my skin gotten this dry when E asked me the million dollar question. She asked if I noticed that our lips gotten more wrinkles and drier after using Mior. It was something I noticed some time ago when I noticed that my normal lip balms did nothing to my of-all-the-sudden super dry lips. E then asked, if I noticed the wrinkles around her eyes. It was then everything clicked into place.

I've only used Mior for about a month or two and I've stopped using it for over two months now and my skin is still dehydrated. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's this, maybe it's that or something else you might be thinking but NOT, I know what made my skin this dry and I did NOT start having dry skin till I used the soap. What the soap does is that it dries up your acne and lighten pigmentation and for those two purpose, it's extremely good because there is result. But at the same time, it dries up other parts of your face and thus giving us premature wrinkles.

My lips used to be something I was proud of because I only had very fine lines on them, nothing like the Grand Canyon or the Mariana trenches* but thanks to Mior, my lips now have deep lines that lip glosses can hardly smooth over and hide. Gee..

And to think those sales person actually said to use the soap twice a day. What would have happen then?

Now I have to spend tons of money to offset what the soap has done to my face. Dang it!

*Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the earth's oceans, and the deepest location of the earth itself. It is 11,033 meters (36,201 feet), meaning you can probably stuff Mount Everest in and still have over 2000 meters ( 7000+ feet) or space left.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas

So uh yeah.. I'm late and very sorry but anyway Merry Christmas. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

It was nice playing cards with CT, very nice indeed cause his luck was so bad he was practically giving away free money. Whee! Thank you CT!

Oh yea, CT's the guy on the left.

As you could have seen from E's blog, we went for Mr. Team Leader's Christmas Eve party. It turned our pretty fun. Lots of the usual gambling, endless looped Christmas songs, laughs and at the end of the Christmas Present exchanged, I ended up with CT's gift. Uh.. It was a towel. A blue towel. Which cost RM13.90. Which CT got Cody to get. So uh, yea. Anyway I like it, it's useful at least. Heee~ <3 style="text-align: center;">Ahh the best Christmas pressie yet, a nice picture of E and me. Gotta print this out and blow this into poster size. *Muaks E*
Wow, finally a nice pic of me and Ian

P.S: All above picture (minus the badly drawn one are all stolen from Elisa's blog

And yay, we managed to meet up with Khy again after so long! I have for some strange reason thought that she was still happily in Australia studying when in fact she has completed her studies and came back - a YEAR ago. Guess my brains are stuck in 2007 time line.

Aww, doesn't Khy look sweet? And damn Elisa for still looking good even with a flu. It's NOT fair *whines* Oh, picture taken from Winter Warmers

Yet again, picture is stolen without permission from E. Will make it up to her later.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Springs Condominium, Penang

Ahh, after the long wait, it's finally re-opened for non-bumis. I know that lots of people are anxiously awaiting the re-opening after 4th of May and it's finally reopened on the 20th of December. Till today, E stills tells me about how crazy it was during the first launching. People queue-ing since 3am+ and even during the PISA fair when people would approach the IJM booth and complain that they didn't manage to get a lot. It's a good investment as the price has gone up quite a bit from the first launching.

Anyway to those interested, some quick info;

The Springs Condominium by IJM Properties Sdn.Bhd. It's along the Jelutong Expressway which is between town area (Georgetown) and Bayan Lepas. It roughly has about a total of 396 units ranging from 925 - 1,281 squarefeet with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It's leasehold and has a panoramic view of the Penang Bridge.

Those who are interested can also hop over to IJM land located near E-Gate and Tesco for more info.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mini MAC Hauls + Red Black nails

Le package~

So it finally came. from USA to Singapore and finally to my little house in Penang. A lengthy journey as well as a treacherous one, ah, forgive the drama but I was really worried it got lost in transit but anyway, it arrived a little battered but in one piece.

If you remember that I was badly wanting MAC Skinfinish in Petticoat in my previous post, I FINALLY GOT IT! Wheee! The colour is as they said, fantastic! I'm thankful that after ordering and all, the colours doesn't look as if someone smacked me or if if I fell into someone's birthday cake filled with pink icing. It came off as a natural flushed look on me. And for backup, I ordered another extra!

Close up on Petticoat, look at all the pretty veining on it!

A quick swatch of Petticoat on my hand

I also ended up getting the MAC Limited Edition Basic Adoring Carmine Brushes set. I was wanting the Basic Face set but the person got my orders mixed up and I ended up with brushes I wasn't too crazy about.

Medium-sized round brush bag in wine-coloured satin with red-orange patent zippered enclosure and wristlet. Also includes a fabric brush holder with five professional metallic red handled brushes and a gloss black M∙A∙C logo: the 129 SE, 219 SE, 239 SE, 266 SE and the 316 SE. Limited edition. - MACcosmetic.com


Battered and bruised

Also out of sheer boredome - yet again, I decided to paint my nails with CALAR, the cheap OPI imitation I got from Gurney the last time. Indeed as my sis said, the colour was pretty intence and I needed just 2 coats of it. The reddish colour was slightly pearly and I really am not a big fan of pearly nail colours and it looked plain for some reason, so I added the darker shade of red on top. The darker shade of red came out pretty sheer compared with the red underneath and still not satisfied, I added black on top. I initially wanted some sort of colour gradiation from light to dark but I was just too damn lazy to drag the black down when I was painting it and thus I ended up with a bold streak of black across ala french manicure style.

It wasn't done nicely as you can see all the bubbled on nails. That's from turning the fan on full blast while painting my nails. Always always switch off your fan when painting your nails or bubbles will appear. I've known this fact for a long time but since it was just an experiment, I thought "Ah, what the hell"

Oh and on last Saturday night, at roughly about 5 in the morning, a thief broke into our house - also yet again. This time, he raided both my sister's and my car before taking off when my dad woke up. *sigh* My car was in a complete mess!

I wasn't the last person to use the car so I had went to sleep without locking the doors. I was in and out of sleep having weird nightmares when I head my dad shouted and then a bang on our metal fencing. I woke up and went out, the light were all on and from previous experience I pretty much guess what had happend.

I saw my car in a utter mess and I thought to myself, "*&^%$#@! AGAIN!" My dad asked me what I lost and I took one look at my car and saw that my sunglasses than Ian bought for me some time ago wasn't there. I was seething in anger. I cannot drive without my sunglasses as my eyes are sensitive to sun light. I not only squint terribly in the sun but I also start sneezing.

It doesn't look too bad cause dad had cleaned up a little

My dad took a quick look and after a few minutes waved my half buried sun glasses in my face, a whole entire chorus of angels sang "Hallelujah" on the back of my head. I was hopping around happily thanking God that the idiotic, I-hope-he-gets-his-hands-chopped-off thief didn't take it.

It was then my mom pointed at my make up bag on top of my father's car did I really literally wanted to kneel down and Thank God that the idiotic, I-hope-he-gets-his-hands-chopped-off thief didn't manage to take my make up bag away! He has specifically set the bag aside and had to take off without it when my dad woke up.

I left the make up bag under my passenger side seat because it was a little crampy in my bag and had forgotten to take it out after reaching home. It had my MAC Limited Edition mineralize skinfinish along with my newly bought Anna Sui rouge tint, Coastalscents angled brush, Lip brush from Elizabeth Arden and so forth. I would have really kill the idiot if he took them away and I managed to kill him. I'll suffocate him by shoving my tampons from the make up bag up his nostrils and strangled him to death with my bare hands. Not to mention, my sis got the Tokidoki make up bag for me from Singapore.

So in the end, he took two of my sister's sunglasses and my dad's binoculars. Please don't ask me what the heck is the binoculars doing in my car cause I don't know. Sis was very upset. The sunglasses didn't cost alot but she had really liked them, not to mentioned she went to the shop to get them again but they were already sold out so I feel really bad for her on her behalf. *sigh*

The only good thing that came out of all this is that mom has finally agreed to let me get a dog from SPCA! YAY!

Why SPCA? I do not agree to buying pedigreed pooches. It's a weird reason but I've always loved those 'garden retrievers' aka mutts.
Easy to care for, loyal and a little crazy, how can I not love them? :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obsessive-compulsive disorder + La Source review

The Cambridge dictionary describe it as;

obsessive-compulsive disorder noun [C or U] (ABBREVIATION OCD) SPECIALIZED
a mental illness which causes the sufferer to do something repeatedly for no reason

I do sometimes wonder if I have a little of OCD just as well. I'm not posting all these pictures to make anyone feel anything, it's merely a reminder to myself of the things I already have. Sometimes in my quest for neatness, I stuff everything into tins and boxes - outta sight outta mind. But the problem starts when
I can never remember what is it that I have and the problem with me is that, if i don't see it, I don't have it, so I BUY!

Then one fine day, I clean up my room and discover that I have a total of 50+ lip glosses and a few balms all still happily in my drawers and have more than 85% left. That's when I slap myself on the forehead and wonder WHY?

Yea sure, 50+ lip glosses actually isn't alot at all compared to some people who owns them by the bulk. But for someone like me whose actually grew up being thrifty, I feel like crying, what on earth was I thinking?

But then again, there are some that are gifts from loved ones and also some free gifts ones. Hee!

Above shown isn't all,
20+ lipglosses from various brands such as Elizabeth Arden, Crabtree & Evelyn, Paul & Joe and others are in hiding, someone smack me please!

Bobbi Brown's Night Sky

Moving along from my senseless lipgloss/lip balm collection, I finally got my BB palette afterall, no thanks to a 'certain' someone by the name BrendaS from an online forum who tried to do some funky stuffs with our money. Not only did she took or money and delayed way past the expected date but wanted to sell us the palettes afterwards for a much higher price after knowing that the palettes were sold out everywhere! Nice ain't she? Anyway for further reading, just head over to Elisa's blog and learn how Queen E dealt with her. Finally an ending with fireworks! Bravo E!

An update on the Rimmel's Glam' Eyes Mascara which like I've written promises ultra volume, high definition which strangely sounds like some LCD or plasma TV advertisement.

I've finally used the mascara again after my Kate Volume Mascara finished and here it is. All 2 coats of it. If you're curious about my review on it, just search it up on the search box.

If you're wondering why the front of my lashes looks short. It's not short, it's just facing downwards and giving the odd appearence of it being short. I have a problem with my Stage Eye Lash Curler which I bought from Queensbay Mall for RM35. Lets just say the tester was better than the actual stuff.

I found that it did not fit my eye shape and I have to press hard into my eyes just to get to the little nooks and corners. It would probably be a good fit if you have slightly deep set eyes but for us chinese, it's gonna be tough. But it also depends on person to person and I don't speak for all. So feel free to stick to your Shu Uemura, Shiseido, MUFE or Anna Sui eye lash curler or whatever fits you best. I regretted buying mine to say the least.

For the stuffs that I absolutely did not regret buying would be the Crabtree & Evelyn La Source set (RM180+) that comes with a hand lotion, hand wash, hand cream, a bar of soap and a tote bag which I love!

I actually bought the entire set solely because I wanted the bag. How lame am I? I didn't like the La Source range as much as I liked Rosewater or the Lavendar range but after using the La Source hand lotion, I've found my HOLY GRAIL lotion!!!!!

I nodded my head politely when Elisa was raving about how good the hand lotion was. I've tried alot of body creams, hand lotions all my life. I love buying lotions back then as much as I love buying make up now. I've tried almost everything that promises soft and smooth skin and whatever else. I thought I found my HG lotion with Loreal's celulite night cream (forgot the actual name) but after using like 5 bottles, they happily discontinued the product and replaced it with some stuffs that only worked half-assed.

But serious shit, the La Source lotion is the BEST lotion I've ever used. Of course there might be better ones out there but as far as I've used, forget Johnson & Johnson, forget Loreal, forget Palmers BUY La Source! It's a little pricy at RM75 for 200ml but it's worth every single penny. Thanks E!

Another thing I didn't regret buying (okay it was a gift and I didn't actually pay for it) was ta-daa, a Gucci bag! *hops around happily* I love it! I'm really not the type of girls that's into branded this and branded that. I find it a little silly, it's just that I love the fact that with branded bags, the quality is always there and the best part is that you can use it for years and years to come. I'm the sentimental kind of person, I appreciate and love everything that I've ever owned and I find it very hard to get rid of old, torn, stained, whatever bags. So at the very least if there was ever a problem with the handle with my Burberry or Gucci, it's still replaceable and fixable. So I don't have to throw out my old bags that often now that I can get them fixed.

Oh muh new ba-beh~

Personally I would never buy any branded shoes like LV, Coach, Burberry shoes or anything even if I ever have a million bucks. I walk alot and I step over anything and everything that's in my way. A puddle? No problem. I'm embarrassed to say but I have literally walked into ditches (those big longkangs) before during a heavy rainfall ( the ditch was clogged up and due to the heavy downpour, I failed to see the ditch and walked into it. MUAHAHA!) and it really didn't bother me when my entire shoes were soaked wet. Sad to say, shoes is one of the things I never really take care of. *sigh*

Oh I recently found a small stall in Gurney Plaza selling cheap OPI imitation nail colour. I thought it was OPI and it got me attracted, on a closer look, it was called CALAR, sounds like someone either cannot spell or it's a way some people pronounce the word color. So that aside, the sales assistant was a very chatty young man, I wasn't interested in buying but he seemed so nice so I ended up buying some. T.T

I'm so naive and easily conned. But it wasn't expensive at all much to my surprise. It was only RM4 per bottle and RM10 for 3 bottles! O.o

Right pic: comparison between OPI and CALAR

The texture of the nail colour is not too bad and just like most nail colour just need about 2 coats. That's what my sis told me anyway since I have not used it just yet. Will do a swatch later on.

Aih, why la my pictures are always act funky with me?

Anyway the above picture is OPI's INdia-Mood for love.

Biotherm's Source Therapie RM185

My first Biotherm product. I've never used any of their stuffs before this and so this is new to me, bought it because my skin was so dehydrated it was starting to peel as well and this is not normal for my skin. It's been going on for a month or so and I know I needed help. Decided to try the smaller 30ml bottle and see if I break out of anything and thankfully I didn't. After about 2 weeks, I received some feedbacks that my skin has gotten better. No longer that dehydrated, still is but not that bad so I'm happy. Lets see how it goes long term.

Made in China

Someone forwarded the mail to me on my email and I had a good laugh at it. I don't know if this is all exaggerated but it's definitely freaking funny.

Polystation? Sunbucks? The logo is kinda scary looking actually...

I can't read chinese so I can't tell what the hell is the red colour liquid but damn, not something I wanna go near. Click on the pic for a bigger picture. Anyone can tell me what the hell is it?

The 'Nike' shoe one gave me the best laugh. It crack me up seeing how the 'Nike' words got imprinted on the guys foot at the end.

Oh hell, this is so 'chinese' style. [insert crazed laughter] I love the sandwich picture. If I were to judge purely on the package [pic 1] I would have bought the sandwich but to open it up and find how little ingredients in it... potong stim

Monday, December 8, 2008


Ahhh, Twilight, the new highly anticipated movie starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Seriously, what do I have to say after watching it? Watch it for the cute guy and... oh sorry there is no 'and'. Watch it for the cute guy. End of story. Period.

I'm sad to say that I didn't read the book, afterall there are tons of books about vampires falling in love with humans, examples books from L.J Smith's Night World, my favourite book in the whole world when I was 13 so it didn't strike me as a particularly interesting book but since it became a movie, it has to be interesting, right?

Let me just say this, the storyline for Twilight can make me cry. Cry for the lack of storyline. Watching the movie made me curious about the book itself. Is the book equally as corny, predictable and lame apart from the descriptions of the oh-so-gorgeous guys and gals?

Mr. Eye-candy, Edward Cullen, made watching the lame movie a little more bearable. I'm smitten by his good looks. He looks like a cross breed between Hugh Jackman and Luke Perry. Cupid struck, it never happen before and this is a first but wow, he sure looks damned good as Edward. Apart from his occasional make up which makes his face far whiter than his neck, too red lips and too much blusher parts, his face strangely reminds me of some Grecian god. Gorgeous.

The only problem is that I dislike his 'normal' face. *scratch head* Confused? It's just that I googled and found his picture from other movies as well as model pictures and went, 'Bleh'. But when he's Edward Cullen, I can't get enough of him!

I can't exactly say the same for the main actress unfortunately. From the poster above, I was excited when I saw a good looking guy and an attractive main actress, but seeing the main actress in the movie was a little disappointing. There's nothing wrong with her acting, for a 18 year old, it was goooood but I found her 'bunny' teeth a little distracting. If you watch the movie, her lips are mostly apart and all that I see is her two white little bunny teeth. But it could just be me. *shrugs*

So all in all, watch it for the gorgeous Edward Cullen. Don't watch it for the storyline.

Rating: 05/10 - The 5 is purely for watching Edward Cullen.

Another show I watch on the weekend was Kinta.
A Malaysian made show starring Robin Ho, Shawn Lee, David Bao, Micheal Chin and etc. I'm sorry but there's quite a bit of names. It caught our attention thanks to the fact that most of them were actually real martial artist. As in they really know how to whoop your ass type.

C.L Hor had proudly proclaimed that the story would be about the history of the Malaysian Chinese – how they came here, how they moved on from the tin mines and continued living in this country after 1881. The martial arts and action, in his own words, were “merely there to increase the entertainment value of the movie”

Later, it was noted that they wanted to showcase the film to international audience and thus;
“If you make a Hollywood movie, the executive producer represents the investors, and he has the say. I definitely have influence, but my hands are tied because I have to fulfil the investor’s wishes.”

As for the story (or what was left of it), Hor also had to throw out a lot of the plot to accommodate the 90-minute limit. In fact, by the time the final cut was done, his noble intentions to “show people outside Malaysia the roots of the Malaysian Chinese” had been whittled down to a mere action film about four brothers seeking revenge. - The Star

In other words, the movie or what's really left of it ended up sucking chicken ass. It really was that bad. It starts by introducing the main heroes, all looking tough and constipated. Then how it all began, the miners working hard and all. Quarterway through the film, you'll feel like slapping your forehead of paying RM10 to watch his film. Halfway through, you'll wish it would just end already. End of the movie, you're left with your mouth open, confused, wondering why has the film ended so abruptly. It started with so much hope. Just like our office sales report.

Oh noooooooo~

There were too many waste of time flashbacks and nothing connected. It's starts with one story, continues with another, then another and another and then the ending in which there's too many loopholes and left me so confused. Also why was the dancing scene so long? It just shows some skimpy girls dancing seductively and it lasted for a good couple of minute. Huh? If they had to edit so much why didn't they cut the stupid dancing shorter and try to make more sense to the already senseless film?

In the end, the film left me with more questions than answers and there wasn't much on how the chinese came to Malaya but more on 3 brother beating the shit out of each other for some unknown reason/ vague reason.

Also the actress used to play Dan Dan looked really old compared to Tiger. Her character strikes me as someone pretty blur. Maybe it's the lack of lines but I enjoyed watching her stepmother more than I enjoyed watching her. She's not attractive in any way and her character is boring and has very little dialogue. Hell, I'm not even sure what is she doing there other than to kiss Tiger and shout his name at the very end to encourage him on. At least that's how I saw her. Bleh!

"Well, if the film is a success, he might just get the chance to improve on the movie, and perhaps tie up those dastardly loose ends with a prequel and a sequel in the future" - The Star

Whether or not there is a prequel, sequel or whatever, you can bet your pretty ass that I'm not wasting another RM10 on it. Sheesh. I want a refund or compensation for having to waste my 2 hours or whatever watching crap like that.

How it all ends, via WWF style cage

Rating 03/10 - The only I enjoyed was watching David Bao's taichi fighting moves, one word, smooth! Can be expected considering that he IS the World Champion Taichi performer.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

NOTD - Pink & Blue / Gold

I love books and I'm a big fan of Terry Goodkind's Sword of the Truth series. He comes out with a continuation of the series every year. And Confessor is the last book - finally!!

Initially when the sales person in MPH recommended my mother the book, mom bought the first 3 books for me. It didn't look all too interesting so I didn't start reading till months later but once I started I couldn't put it down at all! It's definitely a good read and I would recommend this book to any Fiction book lovers.

I have not started reading the book since I haven't had the time but it's a little sad knowing that Richard and Kahlan's journey has come to an end after 12 volumes of heartache, lots of fighting, dying, disappearing and torture and more fighting for freedom and peace! Wow, that's a mouthful.

Decided to give my horribly discoloured nails a breather but while in the office, Kern showed me her nails and lend me the nail colour. I totally love the Gold look!

This was done before the Gold one. It didn't look all too bad from far but on a closer look the colour combo was urm, a little too shocking. But this was done only for fun anyway.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Trishaw ride, whee!

Had a free trishaw ride today and damn it was fun! Juanita Chin from Reapfield published her book today and she invited us female banker to sit on trishaws to help advertise her book. And so we did. So halfway around Gurney Drive area, Elisa and I (E sat next to me in a very small Trishaw) started cam whoring much to our own amusement or to any cars passing us by.

Being from Penang where at the very least trishaws still exist, I hardly remember when was the last time I sat in one. I've always felt extremely guilty whenever I see how thin the poor old man peddling a fatty like me. It just felt so wrong. But the wind in your hair and the sun on our faces and the unexplainable feeling of not having any doors(?) makes an occasional trishaw ride fun and exciting. Definitely one of those few things you must try at least once in your life!

Anyway we did the Biotherm face test with a little bit of a shocking results. Me and Elisa had used coconut oil as moisturizer so the test results for my sebum was a shocking 98%!! Is that high? That's as good as me falling face first into a tub of oil! I was shocked out of my panties! It was only when E mentioned that her results were almost as high as mine that we figured it was because of the coconut oil. Also like I've always suspected, my pigmentation is going to be quite a problem as I age. The only good thing was that my face elasticity was a good 99% and that I don't and won't be having wrinkles all too easily. Finally, something good from the family genes. So that really got me thinking, I kept wondering if I see myself having Botox when I'm 50...

Anyway the only thing I bought was the Biotherm's Source Therapy for RM185. I don't own any serum so it's a much need thing for my dehydrated skin.

Nov 30

I'll be hoping to avoid Gurney Plaza for the next few weeks, thanks to the school holidays, Gurney Plaza has become a war zone. It was pure pure mayhem! My sis and I got stuck in Gurney Plaza for half an hour in the freaking carpark trying to go out! By then, all of everyone's card went pass the 15 minutes time limit and had expired and security had to come in and direct traffic.

Yoga Banned?

I wasn't too sure whether to laugh or what when I read today's (a few days ago by the time I typed this down) newspaper on 'Yoga Ban'

"The national Fatwa council has declared that yoga is 'Haram' (prohibited) in Islam and Muslims are banned from practicing it." - The Star Newspaper

I found this while issue hilarious! We are are born humans. Free! Not prisoners of a religion that some Mr. smarty-pants decided themselves that that is what God wanted. I ended up getting that someone is obviously trying to play God here. Some people with a BIG head and an enormous ego with a holier-than-thou attitude. Oh I forgot, some people who lack of common sense and probably didn't pass any subject except religious study. Not that it is a bad thing but people should always remember moderation sometimes.

In my little head, the translation for all religions in the world is about is to be a better human being, to respect everything and everyone and basically to do good.

I have nothing againts Islam or Muslims as I found the religion and in so many ways beautiful. The untainted one and not the one that has been 'tokok tambah' (in other words, 'added') like the one we have right here in Malaysia. It has become downright stupid. It's like giving a bunch of idiots Godlike powers and see the hilariousness that ensures as they abuse their power to suit their own stupid needs.

Exercise is exercise, no matter what, Yoga is not going to convert me into being a Hindu or something. D'oh. Does that mean that if I don't eat with chopsticks I'm no longer a Chinese? Does that also mean that if I eat too much nasi kandar, I'll suddenly get the inspiration to be a Mamak? And frankly, I don't think my Malay friends feels like becoming Buddhist just because they like to eat Char Koay Teow.

Then again, I shouldn't worry as I'm not banned from practicing yoga.

But lately, Malaysia has been becoming pretty stupid lately. Another thing that they happily came out with a couple of months ago stating that they'll pay married men RM1000 to marry single mothers. Sounds good from some angles but to encourage men to be polygamy?! And furthermore, to marry because they want the money and NOT because they are in love.

the fact or custom of being married to more than one person at the same time
-Cambridge online dictionary

Quotes the Highlander: There can only be ONEEEE!

They should realize that not all single mothers are 'dying' to get remarried, sheesh, being married to one ass was enough, what on earth made others thinks that they can't wait to jump right back into the marriage scene. And to encourage them to marry yet again all for the sake of RM1000? Why not use the much needed money as a loan to single mothers so they can start their own small scale business.

So that's encouraged and to be healthy by doing yoga isn't. I don't know about you guys but I'm having a good laugh while slapping myself on the forehead.

Interesting info: Muslims in the Middle East doesn't even have this crazed yoga ban and yet we do. What are we trying to prove here? That we're either more religious and thus making us better than them or crazier than them?

As of 26 November 2008

Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Wednesday waded into a row over a ban on yoga for Muslims, saying they could practise the exercise as long as it had no spiritual elements.

Malaysia's highest Islamic body, the National Fatwa Council, on Saturday banned yoga for Muslims, saying it could erode their faith.

Malaysia's population is dominated by Muslim Malays, and the ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities are becoming concerned over rising "Islamisation" of the multicultural country

Read the entire article here

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Anna Sui Loose Powder + Tint Rouge Jar

Anna Sui's long awaited Loose Powder

The first day that the Gurney Plaza new wing opened it was pure mayhem and chaos. It was like everyone has been on a fast for a month and suddenly they were like hungry sharks out for the kill. But still we had fun. Seeing all the new layouts and the new cosmetic counters that just opened was like letting loose kids in a candy store. The excitement was contagious and we couldn't stop grinning like idiots. To the KL people or whoever who has always always had these counters, would probably think it's no big deal but for us Penangites, it was a BIG deal as we've always had to either ship the things from KL or beg a friend to buy it for us.

But anyway, I ended up getting the Anna Sui Loose powder in 002 as the packaging totally blew me off and the reviews was good. So far, my skin has been dry (from Mior) so it has not been looking all that great but once my skin returns to normal, I'll update my thoughts on it.

Me loving the rose scent that's on every Anna Sui's products. Love it! Ahhhhhh~

Above: Mascara primer
Left to right: Whitening serum, eye make up remover, nail enamel (rose scented)
Not shown: The samples + tissue cover + Compact powder sample

The free gift that came with it. Elisa, Kern and I ended up spilling our samples and free gifts and I was a little unlucky to get the things that I didn't quite like. But Kern being sweet, exchange a few stuffs with me to make me happy. Awwwww~

Elisa took the vouchers we got to buy her much drooled after Bobbi Brown paper blotters.

I couldn't get this outta my head, it was the Tinted Rouge Jar. So cute. It's totally clear but change our lip colour to a much darker natural lip colour. I got this because I have extremely pale lips. I literally look like I'm either sick or I'm playing a walking corpse without lipstick. I needed something that would not be licked or eaten off. So this was good. I did not get the one from The Face Shop because the colour comes off a darker pinkish purple colour on my lips. It looked artificial on me.

Clear? Clear? Good...

Some random pic of me with the MAC Warm Eyes palette and falsies

How it looks like without the false eyelashes. See how thick my eyeliner issssss....

The other side of the MAC Warm Eyes palette, the browny side that I wasn't too keen on or even knew what to do with. I was a little desperate to try it so I 'conjured' up something/anything and this is it!

P.S: Please don't kill us Mr. J! We're girls, we cannot help ourselves everytime we walk by a cosmetic counter. Anyway we had to go catch Elisa's brains back, remember?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

MAC Passion in Red 2008

A reindeer loofah my sis got me, MAC Warm Eyes palette, 2x handphone covers

I big heart the reindeer loofah, mine was a little worn and I heart scrubbing myself in the bath. I never feel clean if I don't do it and getting a reindeer one was a big bonus. How cute is that? I heart reindeers! The two handphone covers was on offer, it was buy one free one and since I have two handphones, it's perfect! I've just recently added some diamante to one of my handphone covers and the previous plastic cover no longer fits because of the bulge so the handphone cover would help me keep them from being scratch and losing the diamantes. Yay!

MAC Warm Eyes

The palette was all I got for the Passion in Red Collection. Gonna wait for the Little Darlings that will be out on December. Lipgloss of Pigments? Mmm, decisions decisions...

6 colours for RM170; Sweet Joy(f), Warm Suede (vp), Well Spiced(s), Gentle Heat(s), Real Drama(s) and Grand Entrance(s)

I headed over to the MAC counter after work since I had my eyes on this palette and wanted to test the actual colours on my eyes. The MUA seems busy and after managing to get hold of one of them, I told them that I wanted to test the colours, they ushered me off to another area to try the colours on. There I was attended by this 'make-up artist'. I couldn't help but ask her some questions and found out that she wasn't from MAC but a freelance make up artist and then proceed to try on the colours on my eyes. I specifically requested for something that will suit me as I wasn't sure how and what technique to use. I wanted to see if there's any other way/technique I could learn to fully utilize this palette and what I got was a little frustrating.

First, she wanted to test the colours on my eyes without even taking off what I already had on. Worst I had on smokey black/grey eyes today. How on earth was I to see the colours properly without her taking any of my eye shadow off?

Then she used 2 colours out of the entire 6 colours and I do admit that the technique she used was not bad, she was either being stingy by applying very little and I could hardly see anything. It didn't strike me as anything great and truth be told, if I never had any interest in the palette she would have turned me right off. I wouldn't not have gotten the palette because of her! She failed to show me how gorgeous the colours really is and it didn't make me look any better.

She did a different technique / colour combo on the other eye and by then, I was half screaming. My frustration level was rising as she doesn't even seem to know what the hell she was doing. The colours weren't striking in anyway and it looked boring. The technique she used on both eyes are extremely different yet I could hardly tell the difference between the two eyes. If I had walked off with two different coloured eyes, no one would have noticed.

I told her I wanted the give me a face chart so I can duplicate her technique and while she was busy, I wiped off the eye make up and did my own. I did mine in less that one minute despite the frustration and simple slapped on what colour I thought could mix.

It really makes me wonder, how on earth can this people even call themselves make up artist anyway? I realized that what E says is oh-so-true, what makes a make up artist good is not counted by how many certs the person has but how much effort and talent they have to begin with. In the end of the day, I'm left shaking my head wondering how could have MAC even hired someone like her, she is born with the special ability of turning gold into dust!

Her saving grace, she was 'somewhat' nice.

What she did for me, two different techniques and colours used. What colour she used? Don't ask me, I don't know, she never wrote down for me

Got pissy and did my own, it's done without base