Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Favours + E's birthday + GEO Wing Lens

Favour or favor, depending on where you're from. I spelled it as favours since Malaysia follows the British education system or what's left of it after we mutilated it. Such an easy word to say but in the end, how many of us really know that favour are to be repayed in someway. I'm usually more than happy to do something someone asked of me without ever asking or expecting some kind of repayment but just as well, I appreciate all the help I usually get and I tend to want to repay them.

September is the month of favours for me. I'm unfortunately not on the receiving end but I ended owing quite a number of people for their help. So this is a thank you post to Tommy because I trouble him no end and later even more due to my own screw up which gave me sleepless nights, gastric pain and made me broke out in cold sweats. All this for a friend who in all my close friends' opinion doesn't deserve the help. To * on free legal advise, his time and help and his Fables comic books which I've happily finished in one day, all 6 volumes of it. Not forgetting, Luke for his help.

I received a call from the other love of my life, Elyn to tell me that she was fine. I'm really glad. She sounds all better and cheered up and although I'm not sure if it's just a front but I'm happy she called, that was the start of a good day. I joined E, K and Mr.T (E's former customer) for a early Birthday lunch Mr.T threw for her. Sometimes I wish all customers would be like Mr.T. He's a really nice guy that you don't feel uncomfortable with or gives off that he has an ulterior motives. A real gentleman who's treats Elisa as a daughter. After lunch, we drove and met up with Luke and Mr.Y. It's really funny how I met *, I got to know him after joining The Boys (Clubhouse) for a game of Catan in the lobby of Hard Rock Hotel. But how ever and whatever it is, I'm really thankful for his help on E's court case drama.

Got dressed and did my eyes and whoo-hoo, I'm out. Nothing fancy, it's not my birthday :P

Later the night, a last minute change and we got dressed and headed over to Slippery Senorita. It's a good thing I've dedicated both Friday and Saturday to Elisa since her plans are often last minute. It's just so her style. We had fun, I'm happy to say and if some of you who have either mine or Elisa's facebook would probably have seen some 'not our usual style' pictures. I apologize here if the pictures in FB offends anyone but hey, Elisa is my best friend for the past 13 years so, it's fine :D

Pictures taken in SS is never clear thanks to the smoke machine.
Left to right: Me, Elisa and Kern; Elisa and I
Pictures taken before any drinking got on the way

The days after E's birthday was good, spent my entire time reading and hanging out playing Catan. A sort of boardgame I'm currently addicted to. It was most unfortunate that I won a game on my 2nd try and right after that, the other guys no longer wants to help me out or teach me when I'm stuck (all expect Jobie, muh herooo)

A game of Catan; surprisingly fun
stolen from Pinky Doodle Doo's FB

Oh and since I used to get my contact lenses from Ian's (my ex) uncle in KL, I had to find a supplier quick. Ian has been extremely reluctant to help me out anymore and from my post some time ago you'll know I had to pester him for a good 2 months before he finally mailed them to me.

I remembered JeanJean once mentioned a seller she bought her lenses from and decided to try it out. I mailed her and I must admit, I grown pretty fond of this girl despite just having to exchange a few mails from her. Her blog link is De Shopz.

It was unfortunate that she didn't have any ready stocked so I had to search else where. I manage to get one from another online seller from Kuching, the other side of Malaysia. The shipping was expensive but the lenses were reasonable priced and her service super fast. I ended up ordering 2 to try it out, one in GEO wing lens in Brown and my usual Gray.

Since I've tried and liked it, I guess I'll be ordering my next batch in about a months time and this time, I'll be trying out De Shopz's services instead. Since it's a pre-order and by ordering it then, it would give them sufficient time to arrive before mine expires. Although GEO lenses are to be disposes yearly, I rather have them changed every quarterly or less.

The bottle

Minus all eye make up, don't freak!

With a little eye make up, sorry about the one rebelling eyelash. MUAHAHAHA!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Victoria Secret eyeliner duo + Desperate in need of a tan

It's not that I've given up on my blog but I've been getting less and less sleep lately, the days before E's birthday was a mess to me since there was things for me to do and settle, planning E's birthday gift was a pain especially since she mentioned she didn't wanted any make up or Re-ments and thus messing up my plans. Ended up sharing with Kern to get her her present. This might chalk up as the only time I didn't create a post to wish Elisa Happy Birthday. Just too pooped to do anything.

A few days before E's birthday, we met up with Grace, a friend of ours since school days that recently just returned from the US. I joined her a Elisa for a quick drink and a chat. I'm happy for her that she's well and happily married. You won't be able to believe how many of my classmates have married. I've always had the impression that we lived in the 21st century and women no longer needs to be married that early but I guess when we find 'the one' then hey, why the wait. I'm actually envious of them who have already married. I secretly (or maybe not so secretly now) wonder when my turn will come or if it'll ever come. I may not plan for a wedding but I do wonder. LOL

Thanks Grace!

But anyway as I was heading out the car, Grace took out some gifts for me. ME! Oh la laaa, and it wasn't my birthday. She handed me a hand sanitizer that I much needed after I finished mine and left the one Pita gave me for my birthday at home and a Victoria Secret Eye liner Duo. Eyeliners! I LOVE eyeliners!

Grace did mentioned that she uses the eyeliner as an eyeshadow or base rather than an eyeliner and when she mentioned that it could only mean one thing - it smudges. Since I had went out without any eye make up, the first thing I did when I got home was to try it out and see what happens.

The application was easy, it was very smooth and very black. It gives off a matte black finish and slightly creamy. That was expected since Grace mentions it's best for smokey eyes effect. After about an hour or so, I went to check the mirror and *gasp* it was scary. It smudge very little but instead seems to have faded off in patches. But this is also because I didn't use any primer before hand. So in the end, I guess I will follow Grace's advise and use it as an eye shadow base rather than eye liner.

I'm not the type to complain about a gift and I'm not going to. I'm extremely thankful for the gift as it came from Grace when she wasn't inclined to give me anything. I've loved every single thing everyone has given me then and now. I'm so appreciative of ever little favours and gifts and ever so thankful. Thank you!!

Oh Grace did also mentioned that I needed a little tan and I guess I kind of have to agree with her. Ever since I stopped working, I sleep late, wake up late and hardly even greet Mr. Sun.I spend more time with Mr. UV Rays from the lightbulbs than getting natural sunlight and everyone knows that can't be good.

I didn't realize that I've become paler than usual and I now look sickly/deathly pale. It reminds me of how my teachers back in school was forever asking me if I was okay. I guess I kinda looked as if I was going to fall over and die or something. I mean, I represented my house in cheerleading and long jump and my class in netball and hurdles but still everyone remembers me as the 'sickly one'... Thanks.

No matter, guess I'll head out a little more often or wear a bikini and give my neighbours a nose bleed when I sun tan myself on the backyard. I never did like the sickly pale look anyway.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

NOTD: Russian Navy French tip Polka dot + chocolate lip balm

Not in the mood to blog and feeling a little down and extremely tired of late. I'm still worried about Elyn although I've not called or smsed her just in case I'd bother her. Been doing lots of reading at home instead since Leanne borrowed me some of Julia Quinn's Bridgerton family series. Was never much into romance books till I started reading hers. No, I don't read it for the sex scenes like the guys does, I don't wanna know how she felt or how he felt or the Oos and Ahs that happens behinds the closed door. I read it for the humor and plot line.

Ahh, it's so romantic then. It's interesting to know that people then can easily get married in like what.. two weeks notice or something if the book is even accurate. Can you get married in two weeks notice? Girls now takes atleast half a year to a year just to plan their grand day! Custom made or off the shelf Vera Wang bridal gowns? Nails, hair, make up, body massage appointments. Caterers to be taken care off, wedding cards to be printed... whoaaa. I don't even wanna think about it.

For my I don't even bloody hell care if I even have a wedding banquet. *sigh* I'm such a simpleton. *snort* Then again, I don't stop and plan my wedding day cause I sit here and wonder if there's anyone blind or remotely stupid enough to marry me. Muahahaahaha!!!

Did the nails some time ago but it was only today that I even took the pictures, had to since I've been wanting to cut them shorter after accidentally injuring myself. Yes, my knees are never free from bruises and my hands are never free from self injuries. I'm not into self-mutilation but it happens. :D


OPI Sweet Memories as base
OPI Russian Navy as french tips
Elianto Alice blue for polka dots

Left to right: My index finger nail chipped off so I cut it. So now, my nails are all uneven length. Grrrr, so it's snip snip time.
Ta-daaaaa.. they're short again!

I liked the previous one better I think.

Anyway, if you read Elisa's blog you'll know that she recently headed up to Bangkok, Thailand with Uncle Matt. I only call him Uncle Matt to piss him off, he's actually only 27 I think :P
Seeing the pictures of Elisa in Bangkok made me drool. I'm definitely all jumping around wanting to go there too. Never been to Bangkok and from what Elisa told me about the food there, sounds like paradise to me.

Talking about food reminds me of the converstions I've been having with Elisa. It goes something like this:

Elisa : Wahh, I've put on so much weight, I put an extra 1 kg on and now I can't zip my pants properly.
Ashley : I know how you feel, my ass is so huge. I put on an extra 1/2 inches on my hips
*proceed to compare our love handles*
Waitress comes in to take our menu
E and A : We want this this this this and this..*orders like no tomorrow*
Waitress goes off
Elisa : Now where we were, ah yes..
*whines and bitches somemore*

We have NO control. We really don't. We're enjoying our food a little too much me thinks. But we're both actually pretty fine with out current weight as well. Elisa has always been underweight so it's actually fine for her, she's looking way better now and I'm super glad. Our only peeve is that we can't fit in our normal clothes properly. I hop around madly to zip my jeans so now I've gotten lazier and just wear my jeans skirt instead. :D

So anyway, Elisa got me a Chocolate Lip Balm as well as a very fresh and very pretty buttery yellow chiffon dress. Awwww~ *muaks* my love. Thanks E! I'm planning to wear it for her B-day which is on the 26th September.

Left to right: Ta-daaaa, chocolate tube of love; ingredients

Left to right: The insides of the tube, yum!
A comparison between Elyn's NYX orange lip balm to E's chocolate lip balm to my Bloop's Vanilla lip balm

Hmmm, been collecting tasty lip balms and lip glosses. And it all started with Elyn's snapples then Kern's green tea then all this. Thanks to the girls, sounds like not only am I gonna be healthy lips but I'll also be having delicious smelling lips.

My apologies if I've not replied to any comments or posted any comments in your blogs of late. It's not that I've stopped reading, trust me, I am :D
It's not youuuuu, it's meeeeeee..

P.s: TJ, keep up the fantastic work with your blog, I'm totally loving it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My ass is th size of Peninsular Malaysia...

If you don't know where on Earth is Malaysia, google it, we're smack right in the middle of Thailand on the North and Singapore on the South or let me give you a rough idea, it's somewhat pretty big. Not as huge as Russia or China or India for that matter but it's not exactly an island easily missed.

I know sometimes people try to comfort me by saying, "Oh, big hips are good, in the olden days they are loved for being child bearing hips." Riiiiighto! Just let me highlight the 'olden days' part.

At times like these, I wished I was indeed back in the olden days, but then again, if I were indeed back in the olden days, I doubt I'll be very successful in the marriage market. Why? A few "minor" stuffs like I have pimple scars to start with, which is a big no-no. I also have moles.
mole noun (ANIMAL)
a small mammal which is nearly blind, has dark fur and lives in passages that it digs under the ground
- Cambridge dictionary
Err.. not the mole you read above but rather a small dark spot on the skin. Moles unless positioned 'correctly' are deems inauspicious or something like that. Also not forgetting the fact that I do have something in common with the mole (animal), we're both nearly blind.

My hair length would be a problem too. It's currently a few inches below my ears which is a *gasp* oh so short especially if you're going to compare them to girls who have hair which rolls all the way down to their feet with a few inches to spare type. I gather that probably not all of them would have hair down all the way to the feet but hey, for me to even grow mine anywhere near my waist would take a miracle. Hear that God? I need a little miracle here. Then again, I like my hair short :P

I also trying to imagine how much shampoo required if I had hair down to my feet. Talking about that, my neighbour used to have hair that long. I saw it a long time ago when she was sweeping the leaves on the garden. I think her name was Daisy and she sang in the E&O Hotel's restaurant before the renovation. Wonder how is she...

*Sigh* Then and now ended up being not very different, on the bright side, atleast I got my make up to keep me happy here. Not to mention, the threat, "I'll sit on you!" becomes quite menacing with a size like mine. MUAHAHAHAA!

The front; The back

Talking about make up, I found that Florence aka Flo Jo, a fellow club house member has a passion for make up as well. I guess it came a little unexpected as she usually don't use any unless during a performance (she sings at pubs and lounges as a part time job/hobby) and she was sweet enough to give me her Rosebud Salve which she got from her time studying in the US! Whee hee! I remember Elyn reviewing a Rose Salve some time ago so I was happy to finally have one too. I'm so freaking greedy. But I couldn't help myself. A Rosebud Salve! Finally!

Thank you FLO!!!

The inside

To further comfort myself on gaining 1 1/2 inches on the hips, I shall now feast happily on my Snakeskin fruits most commonly known as Buah Salak over here, or Salacca Edulis as it's Latin/scientific name.

The outside; the inside, creative aren't I..? >.>;;

The creamy colour insides are crunchy and hard. It requires a somwhat unique palate to even like the bitter-ish, sour-ish, sweet-ish taste. Some people says that it reminds them of eating unripe banana minus the mush or a cross between a sweet apple and a pineapple.

What do I say? I can't describe the taste accurately so I rather not say.

I hate the preserved kind but I love the fresh ones, same goes for cherries and dates. I prefer fresh fruits and vegetables.

Envy the smoothness of the insides; the skin

I know some people can't stand the taste while others love them. My main concern for this is that I fear it's fast becoming extinct. Less and less people are now selling it and it's no longer easy to buy them. For additional information, the tree grows up to about 10 feet and thorny.

The seed
I'm feeling so creative with captions today. Geee.. =_=;

P.s: I'm super glad you called Elyn and I'm happy you're feeling a little better! That reminds me, will you be working on your birthday week?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

88 colors palette, MAC haunting e/s

Have you ever been really broke and having denied yourself everything (okay, almost everything) for a month and suddenly one fine day, you just snap, go koo koo and go on a shopping spree? Uh, cause I just did that and now I'm sitting here wondering what the hell I was thinking.

"If money don't grow on trees, I wonder why banks have so many branches"
- lame ass joke of the day

Since I've already bought the items that I did, all I can do now is put them into good use and continue with the daily kick-myself-in-the-ass routine. But anyway MAC recently launched Make Up Collection here in Penang (about 4th Sept?) I'm still fuming at the fact that they launched it in KL before the price increase and launched in Penang after the price increase. *grits teeth*

I bought only ONE thing from the entire collection. A blue eyeshadow that I missed during the Alexander McQueen Collection about 2 years ago called Haunting. I must admit that I bought it because I love the colour but how often I'll actually use it is.. low. *sigh*

Come to Mommy, my pwetty~

A few days later, I finally caved in and bought the 88 color palette online. It was the last one and the seller was having a clearance sale since one of the eye shadows were damaged. I realized that it was only damaged a little and was still usable so I got it. Including shipping it was RM53 in total. Ironic, these 88 colours cost less than my one MAC eyeshadow. HMPH.

Waited for a good 3 days and finally it came. Wee-hee!

It finally arrived on the 3rd day! The nestled between the newspapers is muh long awaited palette

Don't ask me what the headlines means, I can't read Chinese. I'm a sad excuse of a Chinese. Wrapped in 3 layers of bubble wrap

Uh-oh.. something's wrong. I see bits of broken shadows all smeared across the palette. I was literally starting to break out in cold sweats seeing this. Ingredients used.

The beige that was originally broken, the lime and orange was the ones that broke on the way to my house

As I suspected and fear, broken shadows. The lime green was a really nice colour too. Was kinda upset. Can't blame the seller since she's wrapped everything nicely so it must have been the postman who can't read the words "Fragile" stated outside the box. It kinda shows that when it comes our postal service, we're still have a 3rd world country service. Sheesh!

Well, just out of boredom I quote our former Works Minister of Malaysia, Samy Vellu on Pos Laju (the postal service I used, Pos Laju can be translated as Fast Post)

"Esok kirim, Hari ini sampai"
Translated: Send tomorrow, Recieve Today

Having been born and living in Malaysia for the past 25 years, I never knew we had a Time Machine.

Due to his controversial presence in Malaysian politics and his penchant for foot-in-the-mouth moments, Samy Vellu is often made the butt of jokes. Usually, these jokes involve quotes attributed to him that are difficult to be verified.
- Wikipedia


How it broke my heart too

Ta-daa, the pink top that I bought from Joy during the Gurney Plaza weekend bazaar! Kern bought a dress from her and while waiting for Kern to decide, I spotted the dress and fell in love with it the moment I set my eyes on it. The pale cotton candy pink was so perfect. It took me a while to decide whether to buy it or not after Kern told me Elisa bought not one but two of the exact same top a few days before. In the end, I caveeeed and bought it. I'm really glad that Joy gave me a good price for the top.

That reminds me, it's not often I do this but if anyone's interested, Joy has a blogspot too. I'm not sure if its been updated but feel free to browse around. Or you can always head over to the weekend bazaar in Gurney to check it out yourself. Prices are reasonable and they give 10% of profits to orphanages! o.O

Heeeeeeeeeeee~ I'm so pleased

Rom's Farewell dinner

A small part of the Clubhouse members; a group of very different people and different personalities who joins together to have fun

So Roms leaving this Thursday (we just got to know about it today so Pinky Doodle Doo has to do an impromptu dinner for him) He's heading to Genting and then to the border of Malaysia and Thailand. We'll miss him for sure. It feels a little weird knowing that he'll be so far away. The very best of luck Roms, you'll be missed and do you're best! We'll be sure to visit you! Take care!


P.s: Elyn, I hope you're okay too T.T

A message to my dearest Elyn

A message to my dearest Elyn,

I'm not sure what has happen but I hope you're well. You've always been there for me and have been my pillar of strength and hope since the first day I met you. I know you're currently going through some tough times but I hope that you'll remember the promise I made you; At anytime you need me, I'll be there for you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel, here I comeeeee!

Everything that goes up must come down - all except age anyway. Well, for me this has been the down time. I think too many late nights finally caught up to me and bit me on the ass. Yes it did. I did not only grew a SUPER volcano sized pimple but I also grew plenty of mountains and hills to go with it and to keep the SUPER volcano company.

Ahhh~ misery loves companion.

I had barely 3 hours of sleep yesterday, woke up thanks to Jobe's alarm clock. He set it at 6am. On a Sunday! T.T He forgot about unsetting it and it rang and rang and I actually fell asleep about 5.30am. But since Jobe is a very sweet guy, he's forgiven. He's too sweet for anyone to even get mad at.

So anyway, why was it that I could even hear Jobe's alarm? Easy, we all (not all, the Clubhouse members) all decided to check into Hard Rock Hotel! Wheee! The first Hard Rock Hotel in Malaysia too! It wasn't the official opening yet but it was operational and us being nosy and free all checked into the hotel for a night's stay.

The outside of the hotel, not the best of angles to show it off. The main entrance's pwetty lights!

The decor, my sis didn't take much pictures but the entrance had The Beatles Bust and plenty of Beatles's pictures

Even Jobe agreed, this pictures does not justice to the size of the swimming pool. I love the part where there's a side of the pool with sand and rocks and it's as if we're swimming in the sea. The rooms on the ground floor all have their own access to the pool, but the room below are not fully done yet so they were off limits.

Hopefully when Lawrence (he went with Kern, Fong and dragged me along to take a look today) post up the pictures he got today, I'll post up further pictures of the pool.

The beach

The boy's room, our room had a king sized bed and was a little messy so I took the picture of the boy's room instead. The bathroom was a little pain in the ass. The faucet/tap was a little too curved so whenever we washed our faces and our face if full of foam and somewhat blinded, we kept hitting and hurting our hands on curve of the faucet/tap. And instead of a mirror in the middle of the sink, it was a picture of Ray Charles (I might be wrong) so it was a little annoying to put on make up.

P.s: Thanks TJ! Had a good laugh at myself, you're right it's Ray Charles and NOT Charles Ray. Muahaha!

The night view of the lounge and pool. Sorry it's a little blurry.

Went to Pizzaria for dinner, we decided to order pizza and share it out among the 11 of us, 3 decided to order their own stuffs. We got 8 pizza out of the 9 avaliable ones (no one wanted Tandoori pizza) and we all agreed that the pizza was fantastic and reasonably priced. We paid less than RM20 per person and stuffed to the brim and we even got one FREE pizza from the chef! Yummy!

Pinky Doodle Doo and I; looked so tired.. *sigh*

A shot outside the hotel, it was the girls' turn for the picture but the guys wanted to rain on our parade, so they ended up coming out in all directions from behind the guitar

Phew, the trip wasn't all that tiring since we basically stayed in the hotel the entire time, we're all Penangites so there was no need to venture out and explore Penang any further. Overall, the stay was so worth it and it was bloody fun. The drinking session started early and by 2am, everyone was either high or starting to get pissed drunk. I, on the other hand, had nothing but coffee. :D

After taking more booking forms from Tommy; Lawrence, Fong, Kern and I headed over to Gurney Plaza. Bought a pink colored top from Joy and got a small box of Vitamins from some draw sponsored by The Star Newspaper. Lawrence gave me the deodorant he got. LOL! Kern won an MP3 player!

Will post up more on the dress and stuffs on the next entry.

P.s: Finally got an idea on what to get the super special somebody who has everything for her birthday. Hallelujah! *pats herself on the back*

Extra picture from Lawrence

The sandy area you see above is part of the pool, one area of the pool is covered with sand but connects to the main pool

A stage in the center of the pool where the band plays, next to it, they'll set up a net to play water volleyball. Straight ahead is the children area

The kids area, the water slide and all but hey, it didn't stop us from playing there