Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Holiday glee and spree?

Since yesterday was a impromptu holiday, I decided to accompany my sister to Perangin Mall since it's been some time that I've been out with her. She was looking for leggings while I was hoping to find some working shoes.

My new purple shoes

Was in Opera when I spotted this, I've never had any pair of purple shoes in my entire 24 years of life. So this is my first, heee~
Anyway it was actually pretty reasonable too, there was a 20% discount and I manage to get it for RM40. It may not be the prettiest or anything but it was surprisingly comfortable which is always my number ONE priority.

Oh la la~

Which my sister hopped over to Popular In Gurney Plaza to read some gossip magazine, I browse thru the bargain bin and saw this, the Bergdorf Blondes. Has been eying this book for quite some time but never bought it because it was too expensive, but this time I manage to get it at only RM14.90! Whee! I love books! I have not read it yet but I'm really hoping that it's interesting.

1st of 3 books?

Another new book that Ian got a few weeks ago when we headed over to Borders in Queensbay Mall. We also got Mayada, Daughter of Iraq while was another good read and I highly recommend it. It was about one woman's survival in Saddam Hussein's torture prison. We also Bangkok Haunt which Ian took back to KL with him.

It's not often that I get to splurge this much on books anymore, not like how I used too. Books have become too expensive and it turning very fast into a luxury. Maybe that's one reason why people nowadays hardly read and the less we read, the more limited our vocabulary becomes and soon, people will only be able to utter nothing but 'Fuck!"
That's one word that won't be disappearing from the dictionary anytime soon considering how widely used it is by all age groups. Like there ain't no better word, some over use it and makes me wonder, is that all they are able to do and say? Sheesh!

Our government encourages us to read more but does practically nothing more than to just saying it. They just stand at a podium blowing hot air and turning oxygen into carbon dioxide. They should really start either subsidizing books for us Malaysians or come up with more libraries. The one we have in Penang is pathetic and it's not even located in a good location. IMHO anyway. Don't give me the land is expensive in Penang kinda crap, we're not asking for a few acres to built a library. And GODDAMMIT, teach people how to take care of books!

STOP using all our tax money to build traffic lights in Penang, we have ENOUGH. We are not stupid. We can drive. We don't need traffic lights every 100 metres! If you ever drop by in Penang, you'll notice that our stupid former Chief Minister or whoever approved all those traffic lights installed traffic lights every 100 metres on a freaking straight road. Ain't them smart? I hope they go straight to Traffic Light hell and the money they 'made' from all those traffic lights gets shoved up his/her ass.

Penang is no longer Pearl of Orient, it's now the Island of 3 eyes, 1 legged monsters!!! - Ashley Tan

So because of the lack of subsidize and being poor, I always end up in some 'lorong belakang' or the backstreet of Chowrasta Market that is dirty, stinky and smelly with the aroma that can curl your hair just so I can get 2nd hand books for a cheaper price.

Blue skies with cotton clouds lullaby on my fingers tips

The second time I tried this, it was more frustrating than anything, namely because I did some mistakes by letting the white colour base dry because the turquoise colour slide off the white instead of blending in it. Also, I added some of silvery glitter into the blue to blend but as soon as the glitter hit the water, it scattered and left me with nothing but a few sparkles here and there. Washing off the excess blue/ silver glitter/ white was a major pain in the behind. Worst that the first time I experimented with the browns and purple.

It looked nice from far but on a closer look, it looks disgusting as there's even some cotton balls left behind from when I tried rubbing the excess off. LOL!

Failed. Danggit!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

M.A.C Cult of Cherry + EOTD OUT! In Penang Gurney Plaza anyway. Imagine that! I was told by the regional manager that it was to be launched at the end of the month but when I went in there today, I asked the MUA Joanne (very nice girl, surprisingly) and ta daa she went into the store room to dig out the samples for me to try! Whee! It's nice to be the first to get to try it *silly grin on face*

Shadowy Lady Quad

Spiced Chocolate Quad - Love the name

Tempting Quad - Initially I wanted to get this but I don't fit brown all to well but the green was lovely!

Sad to say, I didn't buy any. Kinda embarrassing too, but the Tempting quad that I was planning to get sorta didn't really catch my eyes in the end. For the other quads, as much as I liked the colour especially the Spiced Chocolate Quad, I knew I was going to have an awful time trying to match the colours with my clothes and I wasn't too sure reddish/orangey colours fit my skin. But I'll think about it a little more and see whether I'll end up getting the Tempting Quad or not.

*sigh* Sorry but because the pictures has decided to act 'terencat otak' / brain damaged you'll have to tilt your head sideways

I ended up getting the Mineralize Skinfinish Duo - AGAIN but this time in another colour. I finally got the Light Medium/ Natural and Shimmer. I was about to get the one that I previously bought but decided to ask for Joanne's opinion and she told me that the one I previously bought, Medium/ Natural and Shimmer would look natural but it would be a little dark on me once it oxidize. I felt like screaming. This is not the first time MUAs had told me very different things regarding the one same product. I'm mad cause I knew she was right, all colour oxide into a slightly darker shade after a while, I'm mad cause I ended up listening to a person who I expected to know better considering that she IS a regional manager for M.A.C. &^%$#@!
*AHEM* Next time trust your own instincts. Nobody knows your face better than yourself unless you're a novice at make up, in that case, do listen for tips!

So anyway I badly wanted to get some new eyeshadows but Grand Entrance, Mink & Sable, Smoke & Diamonds just didn't catch my interest after all. I'm dying to get their normal line lip stick called Pink Nouveau but I fear that it's unsuitable to wear to work since it's bright pink. Sad sad...

Simple and another easy breezy EOTD
Easy cause I only used two colours for this look, nyahahahah!
Daytime look.

What an embarrassing picture, Bah Humbug!

Draw on the eyeliner and add the mascara and voila!

Do line the bottom of your lids too, don't forget and if you are an expert in putting mascara on your bottom lashes, do that! I'm not so I don't

End result with just two eye colours for those lazy days which seems to be everyday~

Products used:

M.A.C Nylon ( highlighter and all over eyes)
M.A.C Sweet Sienna pigments (outter corner of eyes and blend inwards towards middle lids)
Estee Lauder eyeliner in Brown

Sweet Sienna is somewhat chocolatey gray colour, it looks brown yet gray which is why I love the colour, brown looks dull and boring on me while I already have lots of shades gray so a combo of these two is good for me. It's a Limited Edition pigment from Smoke Signals but fret not, lots of people out there are selling it in lose forms that comes in either 1/4 or half tsp for about RM8.

Oh and if you can, try lining your eyes with Brown eyeliner or something instead of black as it may look too harsh. Also since I only used 2 colours, feel free to add in more of your own colours and vamp it up.


*Long post, you have been warned

There's something bugging me lately. I'm not going to mention named but certain people has really been getting on my nerves lately. There was this guy whom wanted to get to know my sister (you'll remember her as Lolicon Celeste from the Drunkfest post) and wanted me to arrange a meeting and so I did. After meeting up, Mr X decided that Celeste was too dominating for him, which was fine by me since I know that Celeste only liked him as a friend and that she was indeed the dominating type. She has always been that way with all her exes and including me. She has a tendency to boss me around and expect me to give in to her sometimes selfish requests, despite the fact that I'm actually the younger one. So anyway Mr X came with a friend and insisted that I went along so I complied.

After that day, Mr X and his friend, who was also there, kept saying that my sister is too dominating and pointing out weird facts about me and my sis as in why is it that I refer to my older sister by name while my sister calls me 'sis'. Yes I know by law, by etiquettes, by grandmother stories, by right, by birth, by whatever I am suppose to call my older sis as older sis and not by name. But this was just the way it is in our family and most importantly it's fine with Celeste. She has never yelled at me once for not properly addressing her.

But that's minor and not the big rant all about. I'm just annoyed with the fact that they keep thinking and saying things like "Oh, now I know why Celeste has been single for 4 years, she's too dominating bla blah" and when I went shopping with my sister today and Mr.X's friend called, he was like "Oh did your sister made you follow her? You know, me and Mr.X finds your sister very domineering... bla bla"

NO, my sister did not make me follow her, don't treat me as a mindless idiot pleaaaseee.. and YESSSS, I remember what you guys think about her especially when Mr.X reminds me almost daily. THANK YOU!

First off, yes Celeste has been single for 4 years and yes she IS dominating. BUT she's single because she prefers it that way and she's fine with being single. Dominating yes but I dislike the fact that they kept repeating that just after meeting her once! I hated their thinking of never giving a person another chance and solely judging someone by the first impression and their bad points. I don't do that, I initially found Elisa's friend Sulin, intimidating just as well but getting to know her, I really like her and admire her. Everyone deserves chances and no one should be judge solely on their first impression (UNLESS you're in for a job) and be remembered solely for their bad points. NO ONE! NO ONE is perfect!

Yes, there are times when I contemplate whacking my own sister or screaming in her face for the things that she did to me. But I never did all that because I LOVE her and she is afterall my ONLY sister AND I know that she has her mood swings and that's the way she is.

Also there was an incident a few years ago that made me appreciate my sister so much. I was 16 years old and we were into CounterStrike at that point of time. We would head over to Midlands One Stop to a cyber cafe called Webzone to play LAN games since it was linked to Piramids. (This is the actual spelling and not that I cannot spell pyramids properly) They have both closed down by now.

I was new in the game but I wasn't all that bad. I was having a very good game and after a while, the entire team played offensive while I decided to stay in base and play defensive. After a while, I continuously killed this female gamer by the name Supergirl as she stupidly kept rushing in. She got pissed off and started swearing in hokkien at me. Since I can't read hokkien bullshit and I don't give shit to shit, I ignored her which pissed her off even more.

She came down from Piramids to Webzone to confront me over me shooting her. How stupid is that? This is a game, get over it stupid. She started yelling at me that I was cursing at her which stunned me. So anyway, argument ensured which was something like;

Me: No I didn't...
Super'lamer'girl: Yes you did!
Me: No I didn't...
Super'lamer'girl: Yes you did!
Me: No I didn't...
Super'lamer'girl: Yes you did!
Me: No I didn't...
Super'lamer'girl: Yes you did!
Me: Errr... OOkay then, up to you since you so smart <-- bad move but the argument was so silly I couldn't take it anymore! So anyway the girl threw the first punch at me and I got knocked back and hit my head on the wall, Supergirl's bf then jumped on me and started hitting my on the head (So now you know why I'm so stupid) And while I was getting hit by the bf, my sister who's roughly about 155cm and weights 39kg jumped in the fight and started punching Supergirl.

Till today, I'm really grateful to my sister for jumping in and distracting Lamergirl from me so I could even get up (The other males in the cybercafe pull Lamergirl's bf off me) My sister was not even as tall as the opponent and weights probably just barely 2/3 of the girls weight but she protected me like how an elder sister would.

But of course as soon as I got up, I joined my sister in the fight. She was getting scratched by Lamergirl so I ended up pulling Lamergirl's hair from behind and digging my nails into her face till it bled.

I like nails...

Atleast now she has 4 nail marks scars to remind her of me. So anyway besides protecting me in an incident like that, she frequents likes surprise me by buying me things, every time she travels outstation or overseas, she never never fails to et me things that she thinks I might like.

So there you see, despite her nasty habits and whatever mood swings, I too know that I'm NOT perfect and she puts up with me as well as I put up with her. It's really unfair for anyone to remember her solely by her bad points. Afterall, we all have our little nasty habits.

Monday, August 25, 2008


If you're wondering why I'm looking side ways and not at the camera was because I couldn't believe Elisa would snap a picture IN the cinema

We went to watch Mirrors on Saturday with me as the Lamp Post (as usual). So anyway the movie started a good 20 minutes late, a good thing considering that we arrived late. I would have given the movie only a 4.5/10 overall.

The only thing that was scary was the music. Unlike some Korean horror shows where the most gruesome parts have nothing but silence to emphasize on the picture, this movie as well as most Hollywood has lots of sound effects. And it's the sound effect that make us jump.

The movie was a tad draggy in the beginning and all the way up to the middle of the movie, and there was a little loops holes here and there. But no biggie. Some friends obviously love the movie and rave about how scary the movie was but to me, it's really 'Uh-okay'. Not that scary except for the part when Angela ripped open her mouth and that's about it.

I think the Stephen King's book turned movie IT gave me nightmares for days and I had to sleep with my parents after that. I have nothing against clowns but that movie scare the shit outta my little 8 year old head and made me hate clowns and their red lips.

P.s: The above picture was taken from Elisa's blog with permission


Our hair, our crowning glory. Mine's really not that glorious actually. In fact, my hair is really fine and lacks in volume. It's silky and nice and all but very little *sigh* Watching those girls on the shampoo ads makes me really envious as I watch them swing their hair let and right and then a left and right. Sure they've probably colour their hair to make it the blackest of black, pile on the treatments before hand and then photoshop the whole thing but still, I'm envious.

When I was younger, I've always has long straight hair, my hair was usually down to my shoulder blades and very soft and shiny. Then after I left school and fooling around, I started colouring my hair. Nothing too bad, then I did a hair show once with Elisa. That was pure nightmare. I regretted my decision now but back then, it sounded like a good idea. Getting your hair done for free and hey, they even throw in some free treatments and products plus some ka-ching. Sounds good to me till they bleached my hair that is. They called it pre-lightening and it wasn't as harsh as bleaching. But the truth was that it was actually the same thing.

This was taken back in 2003

So I had banana yellow hair for a day before they covered that with Ash Gray with red highlights on the side. Sure it was nice... for about two weeks or so before the colour fading and coming off. So soon, the Ash Gray had disappeared and I'm left high and dry with yellow hair ala Ah LienZ style. The only good things that came out of it was that I found the one hairstyle that fit me to a T. I can never go wrong with short hair.

Soon after that, I had to continuously bleach my hair or the contrast between the roots and the bleached part were too obvious and hideous. It was about a year later before I got pissed at all the money that went to my hair that I wised up and coloured my hair black again. Ahh~

I do admit that during the time my hair was coloured, it was fabulous! The highlights, lowlights and the works BUT the amount of ka-ching I spent on it was sending me to the poor house. The WORST part was that I was getting dandruff. It was snowing!! A snow storm!! Endless amount of flakes went flying everytime I combed my hair. My hair was practically coming off in chunks just as well from all the abuse. That was a sad time for me.

I don't wanna start singing this to my hair;

Tell me how I'm supposed to look with no hair
Can't sleep, can't eat with no hair
That's how I feel whenever you ain't there <-- refering to hair There's no hair, no hair

*best to sing this to Jordan Spark's No Air

But anyway let bygones be bygones and it was definitely an experience. So now if I ever want to do anything funky with my hair, I'm wearing a wig!

I finally ordered one online today from a seller and hopefully it's coming in about 3 weeks time. I'll be sure to post up some pictures of it too! I chose a long curly dark brown style with Elisa's help. Wanted something long and curly since I can no longer keep my hair as long as I used to since I keep shedding. And damn, shed by the truckload!


Went for a massage today somewhere near Kern's place since my colleagues recommended the place and day I got ripped off.

Sure it was cheap at RM25 per hour but I only got a total of 40 minutes out of the whole damn thing. If I was told that It was RM25 for 40 minutes I wouldn't have minded but to tell me that it was RM25 for an hour and then giving me a lousy massage for only 40 minutes pissed me off!

When I casually mentioned this to the 'boss', he feign ignorance and said that he didn't know what time I arrived. He should know since I called him and he told me loud and clear that they were only free at 7pm onwards. I got lost while looking for his place so I gave him a call all the way till I arrived at his bloody fooking doorstep. Check your handphone's last call memory you doofus! Also the clocks at both inside the room and his office where we pay shows very different timing. The clock in his office is faster by 10 minutes so when I left, his clock showed 7.50pm while my watch showed 7.40pm and and the clock in the massage room showed 7.45pm. I arrived exactly on the dot according to my watch so I knew I only got 40minutes worth of massage. Bloody hell!

His saving grace; he told me that he would give me an extra 10 minutes ( either some can't tell the time or he hasn't learn how to) the next time I went which is God Knows when. I'm not all too sure if I'll ever return considering that the massage was far from satisfying. Seriously. Rub rub here and a rub rub there and voila!

Guess in that case, I can open my own massage parlous soon too... damn, my neck now hurts, I really want a massage for after my massage.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Penang declares Aug 26 public holiday

To all fellow Penangites, Aug 26 has been declared a public holiday by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to ensure a full turnout of voters for the Permatang Pauh by-election.

"Lim said that he had been mulling over the decision (to declare a state public holiday) since the Election Commission fixed Aug 26, a working day, as polling day "in defiance" of public opinion that this would reduce the voter turnout.

The by-election sees a three cornered-fight between the Barisan Nasional's Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah, Parti Keadilan Rakyat's Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia's Hanafi Hamat." - Taken from NST website

I don't know much about politics so I'm going to keep my mouth shut on this but any holiday is a good holiday. YAY! HOLIDAY! I love that word!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Drunkfest 2008

*Warning: Picture intensive

This is the first costumed Drunkfest that I've ever attended hosted by the boys from the Clubhouse. My sis got to know them a while ago from NetCity near our area and one of the crazed nuts turned out to my former lecturer from Han Chiang College, Aaron @ Capes. Started joining them for Quake Wars 4 and I guess I found them to be very nice people.

The initial plans for the night was that Elisa & bf, Kern & bf and me the lamp post were suppose to go catch the movie Mirrors. I'm sure you have seen the trailer either on Elisa's blog or outside the cinemas. Reviews have it that it's scary and we girls were looking for a good scare. But anyway the plans fell apart since we were unable to get the tickets on time and Kern couldn't make it last minute. Was already on the way home from the Drunkfest when I was told that the plans has been canceled so me and sis drove back to the Drunkfest.

So anyway lots of drinks, (forgot to get a shot of the liquor they brought along, dammit) and the fun begins!

Halfway through out the whole party, Mr Sparrow repeatedly hit everyone with his Toy-R-Us Styrofoam sword only for the rest of the gang to turn on him. After a while, you can hear him whimpering "Mr Sparrow is now sparrowless" while clutching his crotch and limping.

Who can even guess that this man was once my lecturer during my college days. *shakes her head*

Not a drunken lot yet.

Doctor Padios with Girly examining a very big sword behind

Explorer Edgar and his urm, Torch of Doom!

Parents should never let this man near their kids. Anyway here's Capes the Pirate Witch on his magical sword...

Capes: "What? Are you sure it's this way around?"
Crowd: "YES! Now pull the trigger"

Edgar @ Jobe. Someone good to have around in case you get lost since he has a compass around his neck and a rubber knife on his belt

Mr.Ninja teaching us one of the secret skills of Ninja; How to smoke even with a cloth over your mouth

Two big heads trying to fit into a picture XD

Khim Sun the happy slave

Mr. Ninja and Rejected Akatsuki member, Rommel trying to rob Boon of the shinning thingie around his neck

Can you believe that this man is my former lecturer?

Lolicon Celeste and Mr. Sparrow showing off his Styrofoam sword

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

M.A.C Alum + Typographic EOTD

It's 8.30 in the morning and I'm still sleepy. If you're going to try this look, apply more Typographic than shown on pic.

Colours used:

M.A.C Vanilla - A frosted soft ivory white (As highlight and all over lid)
M.A.C Alum - Ashy blue/gray colour (all over lid up to a little over crease)
M.A.C Typographic - Asphalt black (Used as eyeliner and blend with alum)

I hardly use over 3 colours for eye shadows cause 1. I'm too lazy 2. Not enough time 3. I want to keep it simple and easy to recreate.

A subtle look for work, also easy to glam up for the night. Use a base before all this, you don't want it to disappear and leave you with dull looking gray-ish eyelids. Is it me or do I find that typographic starts off as dark and as it oxidized, it becomes just dark gray instead of Asphalt black? I kept having to reapply it after a while.

My eye make ups are all very simple and subtle. Don't expect to see anything dramatic here. The only time I'll do something dramatic is for clubbing and I have not been clubbing for the past God Knows how long.

Also, ignore my oogly eyelashes. I don't have alot and because of my mono lids, where the upper lids pushes down my eyelashes, they can never be curled for long. Seriously. That's one reason I can't use fiber mascaras. They are heavy and thus weights down my lashes even more, so after one hour or so, my eyelashes would then looked as if I never even bothered curling them. They are so sad looking.

Everything I use is not always M.A.C. I'm a fan of other brands just as well. It's just that sometimes some of M.A.C's stuffs are affordable and good to use.
Example, although I love Estee Lauder's Pure Colour Crystal Lipstick, I would never buy them again for the simple reason that they are too soft and breaks easily. I have not dropped mine but it has already broken at the base and mine's not the only one. Same goes for my mom and also Elisa's.

As for eye shadows, I would not buy Skinfood's eyeshadow because the colour pay off is not that satisfying. If it's good for you, well, good for you. To be truthful, the only thing I will buy from Skinfood again is the BB cream and that's all. When it comes to eye shadows, I'm incredibly happy with Kanebo, Christian Dior, M.A.C and Chanel. Kanebo's eye colours has very good colour pay offs and it's pretty affordable. Also cheaper by M.A.C by almost half, only problem, limited colour.

Mascara happen to be one of those things that I would never really splurge on considering the fact that it will only last me for about 6 months before it's labeled hazardous and bacteria infested. Yes, call me 'El Cheapo'. But just as well, I would never buy cheap mascaras that is as good as applying water to my lashes.

One mascara I would NEVER even consider buying ever again is from Maybeline. I don't care who swears by it, it sucks! And it sucks BIG time. The effects are great but if you like your mascara to give you a raccoon effect just as well, you'll love this. The lashed are voluminous and lengthen and also smudged, all in one. And it's hard to wash off too.

That's why if Media Waterproof Mascara which is use to lengthen and Kate's separate volume mascara discontinue, I'll go kill someone. I can't live without those two.

Oh and if there's something else I want to rave about, it's the M.A.C New View Mineralized Skinfinish Duo.

Natural and Shimmer. The split personality of powder to sheerly and subtly perfect skin with dimensionality and mineralized starshine. These Mineralize Skinfinish duos are state-of-the-art simplicity, high-resolution finish - MAC website

Swatch, you can only see the shimmer part, if you squint and look closely, you might be able to see the powder part too :P

A size comparison. Kern has mistakenly thought that it was the size of a normal eyeshadow so I decided to post it up versus a normal MAC blusher to other readers wondering as well.

The two finishes of our popular Skinfinish presented in one convenient duo compact. One side provides a natural matte finish, while the other brings an ambient shimmer to cheeks and browbones.

Seriously, I'm crazy about it! I've never loved a product so much that I'm going to stock up on these. I've never thought a great deal about M.A.C's face powders before but after seeing Kern's face with her Studio Fix. I'm SOLD!

But since I have alot of foundation to finish first I've always put them on hold. Recently I read the reviews for these and drooled and after getting them, I'm in LOVE.

The powder cover uneven skin and blends in so nicely with the rest of my make up, the handy-dandy shimmer helps brighten my skin and I no longer have to rummage around to find my highlighter. The shimmer is subtle without being overly glittery and rest assured that you won't come off looking like a daytime disco ball or just plain oily .

I'll be heading down to KL during the upcoming long holiday and hopefully I'll be able to head over to Pavillion to grab it during the launch of the Cult of Cherry Collection. Whee!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Marble Nails

Just a quick note to everyone to please do not compare me to Pursebuzz or whatever you see on Youtube.
  1. I'm not that great.
  2. I don't own that many cosmetic as they do
  3. I do not own a make up cert. unlike Elisa
  4. Their style of make up may be considered a little 'too much' over here in Malaysia
The EOTD that you see on my blog is something that I've tone down significantly to suit our Malaysian style. Nothing overly dramatic and something wearable for daytime and to work, because most of the looks you see on my blog is indeed something I wore to work.

I do admit that the colours and technique they use in those make up blogs are jaw dropping beautiful but think about it, if we put on 'too much', people mistake us as 'pancake' face office ladies better known as OL or Drama Llamas or even worst, they'll ask you if you're a hooker. This is unfortunately the Malaysian thinking. *sigh*

That aside, was browsing through Youtube when I came across this girl teaching a very unusual nail technique. It was in Dutch so I didn't understand a thing but from the looks of it, it looks simple enough and I thought I'll give it a go.

Go ahead, laugh, I know I did!

Since it's soon to be the Fall Season, I decided to put in brown, golds and purple and mix this three colours together. Well, I had a good laugh while doing it, seriously. It was really messy but I had fun doing my own nails. I'm happy that it's really easy to do by ourselves.

Mine came out really messy looking and I'm not too happy with the colour combo but since it's just an experiment, oh well.

Ohh, happy days or shall I say, 'Pokai' days are here again (Pokai = broke)

M.A.C Sonic Chic, Electro flash, Starflash and New View all launched yesterday night at Gurney Plaza, Penang and as usual I received no sms. So imagine my surprised when I strolled in and ta-daa, they were all sitting prettily there! WOO-HOO!

The only thing my eyes saw was the Mineralize Skinfinish Duo! And here it is in medium /natural and shimmer

My eyes were instantly attracted to the New View's Mineralize Skinfinish Duo that I failed to see the Starflash collection which I was eyeing the eye colour, Dreammaker, Grand Entrance, Mink & Sable and the Smoke & Diamonds. So I guess I'll be heading back to M.A.C soon.

Thing is, I'm a little nervous about the colour of the
Mineralize Skinfinish Duo that I bought. They had it also in light medium/ natural and shimmer. I'm already using the lightest colour available for their foundation so I'm not too sure how wise it is to choose the medium colour instead. But since the regional manager chose it, she can't be wrong right *raise an eyebrow*

That reminds me, the Electroflash's Love Connection is beautiful, if I have any extra ka-ching, I'm gonna go get that one. Wish they launched it nearer to my birthday. ARGHH!

Oh, just so you know, Cult Of Cherry might be launching at the end of this month. Do give them a call closer to the date to confirm. KL will be doing a big launching so if you're there, do go take a look and come back and tell me all about it :D

Other junks that I got while walking into Guardian and Watsons. The thing about us girls is when we have a bit of money left, we tend to go buy every junk that catches our eyes. T.T Someone stop us!
Palmer's Cocoa Butter, Elianto nail colour in my fav. colour, Turquoise, Nair Easiwax (LOL), Watson's Facial Mask

The Palmer's Cocoa Butter was a good buy since they were doing a 3-days promotion thingie. I got it for only RM19.99 and it came with a free Body Gloss! I HEART body lotions. I can never stop buying them. I don't know why, I just do.
I have ... I think I better not say or I'll really kick myself for buying what I just did. I also have a thing for soaps, don't ask.

*glance at her 3 bars of Crabtree and Evelyn Lavander soaps, 2 bars of Mango exfoliating soap and 1 bar of Honey soap from Watsons and tries not to think of the rest in the bathroom
including her Charcoal soap*

The Nair Easiwax was an impulse buy. I don't have much hair but whatever hair I have annoys the shit outta me. If the hair is not on my head, I HATE it! That simple. But lets see how good this Nair Easiwax thingie is. Reviews coming soon!

Another impulse buy, a Heart and Moon pendant.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Coastal Scents + Blue Eyes EOTD v2

Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, how can I resist you?
Mamma mia, does it show again?
My my, just how much I've missed you

This was how the package arrived in, wet and disgusting looking with the sealed part a quarter open. What have Mr. Postman been doing with my package? o.O

The package was opened by KKDN for checking, I'm guessing that KKDN is our Malaysian custom. If this didn't have my name on it, I wouldn't have even gone near it.

As promised, here are the reviews for the Coastal Scents brushes.
It's my second time ordering from CS and I'm happy to say that I HEART their service. It's fast and efficient. It takes about 10 days in total, from the time you submit your order (2 days to get your credit card approved and another about 8 days) for it to reach my house.

We were so worried with the shipping that we didn't dare buy more. We were tempted by the 40% sale they were having but after taking a look, we ended up buying the stuffs that wasn't on sale.

Our little loot with a free purple bag!

Elisa got the Retractable Deluxe Black Kabuki and Synthetic Foundation Brush while Kern got the Pink Deluxe 7 Piece Travel Set and me with The Deluxe Buffer Brush, Angle Blush Brush and the Flawless Face Chisel Blush Brush.

The only problem was that I originally ordered the Synthetic Concealer Brush for Elisa, but for some strange reason, she got the Synthetic Foundation Brush instead. We were puzzled and thinking that I must have somehow made a mistake in my order (Elisa was convinced that CS made a mistake and not me) we checked and found some inconsistency with the website. Because Elisa was initially have problem viewing the CS website, I saved the pictures of the concealer brushes she wanted into my Photobucket. So that was the only proof we had that CS website were somewhat inconsistence. The picture was a Synthetic Foundation Brush but was labels as Synthetic Concealer Brush and since Elisa badly wanted a concealer brush, we got that. When it came, the brush was huge and so was Elisa's eyes. ARGH! I'm frustrated at myself for that, whether it's my fault or not, I still feel guilty about it. Sorry!

But I'm glad that Kern is happy with her Pink Deluxe 7 Piece Travel Set. When it came, me and Elisa eyed her brushes with much envy. The brushes minus the big face powder brush were soft and nice. We drooled and turned green with envy. The big Face Powder Brush was a little rough but nothing too bad. Her Blusher Brush were so soft~
Do check out Kern's blog if you're interested!
EDIT: Bloody hell, she's fast! her blog has already been updated with the reviews and pictures!

Left to Right: Angle Blush Brush, Flawless Face Chisel Blush Brush, The Deluxe Buffer Brush

I gave the Flawless Face Chisel Blush Brush to my sister since I forgot to ask her if she wanted anything before I ordered. It was soft and nice and she's happy with it considering that she bought some cheapskate brush from God knows where and was rough and poke-y.

As for the brushes that I got, the Angle Blush Brush was bigger than expected but oh so soft. Nothing beats the Pink Kabuki Brush we got in the #1 batch but still, the bristles feels soft and best of all, even when I washed the brush with baby shampoo and all, it did not shed a single hair. Unbelievable!! As for the The Deluxe Buffer Brush it only shed a total of ONE hair. I'm stunned. I'm expecting more hairs than that to come off so I'm impressed!

EDIT 22 Aug 2008: Since it was a Friday, it's casual day so I decided to use my mineral make up, happily I used my brand new Buffer Brush and lo and behold, I was spitting out hair by the end of my make up. It shed like no tomorrow and I have super fine hair all OVER my face. I find this weird since it shed only one hair during the first wash and is now shedding all over my face. PTUI!

I can't wait to start using my mineral make up again. Previously I stopped using the mineral powder since I didn't have the proper brushes to use it with and somehow the then brushes I used didn't do a good job with picking and buffing the powder into my skin.

Overall, me very happy with my purchase. But I do lots of homework before I buy anyway so remember to do yours before you buy online!

Oh yea, remember the failed experiment that I had on a week or so ago? Decided to try it again, this time with a little more intense colours. I can't say that blue is the IN colour, I really don't think it is but since blue looks good on me, that's one of the reasons why I was to try to re-do a better version of the first time.

I missed 2 steps, only decided to take shots of the EOTD halfway through. Fickle-minded me. So anyway the steps that I missed out is;

  1. Prep your eyes, I applied M.A.C cream colour base in Luna.
  2. Apply M.A.C Nylon as highlighter and all over eyes.

Apply M.A.C Fluidline in Blue Peep over Nylon as above. Make sure you apply the colour in a shape that flatters your eyes. Truth is that my left eye is actually more sharp/slitted with my right eyes is slightly round-ish in shape. So when I apply eyeshadows, I really have to make sure that when I open my eyes, it looks even.

*For those mono-liders like me out there. Apply the colour high enough that when you open your eyes (like picture below) you can still see the colours.

Ta- daa, open eyes and make sure that you can still the colours. Pity us mono-liders.
Apply M.A.C Eyeshadow in Parrot, make sure both sides are even and lets move on.

Line your eyes with eyeliner/ eye pencil and don't forget your waterline and lower lids. Add mascara and you're done!!
*Photos are unedited so it may be a little messy or whatever but you pretty much get the gist of it.

Easy Breezy~

EDIT: 2008 Fall colours are;
Rich, elegant hues that offer a vibrant selection. New York's fashion designers emphasize cooler blues, greens and purples in the top five tones used in their collections, followed by variations of warm red, orange and yellow. Fall is traditionally a time for subdued, quiet colors, but this season we are seeing a shift toward cool hues with bright, exciting undertones. Conventional tones such as warm autumn hues, chocolate browns and steel grays are also among the fall color choices. Blue and purple tones have become staples.

Coastal Scents batch#2 finally arrived!!

Will post up pictures and reviews about the brushes tomorrow!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


*Does the chicken dance with a silly grin on her face*


P.s: I know it's nothing to scream and shout about but hey, I create this blog thinking that no one is going to read it so this is a milestone achievement for me.

M.A.C Typographic + Alum

First off, I would like to sincerely apologize for the previous entry. I was a little 'off' and I don't expect anyone to get my senseless ramblings. Again, my sincerest apologies.

Things really aren't looking all that great from my end. It's been a pretty stressful last week with endless problem poppin' up here and there. The training has officially ended and I must admit that I really enjoyed the training. Well, party cause they had a great spread when it came to the buffet. Yup, Evergreen Laurel really have some pretty good stuffs, especially the desserts. I have an insatiable sweet tooth and thus I ended up stuffing myself silly.

A while ago, last week to be exact, I was pretty happy when I saw some brand new M.A.C eye shadows on sale from the website I sometimes frequent. Typographic is a dark grey that the M.A.C website has described as Asphalt black. One of my all time favourite eye colour is grey because it somewhat really flatters my skintone so I happily bought it online.

The lady was nice enough to give me free shipping too, for that I was pretty thankful. Coming back from my training and upon reaching home, ta-daa, it arrived via pos ekspres and imagine my disappointment when I saw that one of the eyeshadows has a broken cap.

I saw on her selling thread that she had previously bubble wrapped her lip glosses before shipping so it didn't occur to me that there was going to be any problem. So imagine my disappointment. I'm gonna be up all night wondering how the hell to glue back the plastic thingie without spilling glue all over knowing how buttered fingers I am.

Left to right: Typoraphic, Alum

Noticed the wrong spelling?
I really had a good laugh at my own silliness!! XD

I've initially hoped to help promote her thread on my site seeing that the items were cheap but seeing how the items came in, no bubble wrap and broken cap, I think I rather not. Its a little awkward for me to promote the thread after receiving the items in this condition.

Edit: Okayyy, I've tried my very best to glue the damn thing on and thanks to my butter fingers, I managed to get glue on the lid and I glued the plastic thingie on 'senget'.

Now, excuse me while I go scream and kick myself.

EDIT 2: Lady kept insisting that it's not her fault and responsibility and that she does not provide bubblewrap. Hey, I wasn't asking for a refund, just wanted to let her know where she went wrong.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

A pain in the ass

I hate to bitch about work as everyone too at some point of time hates it, but I've been kicking my self on the ass for choosing one of the worst time to start work. The economy ain't doing too good and as I'm in the banking line, we're all affected. My first month have come and gone in a flash, days pass by in a blur. And I'm worried I will not be able to hit my confirmation target.

I'm trying my best but I am wondering how long I'll be able to last in the bank. No one has ever failed confirmation in the team I'm in before but I might just be the first. Previously, my team leader, Ivan would pass cases to those not yet confirmed but now that we're hit by hard time and his resources/ leads have dried up, I'm really in trouble. Obviously I'm looking for cases myself but being totally new to the banking line, I must sow my seeds before I can reap them considering I have no foundation or knowledge in this.


Not to mention, I seem to have this colleague who laughs like a hyena and seems to enjoy telling me that I'm not pretty and I'm so thin, I can play guitars (refering to my ribcage) I have nothing against him as I know that despite his mouth and sarcasm, he's probably harmless.

Initially, it's funny but after a while it gets tiresome. Helloooo, as if I don't know that I'm not very pretty. I own mirrors for God's sakes. I know I'm oogly without you having you to tell me. But do let me set one thing straight, I don't own 'guitars'. I'm born with naturally small ribcage (25 1/2 - 26 inches) and even if I were to strip, there is no 'guitar' for you to play with. Sheesh!

Which brings me to another topic. I HATE buying bras. It's so much hassle. Thank goodness, La Senza and Xixili decided to open in Penang. It's because I have a small ribcage that I have difficulty in buying bras. The sales lady will then recommend that I go buy a Japanese brand bra which till now I have no idea where. It's either the cup too small or the bra is too loose. Take a pick!

Two weeks ago, I head over to La Senza to buy a pair of bras. I told the SA that I wasn't sure of my size and asked her to measure for me ( I have a feelin' they shrunk XD) and after a few minutes, she happily handed me 32A.

32A, I must admit that I was beyond shocked. An A cup? Seeing my reaction, she quickly handed me a B cup too. I walked into the dressing room wondering if they really did shrunk that bad that I became a C/D cup to an A cup.

Don't mind me saying this but I was an A cup when I was 12!! Also, the A cup looked embarrassingly obscene on me. And this was coming from a SA whom I know worked at La Senza for quite some time. It took me a while to realize that she ended up judging me by the size of my ribcage. &^%$#@!!

Oh, and I've placed some orders for brushes again from CoastalScents, hope it'll arrive soon and I'll be able to do some reviews on them.