Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rain, rain come bacckkk~

Can't wait for the rainy season. So while Taiwan and China is getting hit by typhoons, over in Malaysia, the weather in Penang has been goddamned awful. It's sunny, hot and scorching. The kinda hot that scorch the flesh off your bones and will bleached your bones white type.

Decided to post up some EOTD out of sheer boredom;

Note that none of my pictures are edited ( I have no clue how to) and my make up ain't always done perfectly and I would consider this somewhat of a failed experiment. As usual, I have barely 20 minutes to complete my entire face and that includes, moisturizer, sunblock, foundation, powder to set, blusher (2 colours), fill in eyebrows, eye shadows, curl eyelash, mascara and finally lipstick and lip gloss.

By the time I'm done with my face, blushers and all, my eye make up takes the longest at about 8 minutes. And trust me, 8 minutes is a big rush considering I need to prime my eyes, slap on the colours, draw my compulsory eyeliner and try to coat my little eyelashes with mascara. Everyday is a mad race against the clock.

Should have applied some darker blue on the bottom or something *sigh*

The blue was fantastic! It's was so strikingly beautiful, it's a pity it looked washed out here

Colours used :

M.A.C Vanilla (inner corner)
M.A.C Nylon (above the blue)
M.A.C Fluidline in blue peep

Looking back, I know I could have done better with this, if I only had a bit more time, had to go work extra early as I had to fetch my sis to work. Another time then.

Oh, here's how Lollipop Lovin' looks on me. I have Lancome's Juicy tube in Peach over it though.
It's pinkish-peachy with gold shimmer, to me anyway.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Money money money, it's really not funny

*I'm really not an expert when it comes to money and no, I don't sell funds or whatever. I've enabled comments for this post and you're free to share your own tips, to rebuke or debate on this topic.

**If you're freaking rich already, skip this post.

Okay, I'll admit that this will probably be one of the most boringest post I'll make but I just had to say it. And no Elisa, I'm not hinting anything to you. I know you're doing fine and have a good head on your shoulders... I think. XD

I know that it's really none of my beeswax how anyone spends their money and how everyone has their own points when it comes to money and savings but this are mine. I also know it's not going to sit well with most, I'm apologise if I bore you to tears.

A while ago, Elisa did ask me, how is it that despite not working consistently, studying and all, I've always seem to have a bit to spend? I don't ask from my parents for one so why? Well, the truth is, the money was from the time that I did saved. All through the years, the 'ang pow' money really came in handy.

I'll take you back to my younger days and when I developed this saving habit of mine. When I was younger, my mom favoured my elder sister over me and would splurge on her and not me. My dad was on the stingy side so I never really get to buy anything I wanted unless I sulk for days and days and days which I seldom do, it's tiring. It really hit me hard one Chinese New Year when my mom bought my sister several hundred ringgit of clothes and when I asked for a skirt (the skirt cost less than a hundred and I told her I'll pay for the shirt myself) I earned myself a long nagging and I really had to literally beg for the skirt. It was then it hit me that if I don't take care of myself, none is going to.

*Things has obviously improved through the years and mom now would always offer me money and even throw a tantrum when I refuse her money but the lesson has been learnt. I don't blame my mom as it was a good lesson in the end.

Sometimes I do regret the time when I never bought the things I wanted but sometimes I'm glad. I saved most of my allowance I got each month from my parents and put them into the fixed deposit ( the interest was better) every once in a while. The only thing I allowed myself to splurge on were books and comics. I couldn't deny myself those. Oh and I forgot, candies and chocolates! I heart candies and chocolates.

I would divide everything into necessary and luxury. If it's not necessary, it's luxury and if it's luxury, do I really need it? It's absolutely okay to splurge on luxury once in a while but not always. I don't buy things I cannot afford and I don't live by my credit cards. I only have one credit card and it's subbed by my dad and it's only for emergency. Never wanted it but since I was traveling to Singapore frequently then, dad insisted that he get me one for emergency. Earned myself a good scolding when I naively asked my dad to set the limit at RM500. Obviously banks don't set it that low. Banks wants you to speeeeend!

When it comes to money, my motto is, "Money is power, cash is king" [ insert evil laughter here]

Money depreciates over time, we all know that, so why not buy the Louis Vuitton bag that we wanted so much now instead? Well, I aim bigger. I want a house. Not a LV bag. I want the necessary and not just luxury. Not achievable now but who knows, in a year or two I might be able to fully pay for a low-medium cost flat and even if I don't achieve it, I will have a substantial amount of money.

And I do overspend especially of late. Not working for seven months really took a toll on me especially when I was out eating almost everyday and shopping, shopping, shopping! It's a good things I've previously has a backup piggy bank A,B,C and D. I totally recommend this to everyone but I do suggest having will power first or this will be a BIG waste of time.

Piggy bank A IS my piggy bank found scattered in my rooms. Piggy B, is my emergency fund found in some books that I've previously hidden and probably forgotten. Piggy C is the money that I've asked my sister to keep and had really forgotten I had till a few days ago. Piggy D is my 'dream house' money. A fund reserved for buying my own place one day. Cannot be touched unless in a life-death situation. Sure, roll you eyes and says it's all childish dreams but it's better to have a dream than none.

But putting your money in the bank especially with such lousy interest is somewhat of a waste of time for me. My nails grows faster than my interest in the bank. Best thing to do, invest! Invest in something medium risk, high risk earns you fast cash but you'll bear to lose some money if the market drops. So do some homework and invest in funds, bonds whatever non-illegal and safe with guaranteed returns. Remember to do your homework or risk getting all your money scammed in some dodgy get-rich-quick scheme.

Fallen alseep yet?

The only reason why I even bothered writing something this boring is that I do know of lots of people who spend alot on unnecessary stuffs. Like I said, it's okay to once in a while but not till your bank account literally left with just two digits. You might think, it's okay to do that since I'm currently living with parents/boyfriend/whatever and have no commitment but if you want to plan, plan for the future as well. I don't want to be 'happy' now and be up to my neck in bills later on. Have a bit of will power and set aside a small sum of money for rainy days, you'll be surprised how handy they come in even after the value has long depreciate.

By the way, a quick reminder, cosmetics and branded bags, shoes and clothes are labeled as luxury. Branded bags except Hermes are not investments... quit telling yourself they are!

Hate me yet?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

M.A.C Heatherette

Went to Gurney in the morning with Ian today to watch The Dark Knight since every other time was fully booked or sold out. Damn the show was popular but to me, it was okay. Not the greatest but not the worst I've seen. I hated Batman's sore throat voice but the Joker was fun to watch. Every time he appears on screen, no one can seem to take their eyes off him. I have to admit, Heath Ledger (R.I.P)'s acting as the Joker was superb.

But anyway, decided to go into M.A.C to ask when Heatherette was coming out and lo and behold, it's already here. I've specifically asked them to give me a call when it's out and I guess they forgot to, as usual. Instead they happily sms-ed me on things I have no interest in such as the Volcanic whatever wash or the summer bags something. *sigh*

I'll be truthful and say it out loud but the lipstick does look a little bit like a vibrator doesn't it?

Took one look at the collection that I've been waiting for since April and I can tell you that I was disappointed. The hollywood nights that was I aiming for since the beginning looked so... different from the pictures online.

So instead of running around the shop and yelling 'I've been deceived! I've been deceived! The internet lies!' and getting myself a one way ticket to Tanjong Rambutan (a "happy" hospital if you get my driff) I calmly did some quick swatches on my hands. I nearly had a meltdown. No actually I was kidding.

Melrose Mood was a little too bright, too light for me as I've already expected but Hollywood Nights were described as fushia pink with red undertones. When I heard the word fushia pink, I instantly wanted it! I'm really really glad I bought the M.A.C Dresscamp's Too fab instead which was sheer fushia pink. Hollywood Nights is actually well, dark pink red from what I see. From most of the internet pictures of Hollywood Nights' swatches were really fushia pink so... I'm confused. I should have took pictures of the swatches but the colour were so disappointing that I rubbed them off two seconds later.

I would never buy Hollywood Nights for one reason, the colour being that dark will literally make me look like the Wicked Witch of the East, as it'll make my already small lips smaller and thinner looking.

As for Melrose Mood, as tempting as it is. The cotton candy pink will attract every Tom, Dick and Harry to look at my lips. And it'll be bad if I have anything stuck between my teeth. Hell, this is one colour not everyone can pull off. But I would love to go to M.A.C counter again to try this on for fun and laugh at myself. Anyone wanna go with me?

Dresscamp's Too Fab, read, too FAB, not too FAT!

The rest of the colours such as Fleshpot were up to my expectations. Flesh colour lipstick. While it might look great on others, it's exactly the kind of colour I would buy if I was acting as a corpse in some CSI: Malaysian Edition of something. I don't want to buy a lipstick to look like I forgot my lipstick. Ain't paying no RM63 for something like that, lemme tell ya.

Lollipop Lovin', I'm actually more on Money Lovin'

So anyway I ended up not getting either Hollywood Nights or Melrose Mood but Lollipop Lovin instead. A colour I wasn't even initially considering but since I badly wanted to get something albeit almost anything from this bright pink collection that I've been waiting for for over three months, I chose this because it was a colour I do not own ( or so I told Ian so he'll buy it for me) and it's quite surprisingly lovely, good to wear to work too. At least it won't shock my customers.

Conclusion: I now learn that the power of lighting and flash is a very deceiving thing. LoL. I should have known, I studied Broadcasting. I mean, remember the time I mentioned I wanted to buy some NYX lipsticks for my mom and was looking for swatches from both blogs and Youtube? Well, none of the pictures matched which was why I never ordered the lipsticks, not to mention the ones I wanted were out of stock. Bleh!

One last thing, always always always take out the lipstick, twist it all the way up and check for cracks on the bottom of the lipstick every time you buy one or you'll end up with a cracked lipstick or like me, one that has some urm.. dents on the top of the lipstick. Remember to always check! If you're a guy, remind your girlfriend to check or she'll whine at your ears to go back and change and in some scenario, they won't change it for you. And no, I didn't whine or changed. Was too lazy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bargain Finds

Above: Bobbi brown, Below: Elianto

Haven't been out much lately but I did went out with Elisa to meet her customer on Saturday at Gurney Plaza. While walking around, we saw that Elianto was having a sale up to 70% on selected items.

While rummaging through, I found that Elianto's fresh whitening stick foundation was selling at only RM6!
Though I recently bought a Bobbi Brown foundation stick in Warm Ivory, the Elianto one was just too cheap to pass off. At only RM6, it'll be perfect for those places that I'll-need-to-make up-but-I'll-only-be-there-for-a-while functions. Times like those, it's a little heart breaking to pile on the usual expensive stuffs only to have to wash them off less than an hour later. Yes call me 'el cheapo'.

I have not bought an Elianto foundation stick or even the foundation before so I was unsure of it's coverage. Testing the tester on the back of my hand for coverage, it looks good and I'm pleased that the colour suits me, it disappears on my jaw line.

So here's my review on Elianto's Fresh Whitening Stick Foundation;


Usual price : RM 21 (i'm guessing it's about there)
Discounted price : RM6
Weight : 8g
Colour : 03
Coverage : Medium

  • The coverage is pretty good, I didn't need to use my concealer after applying. It covers my pimples and all nicely.
  • Too cheap, too cheap!


  • There is only one colour left and it's fair. It'll probably suit you if you're a M.A.C NC15 or Bobbi Brown Warm Ivory. Any tanner and it's really not for you.
  • If I'm not mistaken, the expiry date is on November 2008! I wish I saw this earlier. T.T
  • It feels a little oily, but only very little. It has no oil control so obviously it's going to a little oily after hours and hours running around under the hot sun.

Conclusion : I'm fine with it for now, no regret on buying this other that the expiry date. I'll see if I break out after using this product. I totally love the coverage.

Eye of The Day (EOTD)

Ever notice that nothing rhymes with purple?
Let's call it The Grape Escape.. whatever

Colours used :

Silkygirl eyeshadow in white
SkinFood eyeshadow in 94 (middle eyelid)
NYX ultra pearl mania in purple (closest to eyeliner)

I must admit that I did a crappy job with today's eye shadow and the camera does no justice to how beautiful the colours were. *sigh* But anyway bear in mind that this is taken approximately 10 hours after application with only one minor touch up.

Not to mention, remember how I said I can't pull off purples. Well yea, had a tough time with the NYX's purple, can't apply too much or I'll look as if I've been crying but the colour looks so pretty that I just had to try it!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


[7:47:46 PM] Elisa. T says: u look sooooooooooo nice in the picture T_T
[7:47:56 PM] Ashley says: which picture?
[7:47:57 PM] Elisa. T says: very like hmm... feminine jappy
[7:48:03 PM] Ashley says: ... mana mana?
[7:48:05 PM] Elisa. T says: ........
[7:48:07 PM] Elisa. T says: i only send u one!
[7:48:15 PM] Elisa. T says: Thaaaat picture
[7:48:23 PM] Ashley says: that picture is so horribel i'm not even gonn post that in my blog..
[7:48:29 PM] Ashley says: *horrible
[7:48:33 PM] Elisa. T says: huhhhhhh?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[7:48:39 PM] Elisa. T says: omfg..
[7:48:44 PM] Ashley says: u looked nice though, sorry i ruined the pic
[7:48:46 PM] Elisa. T says: to me.. i mean exclude me!
[7:48:49 PM] Elisa. T says: you!
[7:48:56 PM] Elisa. T says: you in that picture
[7:49:07 PM] Elisa. T says: looks the best among all the picture we took so far
[7:49:13 PM] Ashley says: u see my patchy skin n super slitty small eyes..?? MUAHAHAHAHAHHA
[7:49:17 PM] Elisa. T says: it's like one of the best picture
[7:49:28 PM] Ashley says: oh god, that means the rest of the pics were crap T.T
[7:49:32 PM] Elisa. T says: ............................
[7:49:39 PM] Ashley says: i mean, bigger crap
[7:49:40 PM] Elisa. T says: i mena we took
[7:49:45 PM] Elisa. T says: as in all the years!!!!!!!!!
[7:49:50 PM] Ashley says: oh..
[7:50:02 PM] Ashley says: oh wow, me biggie crap for the past 24 years
[7:50:12 PM] Elisa. T says: :@
[7:50:12 PM] Ashley says: .. oh well....
[7:50:16 PM] Elisa. T says: u baaad taste
[7:50:21 PM] Elisa. T says: seriously
[7:50:25 PM] Elisa. T says: i hate myself in that pic
[7:50:27 PM] Ashley says: u no taste..
[7:50:27 PM] Elisa. T says: when i saw yours
[7:50:28 PM] Elisa. T says: i was like @.@
[7:50:32 PM] Elisa. T says: woah nice!
[7:50:37 PM] Elisa. T says: dont want to listen
[7:50:40 PM] Elisa. T says: then suaaaaaal
[7:50:41 PM] Elisa. T says: suak*
[7:50:53 PM] Ashley says: take off ur lences, i think they are blocking your vision or at least distorting it
[7:51:02 PM] Elisa. T says: im not wearing anyttthinngggg
[7:51:05 PM] Ashley says: XD
[7:51:08 PM] Ashley says: wow.. sexyyy
[7:51:20 PM] Elisa. T says: cb miang po
[7:51:25 PM] Ashley says: thanks for the urmmm... unrequested personal info
[7:51:28 PM] Ashley says: MUAAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
[7:51:39 PM] Elisa. T says: more like hamsap po
[7:51:45 PM] Ashley says: where goooot..
[7:51:56 PM] Elisa. T says: dododoooo
[7:52:15 PM] Elisa. T says: your ears go @.@ when u hear me saying that im not wearing AnYthInG
[7:52:41 PM] Ashley says: well, it was you who decided to go ahead and tell me that piece of info.. i didn't ask for it!
[7:52:42 PM] Ashley says: XD
[7:52:48 PM] Elisa. T says: duuurrhh
[7:52:53 PM] Elisa. T says: i go makan dulu
[7:52:54 PM] Elisa. T says: later i call u
[7:52:56 PM] Ashley says: k laa
[7:52:56 PM] Elisa. T says: u come out
[7:52:58 PM] Elisa. T says: and take your shit
[7:53:05 PM] Ashley says: yess boss
[7:53:08 PM] Elisa. T says: LOL
[7:53:09 PM] Ashley says: can i pay u shit?
[7:53:09 PM] Elisa. T says: ehhhhhhhhh
[7:53:10 PM] Elisa. T says: hmmmmmmmmm
[7:53:16 PM] Elisa. T says: or maybe we meet tonight?
[7:53:20 PM] Elisa. T says: lok lok!
[7:53:21 PM] Elisa. T says: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[7:53:23 PM] Ashley says: up to you
[7:53:28 PM] Elisa. T says: see how call ya later
[7:53:28 PM] Elisa. T says: tata~~~
[7:53:33 PM] Ashley says: lok lok! lok lok!
[7:53:38 PM] Ashley says: apa see how!
[7:53:40 PM] Elisa. T says: mai liau
[7:53:41 PM] Elisa. T says: bai bai
[7:53:45 PM] Ashley says: grrrrrrrrr
[7:53:48 PM] Ashley says: u dubit bit
[7:53:49 PM] Elisa. T says: the more you want something
[7:53:52 PM] Ashley says: i go spam ur mail
[7:53:52 PM] Elisa. T says: the more i wont
[7:53:55 PM] Elisa. T says: kaka
[7:53:57 PM] Elisa. T says: spam loo
[7:54:03 PM] Elisa. T says: i got 2GB of space
[7:54:05 PM] Ashley says: .......
[7:54:05 PM] Elisa. T says: ban ban lah
[7:54:10 PM] Ashley says: and i got all night
[7:54:14 PM] Ashley says: bleh
[7:54:15 PM] Elisa. T says: okie loooo
[7:54:16 PM] Elisa. T says: lollllll
[7:54:23 PM] Ashley says: go choke on your fish balls
[7:54:25 PM] Ashley says: LOL
[7:54:26 PM] Elisa. T says: aiyo hungryyyyyy liauuuu
[7:54:31 PM] Ashley says: go la go la
[7:54:33 PM] Elisa. T says: u go choke on.. your..hmm..
[7:54:34 PM] Elisa. T says: coffee
[7:54:37 PM] Elisa. T says: bai baaaaaai

On a normal day, this is how mine and Elisa's conversation goes. *sigh* This probably doesn't interest anyone but I decided to post it up since it'll be fun (for me) to read years from now and remember the good times. One of the reasons why I love Elisa is because she's funny. Hang out with her is always filled with laughter.

Elisa and I have been best of friends for about 12 years which is pretty much half of our lives. We've had our share of ups and downs, mood swings, misunderstanding and arguments but I'm glad that at the end of the day, we remained friends. Friends who relied on each other for emotional support and Elisa is someone I know I can turn to when I'm in need of advise or help. What I love best is that we're not in a competition with each other and trying to out do each other at every turn. It's really no TV drama, we're just happy to be with each other.

Though to others, we may seem alike in just about everything, they are only half right. To me, Elisa and I are mirror images of each other. In the sense that, if we stood still and smiled, there is no difference between us but if you realize, every time she holds up her right hand, I'll hold up my left. If she turns to the left, I would turn to the right.

Our taste on clothes might be alike, we finish each other sentence and it doesn't take one another to go into great length to explain something cause we find each other easy to understand. And it helps that our principles in life are the same, pride and dignity above all rest. Love comes first in relationship and never money and good friends are treasures.

But we do have our differences, and usually our differences are like north and south pole. It's really different. Our taste in guys are worldly apart along with our taste in music and scents with me preferring sweeter scents and Elisa liking slightly spa-ish smells. Our difference doesn't bother us. We laugh about it and joke about each other's 'bad taste'.

In a nutshell, it's really not easy to find a good and true friend and I'm glad to have found mine. To those that have found their, treasure them!

The picture was taken in Slippery Senorita in Upper Penang Road on Cheryl's farewell. It was a good night I suppose, met Elisa and Kern's friend, Su Lin and she turns out to be a really nice and friendly person.

The above mentioned picture

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Okay it passed a few days ago actually, I'm officially almost and very close to being a quarter of a century old, woo-hoo! NOT!

The day was pretty relax in the office. Yes, it was the one day where I had the excuse to be lazy and I just had to make use of it. *ahem*

Anyway Ian came down from KL to accompany me for the weekend, later the evening, all of us went to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant dad recommended. The food was okay but hey, lookie lookie, I got a birthday cake! An odd one but nevertheless a birthday cakie!

Why am I so excited to get a birthday cake? I didn't get one last year so I'm happy to get one this year. Last year was a pretty bad year for our family and lots of shit happened, so all I got was an egg tart. Laugh if you must. It wasn't because I misbehaved or anything, it was just a bad year.

Don't count the candles, don't count the candles, NOOOOO!!

So anyway, mom made me guess what flavour of cake they got me I remembered my eyes widening happily as I guess chocolate, chocolate being my very first love but ah anyway I got it wrong. So I opened my birthday box and ta daa, my first reaction "Huh? There's uhh, mini carrots on my cake."

Mom and Dad got sick of all the green tea and chocolate cake we got them for their birthday and wanted something different. And thus, I ended up with ... you guessed it, carrot cheese cake.

Oh, and this is my very first time doing a EOTD (Eye Of The Day) so forgive me if I messed up. I'm really not an expert but swear it looked better in person that on picture. So bear with me.

If there is one occupation that I won't succeed in, it would be photography

See, see, seeeeeeee, I have no double eyelids, I have no crease! To ask me to find my crease is as easy as asking me to find gold on the beach up in Bt. Ferringhi. Do you understand now why make up artist cringe and run away from me?!

Yes, I stole this from Elisa's blog, nyah ha ha!

Not to mention, I have very little eye lashes. *Ahem* very little. One hair here, another there and two hair in the middle and that pretty much makes up my entire eyelash. But I like my eyes so oh well, gotta bear with it.

Colours used :

M.A.C pigments in Vanilla (outer corner and highlight)
NYX ultra pearl mania in green (middle eyelid)
Mineral mate in ancient gold (so-called crease and towards the outter V)

I'm not sure why I even bought Mineral Mate in ancient gold, saw it online and since I had to buy a certain amount of colours, I chosed this since I don't have any colour like this before. Didn't turn out too bad. Nothing something I can use on it's own but it appears quite pretty in the end. I didn't put alot since it's my first time using it and I wasn't too sure how the colour will end up.

Try it, the colours came out great, I have no doubt anyone else will be able to pull this off better than I did!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Virgin Coconut Oil

A quicky update. Been too busy to think about anything except work lately. I totally agree with Elisa when she describe the job as 'when you're busy, you're very busy, when you're free, you're very free' type.

Anyway as you may have read about the virgin coconut oil that Elisa, Kern and I bought recently, if you haven't please do, it contains the facts about VCO as well as some reviews.

I refrained from posting my reviews till about a week later as I wanted to see if I grew any new pimples and how it was like a week later. I've learnt my lesson from the MIOR soap that we bought earlier, as initially it was fantastic but a week later, our skin became too drying as we should cut down on usage and so forth. Unfortunately we were not told /advised to cut down and my skin was to the point of peeling.

Just for your information, Kern's advise to use both MIOR soap + VCO was good advise. My skin felt great without the usual tightness and itchiness from drying.

I digress yet again, my apologies.

After a week of using VCO my thoughts are, GET IT!! Initially, me and Elisa were a little reluctant to get the VCO oil because we weren't too sure about applying 'oil' on our faces. We had the impression of applying something similar to the texture of cooking oil. Boy were we wrong.
It does seem oily but considering that the molecule of the VCO is super tiny, it get absorbed into the skin fast.

I personally find that the VCO works as a better primer than my M.A.C prep and prime SPF 50 (RM130) but this is just my opinion. My make up last all day without much need to even blot it unlike when I use my M.A.C prep and prime which leaves me looking like I fell face first into a tub of oil before the day ends.

I do acknowledge the fact that I work in a fully air condition place but just as well there are time when I head out to meet customers under the hot Penang sun and my make up stays just fine even then.

If you're not into dewy face look and more into totally matte looking make up, then avoid this.
You can't totally mattify your face when you're using VCO.

And since the VCO is pretty cheap, it use it as a body oil too before going to sleep. Ahh~ I can almost smell the sea and see the Pina Coloda in my hands as I get transported to a beach in the middle of nowhere and just enjoying myself under the shade of the coconut tree. Also, I tend to smear the VCO all over my lips too and it could be just me but my lips has been looking a lot healthier lately. No longer the dry feeling after my lip gloss fades / disappears / gets eaten / licked off and the colour has been pinkish and healthy *shrugs*

Just remember to use sunblock after your VCO and on with powder / foundation / BB cream / whatever. Oh and another thing, take a whiff of the smell before you buy it, while some of us LOVE the smell and reminds of of coconut candies, it failed to impress both me and Elisa's boyfriend as it reminded them of something else instead.

Definitely head over to Elisa's blog and read all about the benefits of using organic VCO!

EDIT: I've used the virgin coconut oil in my hair as a leave in hair moisturizer and rise it the very next morning. I found it fantastic for the hair as my hair has become so much softer and lighter compared to just washing it with normal hair conditioner. My hair also has become much more shiner and healthy looking after I used it. I'm really loving it!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In response to Elisa's post;

Dear Elisa,
Even if the whole of heaven was to turn against you, know that I would never leave your side.

When I read Elisa's blog on your engagement, I could feel my heart about to burst with happiness for you. Thought we might not be close but knowing that you are happy and that you have found your soul mate left me with intense happiness. Know that my feelings of happiness is sincere and I'm so proud of you!

Good friends are like diamonds, precious and rare, fake friend are like autumn leaves, scattered everywhere. I really treasure the both of you as my friends. Take care when you leave for the US, Grace and don't forget us and you have my heartfelt congrats!

Elisa, don't worry I'll be around till the day you tell me to go away! XD

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Sing this to the tune of Akon - 'Mr Lonely'

Oh acne,
I got so many,
To call my ownnnnnn *chipmunk screeching*

I woke up in the in the middle of the night,
And I noticed a bump on the side,
Could have swore I dreamin', for sure I was feeling,
was hoping it was just a mosquito bite,
Backtrackin on these few years,
Tryin to figure out what I did to make it go bad,
Cause ever since it kept poppin',
My whole life came crashin
and im so...

never lonely,
I got so many
acne to call my ownnnnn~!

Do NOT sue me. I don't own the song, I just changed the lyrics to my liking.
Please don't copy paste the lyrics without permission <3>
All my life, I've had acne. Okay, so I lied, it wasn't all my life but a good chunk of it anyway but that's not the point *Ahem* since I've always had acne, I've always had the need to cover them.

Since it's not advisable to wear a paper bag over my head in case people mistake as a robber and ICI /Dulux / Weathershield / Nippon paint are not meant for faces, I'm pretty much stuck counting on the usual stuffs such as colour corrector, concealer and foundation.

I don't particularly believe in using all three unless it's during a special function when I want to look my best, on my normal lazy days, it's either the colour corrector or the concealer and my must must have foundation on.

Because of my experience with acne all these years, I've developed a very nonchalant attitude on them. If it grows, it grows, I don't run around like a headless chicken shrieking and cursing the world for my misfortune of growing a giant volcano on the center of my face. I take one look at it, apply some pimple cream and go to sleep, wake up next day, bitch to Elisa about the volcano and promptly forget it's there.

And lo and behold, it disappears as quietly as it appears. Really, not stressing and fussing over the pimple is the best way to get rid of it. Pimple are like drama queens and attention whore, they thrive on attention and grow with the limelight/ spotlight. Just ignore them and try not to cover / drown them in concealer and no problemo!

Just so you know, my favourite pimple banisher is the Tea Tree Oil that you can get from the Guardian or Watson's or something. It doesn't flatten pimple instantly but cures it slowly but the best part is that it doesn't leave a oogly looking scar. Most pimple gels / creams / whatever that I've tried flattens the pimples within one day but leave you a scar as a souvenirs to remind you that it was there for the next six months or so. But how well the Tea Tree Oil works differs from person to person. Elisa and Alex has different opinions regarding Tea Tree Oil as they think that it leaves a scar. Best option, LEAVE IT ALONEEEEE~

Oh God and to think this post was initially suppose to be on foundation. Ah forget it, *edits title* Continuing on, I found many movies on Youtube on the 'best' ways on covering pimples. There was one that I found a little silly. The girl does tutorial on make-ups and her advise on covering pimples is to dab the concealer on the pimple. Like DUH! Is there another way of applying concealer, we certainly don't spray our concealer on and we don't apply the concealer other than ON the pimple itself.

The technique is not wrong it's just that we want to know how to cover our pimples effectively and not just cover them. To me, one of the best ways to make a pimple disappears for the next few hours or so is to use a really good colour corrector and concealer.

On really bad acne days back then, I would use a colour base first and foremost after all the moisturizer and sunblock. I've tried The Face Shop Phytogenic make-up base, SPF 8 in green is really not all that great. Sure it's cheap for 40ml but it doesn't make all that much of a difference putting it on or not. Warning, it may cause pimples.

Kanebo's Freshel White C, UV make-up base SPF 24 PA+ works way better. A little goes a long way. Another good one would be from Kanebo's MEDIA control base, SPF 12. It was a gift from Elisa who knew that I wanted and was looking for a good base for my inflamed skin.

After the base, I would used the Make Up For Ever colour corrector in green for covering reddish and inflamed skin. It comes in a pot identical to the Camoflauge Cream. It's good because it's extremely concentrated and therefore covers the pimples well. I don't put this all over the face but only on the pimple area.

The I would apply my foundation on and then my concealer. For some reason, I never liked applying my concealer with a concealer brush, I know some people swears by it but still... I like getting a bit on the side of my hands and warming them up before applying them on the pimples. One of my absolute favourite concealers is the Make Up For Ever Camoflauge Cream. It's thick and creamy, glides on and covers almost anything and everything. Cons, since it's so creamy, it can be easily rubbed off as well if you don't put on a layer of powder on top.

After all that, apply powder, blush whatever and expect your face to look slightly thick but flawless at least.

What's your favourite concealer and foundation and why?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tarot Decks

I still remember the first time I laid my eyes on Elisa's Osho Zen Tarots back in 1998/99. Our curiosity started when we were 13 and into astronomy, the unexplainable and the mysteries. It was years later when Elisa's dad got Elisa her first deck from Singapore and I drooled uncontrollably and wished that I had my own deck. Back then, tarot cards were not as easily found as it is today. Today, tarot cards has become pretty common in many bookstores around Malaysia.

My very first deck was ordered from in 2000/01. I used my mom's credit card and waited about two months plus for it to arrive. When it arrived, I remember my absolute happiness holding the precious package in my hands. My first deck was The Enchanted Tarots. After a few days, it became clear that it was definitely not a deck for beginners, the pictures were absolutely beautiful with all the intricate design. But that's where the confusion begin, every detail of the card was to be taken into consideration and looked into for hidden meanings. I half kicked myself for choosing such a difficult deck but then again, I never regretted getting it. Out of the tens of thousand of decks out there, this was the one that called out to me.

My first love: The Enchanted Tarots

My next deck was the Cary-Yale Visconti Tarocchi Deck. A fifteenth century styled deck. I can truthfully tell you that I have never used this deck for a reading and will probably never. The cards are roughly 19cm x9.5cm. Imagine how big they are. Not to mention the cards are all without words, so you pretty much have to literally count each staves / pentacles / hearts / swords there are in each picture. It doesn't help that the pictures are blur-ish. There has been good comments from other users but unfortunately, this deck didn't quite appeal to me because of the level of difficulty.

The Osho Zen Tarots, The Goddess Tarots

Other tarot decks to quickly add on were the Osho Zen Tarots. One of my favourites. The beautiful, strikingly bold and vibrant colours attracts me. The reading is not as tough as The Enchanted Tarots.

The Goddess Tarots are indeed another one of my favourites. The pictures are almost equally as beautiful as the Osho Zen. It's entirely a different style used but still breathtakingly beautiful. If you're interested in the pictures, do check out Elisa's blog.

The Shapeshifters Tarot

The Shapeshifter Tarot is the only one deck that I love but have never used. Normally a tarot reader would either have just one or two decks. It's not recommended to get many decks like I have. Not all decks would work for us. We bond better with some decks and readings are more accurate when using a certain deck. Because I've ended up getting that many decks, I decided not to start on The Shapeshifters deck. Better not start and then abandon it one side.

One thing about choosing tarot decks to those who are interested. NEVER choose a deck just because it was recommended by a friend or just because you think it looks good in your bag or because you want to impress people and so forth. The deck MUST appeal to you and call out to you. It's pretty much like getting a pet. One look and it'll pretty much either repulse you or attract you.

The one deck that I frequently use for readings is my first deck, The Enchanted Tarot. I feel confident when using it despite the difficulty in translating and it's pretty much my first love. <3 style="font-style: italic;">The post below is originally meant for my Ghost, Ghouls and Vampire post. I decided to postpone the entry till a later date close to the oncoming Hungry Ghost Festival.

This is just MY theory, there's no scientific research to back this up so don't sue me or whatever. People tend to think of seeing ghost as sixth sense so hey, whatever floats your boat!

Just for your information, it's sixth sense that makes people feel "them", and EVERYONE has sixth sense, it's just whether you're sensitive or not. How many times have you turned when you felt 'someone' staring at our backs? We certainly are not born with eyes on our backs so how is it that we know? Think about it.

But it's people born with the third eye that allows them to see "them". But not all third eyes allows us to see ghosts. It splits into many many categories and such. Most usually has a combination of two or three or even more. Mine is a combination of precognition as the main and seeing 'the supernatural' as a sub. which is not very strong which explains my occasional not being able to see them.

I have no teacher, no master and therefore my chi or whatever is pretty much leaking everywhere like a broken fountain and can occasionally awake or attract them. T.T or so I've been told. Not much I can do at this point.

I do read tarot cards for people occasionally when people approach me to do a reading for them, my readings are free till recently when a friend told me that I'm to take a 'token' from the recipient, so now a days I do ask for a 'token' in form of money, how much? I don't particularly care. I'm happy to say that my 'accuracy' is usually about give take 80% accurate but I didn't feel like I had the right to demand a certain sum of money considering that I consider myself a novice even after reading for close to eight years. *shrugs*

Not to mention, I'm a little picky about customers, I don't read for people who are merely curious and people who are too close to me. Reading tarots are not easy for me, it drains and saps my energy and usually after two readings, I'll crawl back to bed. That's one reason why I don't do it to satisfy the curious. Also, when it comes to reading for close friends, it becomes hard because you fear saying things that might hurt them and you know you'll say things that they don't always want to hear also, some things are private and they'll tend to feel embarrassed when you mentioned something regarding their private lives that they aren't to keen to let people know.

Not to mention, I know of some 'friends' who does reading online, how is that possible to me, I have no idea. Not knowing how the person looks like or even the name sounds a little impossible to me but hey, if it works for them, there's nothing I can say right?

I usually do a Celtic Cross Spread since it tells of the problem, the cause of the problem, and the outcome of it so it makes things a little easier. I never ask my recipient the question except whether it's a relationship or career question, that's all. After that I'll translate what the cards tells me (usually from the first or second card alone, will answer my question whether it's a relationship or career question but I ask to double confirm) During the times I translate, I must admit that I do feel a little silly. It's like playing, "Pin the tail on the donkey". being blindfolded and blindly jabbing at the ass(donkey) hoping to hit the ass (behind).
Wanting to give the recipients a little privacy, I usually ask them to give me an accuracy rating, that way, they don't disclose what's wrong and right and therefore save them some embarrassment.

P.S: I hated one of my lecturers in college, Adrian when he said that reading tarots were sinful and demonic or whatever. Hey, if you're that great of a Christian, don't live with your girlfriend and indulge in pre-marital sex. Bleh!

I read tarots to help people in decision making, and to warn them of things to come. And so far, I've not failed to remind them that Tarots are meant to be guidelines and nothing is confirmed, also I only read 6 - 9 months into the 'future', I don't tell people how to live their lives and they come to me!

One last important info for people with third eyes:

going into Genting's Casino!! Not only do they block your vision, they close off your third eye (a major pain in the ass to get them re-opened!) Your vision will remain blocked and close even after leaving the casino.

I did the mistake of entering and played the 'Big or Small', my predictions were accurate but delayed. Sounds funny? I predicted six games and they were all delayed, got a nasty headache and left and had my third eyes closed for close to six months before I got help. But it's no longer as awaken

Enter at your own risk.

July 06: Updated on Mior

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Selling cosmetic *updated*

As you may have known, a few weeks ago, I ordered some stuffs from, during that time, I bought a few extra just in case any of my friends wanted them. It wasn't alot just an extra one or two of a certain product. So anyway, I had a few left overs from what I ordered and since the shipping was a killer, I decided to just sell off the remaining ones hoping that at the very least it'll help share not bear the shipping cost with me.

Swatches for NYX eyeliner in white, Black Bean and Milk

The remaining items are;

1x NYX White Jumbo eye pencil - RM 15 each
Colour: Milk
it's a beautiful matte white, creamy and glides on easily. A personal favourite but best judge it for yourself.

1x NYX black Jumbo eye pencil - RM 15 each
Colour: Black Bean
it's a beautiful pure black, has a glossy look, creamy and glides on easily. Its easy to create the smokey eyes with this pencil. Remember that this is an eyeshadow and not an eye liner.

1x NYX Lip pencil - plush red - RM 8 each
Fire truck red. Absolutely perfect for those trying to create the perfect red lips.

1x NYX Long Pencil Eye - black - RM10 each
It really is long :P
So far I'm loving mine

Obviously there's no need for introduction for these babies. Highly pigmented and if you don't want to splash out a bomb on M.A.C, these are great substitutes.

Left to right: Purple, lilac, white, mink and lime (baby pink is not in both picture)

1x NYX pearl mania - white - RM 12 each
A universal shade that compliments any colour. A must have for both beginners and pros.
Can be use as highlighter or inner corner of the eyes.
Can wear sheer or build for intensity. It's white with silver shimmer, unlike M.A.C's Vanilla which has golden shimmer.

1x NYX pearl mania - baby pink - RM 12 each
A sweet colour with a hint of pink.
Shimmery and frosty it makes a great highlighter and for inner corners of the eyes.
Note: May end up looking light silver-ish for pale people.

1x NYX pearl mania - lilac - RM 12 each
A shimmery light lavender colour.
Look for any of the lilac swatches and prepare to fall in love with this colour.

1x NYX pearl mania - lime - RM 12 each
A close dupe to MAC's Golden Olive.
It's greenish gold. Will look great with people with Hazel contacts or natural eye colour (IMO)

1x NYX Megashine Lip Gloss - Smokey Look - RM20
Bought this colour after seeing that it's a favourite of both my idols, Elyn and Ekimura. Bought three, selling just one :P

2x NYX Girls Lip Gloss - Whipped - RM10
Another of Ekimura's favourite, bought another three of this and is letting go of two. Not that I dislike it but I bought the colour Sorbet too so, I'm letting these go. It smells of citrus, a lemon-y smell.

MAC Item(s)

MAC Limited Edition Petticoat
Ordered this from the US, RM150
I bought two, letting go of one. Picture above is using mine. The one being sold is still wrapped up in the box and all.

Just search google for all the reviews on this colour and find out yourself why this colour is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars at MakeupAlley

This is a tutorial done by one of my favourite MakeupGeek using the product NYX Jumbo eye pencil in black bean for those wondering how to use it and what it does.

Pursebuzz tells about one of her favourite eyeshadow base - NYX Jumbo pencils

As I was intending to keep most/bought extra of the items stated above, I've done countless of research on the 'nicer' colours so that if worst come to the worst, I'll still be able to use all these myself.

This is a ONE time thingie, please please don't expect to see me selling anything much in my blog as it's not and was never intended to be a 'selling blog'. I initially feared that by posting this up, it might damage my credibility that I was merely praising the items so that I would be able to sell them off but keep in mind that, I'll stick to my original reviews as I rather be trusted as a reviewer than a bad reviewer that is biased and trying to sell of some stuffs for a few measly bucks.

Anyone interested, feel free to either comment below or send me a mail. I'm not responsible for lost parcels

* All prices above is not inclusive of postage yet.
PosEkspress - RM2.50

A BIG BIG thank you to all my buyers for their support! I appreciate it!