Saturday, October 31, 2009


A biggie thank you to JeanJean for passing this award to me!
  • Where's your cell phone: I have no idea, somewhere in my room
  • Your hair: Fine, straight and short
  • Your mother: What about her?
  • Your father: What about him?
  • Favorite Food: Japanese and Italian
  • Dream last night: None that I remember
  • Favorite drink: Coffee
  • What room are you in: Bedroom
  • Hobby: Reading, collecting make up, hanging out with friends
  • Fear: Insects, disappointing people
  • Where were you last night: Out clubbing
  • Something that you aren't: A slut
  • Muffins: YUM!
  • Wish list item: A ring. I'm tired of wearing my ex's ring. Not because I still have feelings for him but because I have no other rings to wear T.T
  • Where did you grow up: Penang, Malaysia
  • What are you wearing: My birthday suit
  • Your pets: None
  • Friends: I thank god the day I found these bunch of supportive, fun, lovable people
  • Something you're not wearing: Mid drifts
  • Favorite store: None
  • Favorite color: Pink and white
  • Last time you laughed: A few minutes ago
  • Your best friends : Elisa
  • Place you go to over and over: Shopping malls, Elisa's house
  • Person who emails you regularly: Clubhouse mails
  • Favorite place to eat: Anywhere is fine

And this one came from Victoria, a sweet girl from VeeThree<3

To accept this award do the following:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.

1. Has gotten herself a boyfriend - went into GameForge and purchased him off the shelves. XD Kidding
2. Is a terrible liar - Thus I don't lie, takes up too much memory space to remember what you were lying about
3. Enjoys yoga - Bending the body in positions you are not normally in can be so satisfying
4. Has been reading romance novels - A few years ago, you wouldn't catch me even near one
5. Loves to eat waffles and pancakes
6. Is allergic to stupid and/or immature people, makes me break out - Stupidity is contagious, be careful
7. Took her 2 hours to think about what's interesting about her.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Damn, I forgot to put a title; Purple Blue EOTD + wig

Pringles potato chips : Once you pop you can't stop
My version: Once it pops out, it can't stop

If my pimples has a slogan, that would probably be it. That aside, while doing the last ROTD, I came to realize that I have not been doing much EOTD or anything. Partly because I have no motivation and partly because I just didn't think I was good or anything. In the end, I kind of forgot how fun it was to just sit down and do an EOTD. It really is relaxing, looking at the palette and the only worries is which colour today and which colour goes with which.

Wanted to try something different from what I usually did so all I could do was this. I used purple, a colour I tend to avoid since it makes me looked bruised and blue, my favourite eye shadow colour. A colour I just can't go wrong with. I was absolutely clueless about what colour lipstick to use so I ended up with Nyx's Circe. A nude colour lipstick topped with MJ's Honey pump lip gloss. MAC Petticoat on the cheeks lightly dusted with The Body Shop's Shimmer Wave in Peach.

All this is from the 88 colour palette that I got some time ago. If you're wondering about the sudden hair growth. Don't panic, it's a wig. The wig I ordered nearly a gazillion years ago arrived in good condition. It was shockingly in a very similiar colour to my current hair colour. Oh well...

I'm loving it. I'm not good at styling it yet but I'm trying. Gotta get the hang of it first.

Left to right: Blood? BLOOD?!?; Ta daaa, a bodyless head. Kidding, it's just a freaking wig

Something else in the mail. A costume for Halloween!! Not my original choice but my first order was cancelled and my money refunded, had to search for another costume asap so this was in. It's in no way revealing or sexy but it'll have to do for now.

Can't wait for Saturday...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another non-beauty related post - BOO!

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

- My favourite Things, The sound of music

Things have been looking up for me lately I'm happy to say. I've finally gotten an job offer. The burden on my shoulders has started to melt off little by little, the guilt has slowly lifted as well.

Overall, I've been happier and I find myself grinning like an idiot by myself in my room. Talking to Elyn and finally telling E briefly about my problems (yes she noticed but as usual never asked but waited for me to tell) helped a lot. I'm thankful for my friends support at this point because I don't think I would have been able to handle this alone. Not that I didn't try but with friends, it made things much easier and less stressful.

Elyn, thanks for the talk that day. You always ease my burdens. I understand that it's E's turn to face her own problems and I wanted her to know I'll always stand by her.

Even if heaven was to turn against you, I'll stand by you till the end

I apologize if I unexpectedly and unintentionally added some burdens on your shoulders. If there is anyway for me to help you with yours, I would, please do let me know.

You're already blessed with many talents my love, you do not need another lesson from me (FYI I am still learning from my kid) , so I am going to skip that. all you need is to be reminded, you have the tendency to forget things easily and I often find you do not give yourself enough credits, stop beating yourself up.... have a kitkat take a break......and after that move your butt....go out live your life......

There are lots of people with potty mouth out there so it's nice to be reminded every once a while that we don't belong in the junk yard or have a lifetime membership for the 'Losers Club'.

That aside, my search for a hand phone intensify when I realize that I was having problem receiving signals and the complaints from friends is starting to overwhelm me. So it was off to Perangin Mall with Kern. Talk about bad luck, found out that the Nokia 5530 in white and pink is not avaliable in M'sia. Great! Thanks! I don't want the red and black because it reminded me of a certain someone's phone. Someone I nearly flipped a table at while playing Catan. The white and blue didn't appeal to me at all, so forget that.

The Hello Kitty phone I saw online and fell in love with was deemed 'unsuitable' for work which I agreed so that's scrap that too. Then there's the Nokia E71, a little out of budget for that one. ARGH. Sounds like it's back to the drawing board. I think it'll be cool to have a dictionary of purely vulgar words because I could really like to use it right about now.

My hair, finally got off my lazy ass and got my mom to dyed it for me again. Went off to chat online and promptly forgot about it. 20 minutes became 45 minutes. Pure panic. But it wasn't too bad I guess at least let me pretend it's fine.

It actually looks almost like my previous hair colour so there wasn't much changes. BOO! I was actually hoping it was lighter but I'm glad it wasn't.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The dreams that came and went..

Today started bad. Woke up all grouchy and was rude to some poor person who so happen to call me and woke me up. My deepest, sincerest apology to the above said person. The afternoon was fine. Receive some heart thumping news and before I could roll over and die with foam coming out of my mouth, E called. Later, as Kern dropped me home, I saw two friendly neighborhood dogs barking at something just outside our fence.


Feeling nosy I went over, only to see one scrawny cream colour kitten with blue eyes (Jiun says all kitten has blue eyes; I didn't know that =_=;;) curled up in the corner looking all fragile and scared. The dogs refused to leave the poor thing alone and I didn't want to hit them because these two dogs are very friendly dogs and has been around the neighborhood for quite some time. I had to spray the dogs with a hose to get them away and then carried the poor kitten into the house.

Rushed in and saw that the only person I knew that owned a cat was luckily online. Yay! Bombarded the poor person with questions and went off to feed the kitty. Poor thing. I keep hoping that the mom would come collect it. *sigh* Now it's in some corner of my house hiding.

Went out to meet Kern and friends later in the night and I was really happy when a friend of mine joined us. We ended up driving around just talking. The talks reminded me of an entry I did some time ago but never posted. Decided that perhaps, I should so...

Growing up, I'm sure everyone aspired to be something or someone. Something as in a doctor, a vet or one thing or another.

Back when I was in high school, I couldn't wait for me to finish my studies and start my life. I must admit that I never enjoyed school, some say it's the happiest time of our life but for me, getting my cert and walking out from the school could chalk as my happiest. I never looked back nor have I set foot in that place after that day.

My grandmother used to own a seafood restaurant just in front of the beach and it was extremely successful, I grew up surrounded by the beach, endless seas, seafood and coffee. My grandmother, my mom and I are all coffee addicts. I guess it's no surprise that I too wanted to own a little cafe of my own one day, nothing fancy, nothing to do with smelly crabs or prawns (I actually love the smell, reminds me of my grandma, lol) but a quaint English cafe serving delicious cakes, cookies and tea or coffee served in fancy porcelain.

I've worked in a bank, a printing press, a radio station and despite it all, my one true love remains in the F&B line. I've enjoyed my time immensely working in Starbucks (but I had one shitty ass control freak manager) and growing up, being a make up artist has never even crossed my mind till recently. I've been lost, confused and unsure of my own talent and where my strength lies and this stresses me up. Like most people suspects, 3 months of not working is indeed draining my savings. If I were to make a decision, I need to make it quick but I'm not ready yet. So what now?

Perhaps some of you are already on your way to achieving your dream or have already achieved it while here I am, still sitting on my big ass wondering if my day will ever come.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gorgeous TJ

Happy Birthday my sweets! Hope you had a good one!
Lots of love, gorgeous xoxo

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ban on sale of beer and condom in convenience store

As long as I have a cup of coffee in one hand and the other is holding a bar of chocolate, life is perfect. It doesn't matter if I have another interview tomorrow, or the facts that I'm fat and bored, nothing else matters, the world is finally peaceful and then.. I find this:

The Star Newspaper - Zulkifli Noordin, known for his firebrand politics, has been lambasted for calling for a ban on sale of beer and condom in convenience stores. -Malaysia-Today

It's official, some people needs a time machine to go right back with the dinosaurs. They would so fit in. This is such a funny country, can we finally set some kind of qualification on those who wants to be politicians with religious study not being counted.

Edited: WTF, he's a lawyer by profession. Oops, I better go edit out all my vulgar words. Don't wanna receive any 'love' letters telling me he wants to see me in court and bring a large stack of money. I'll probably end up bring along a large stack of Hell Money (used during Hungry Ghost Month) since that's all I can afford. I'm poor. Still a lawyer who studied in New Zealand and saying this shit?!

Picture taken from Pennylicious
What? You're suing me for a Million? Here's a Trillion (sorry, I lost count after the 9th digit),
Keep the change!

If they are not trying to ban yoga *snort*, they are trying to ban beer and condoms from convenience stores. What's next? Oh I know, Hello Kitty since it's worshiped by females all around Malaysia. Yes yes, HK is definitely next and rightfully so.. take that you...Cat!

I could probably understand the beer part but condoms?

Malaysian AIDS Council executive director Bakhtiar Talhah said condoms had proven effective in curbing HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

“Convenience is the key in encouraging condom use,” he said.


Exactly! If it's not the convenience store then where should we buy condoms from?
Only at supermarkets?

But..but..they close at 10pm!


I doubt it, they doctors are too busy with injured, sick and dead bodies to want to deal with a bunch of bored, horny people.

Police stations?

Right, photostat your I.C (Identification Card) fill in your name, your partner's name, where and when, possible time limit and positions you might be trying out. How many packets taken and when you're done, kindly return to the police station to return the remaining unused packets to get some sort of refund. Sign here and have fun.

Oh, you might probably want to bring along your marriage certificate. Just in case.

Yup, that sounds about right since I sometimes get the impression that the policemen in the station seems a little free and bored. This might give them something to be busy about. Yup, this is getting thumbs up from me.

*rolls eyes and opens the world atlas to find a nice place to migrate to*

Why do I get the strange feeling that he's probably a closet bukkake fan... Nahhhh!!

Edit 2: This is actually months old news but I learnt about it yesterday and I'm still hopping mad about it

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Think positive!!

I must admit I'm feeling a little odd lately. From comments I know I have not really been myself of late as well. I've been blur, confused, worried and tired. Oh and if you're expecting all rainbows, sunshine and my little ponies flying around, please don't. My life ain't all that colourful.

I sit here and wonder if my bout of depression is rearing it's ugly head again. It's been some time and I find it harder and harder to smile or have any reasons to smile anymore. I've been lucky, it's nothing bad, only two people noticed it so far. When Mines kept asking me if everything was okay and why I seems so upset, I didn't think there was anything wrong with myself but when Elyn said it, I guess it just sorta hit me that it's been a while since I'm really happy.

There are time when I have mood swings. One minute, I'm really happy, the next, anxious and crying. Worst, I'm not very sure why I'm acting this way. Everything looks fine and sunny from the outside so why is there thunderclouds in my room?

It seems like all I want to do lately is sleep and be left alone. My pillows and my bed is everything I need.yet a part of me wants to drag myself out of bed, go out with friends and pretend there is nothing wrong.

I do know that I'm not being depressive for no reason, I do have reasons and I AM worried but still *slaps self* Positive, must think positive!

I must think of happy things, yes yes. Happy things will bring good things. I have a EDM mineral foundation coming in on Tuesday, my wig that I've ordered a gazillion years ago might be coming before Halloween, I've somewhat found my Halloween costume (unfortunately the person I wanna whip *hint* ain't coming, BOOOO) and I've also somewhat found out what handphone I might get to replace my old cranky phone.

Uhhh.. I think my tongue got twisted pretty badly

What else is there to do when I need to keep my mind occupied and not think too much, easy, clean my freaking room. It's interesting to see what kind of rubbish I ended up digging from my room. For one, I manage to dig up my mom's Simple French Why on earth would we have this? For one, mom wanted to brush up on her long forgotten French. She stayed in Paris and London (alternating between the two) when she was 18 years old to "study" and I knew she had a French boyfriend there. How pathetic is my life? I'm 25 years old and the furthest I've been is Netherlands and I've never seen snow in my entire life!

Other things I managed to dig up was a gift from a 'so called admirer'. Back then, whenever I'm free I would draw, for my birthday, the guy actually took one of my half finishes drawings and coloured, added the background and framed it for me. Sweet he is, along with annoying *sigh*

Left to right: The final piece; In the process of the colouring

Still, he's one of the funniest person around. Seriously. Why? I'll tell you why. Here's the scenario:

Me: You're pissing me off...
The Guy checks online dictionary then proceeds to hurriedly message Elisa
The guy: Why did Ashley says she wants to urinate on me?
Elisa: ... *speechless*

Scenario 2:

Me: Don't get cocky with me
The guy: I like chocolate cocky <--(Mistaken cocky for Pocky, the japanese chocolate covered biscuits)
Me: ...*eyes goes wide before finally figures out what he actually meant*

But anyway, the picture certainly wasn't my best drawing since it was originally just a doodle. There was some parts I wish I noticed earlier and corrected but still, it was all done without my knowledge and I had no time to correct these errors. I appreciated his effort and all but in the end, something are just never meant to be.

Other things I managed to dug up are bars of soaps (Yes, I have a 'thing' for soaps, candles, Yes, I have a 'thing' for candles too) and endless comic books, old school report cards and test papers that is not fit for any eyes least you get blinded by the 'colours')

As for my make up, while everyone is having fun making bronzey EOTDs and all, I'm still stuck in my lazy EOTD. It's still the same old, same old. Day in, day out, this is all I do. Fast, quick and very, very lazy.

Mom headed to Gurney P. today an came home and asked if anyone wanted a hair dryer. We previously had one and it was getting a little troublesome everytime me or Pinky Doodle Doo wants to use it. Since I shouted the fastest and loudest, I got it. I loudly shouted that it had better be PINK! and lo and behold, my mom grinned and handed my my very own PINK hair dryer. LOL.

Later, me and Pinky headed to Gurney P. to do our own shopping. I bought what I wanted which was the Hoyu Beauteen hair dye. I bought the one in Milk Tea Beige cause it sounded so delicious. I kept having to remind myself it's not drinkable and it's not some tea mix.

My current hair colour. Guess I'll dye my hair next week or something

Before that, I searched the internet to get a rough idea on how the colour was, I "smartly" typed Preteen instead of Beauteen and ended up getting some erm, funky websites if you know what I mean. I'm so freaking smart.

So how am I feeling? Much much better.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The NOTD, EOTD, Rant, Etude House Peach water lip gloss, haircut post

A while back, people kept complaining about my weight and how skinny I am, now that I put on plenty of weight and can't zip my jeans without rolling about on the floor (okay, exaggeration here) without atleast jumping around and thus people have moved on to other things.

Of course, people can't live without complaining about something.

Since there is no longer a need for me to wake up early, drive madly to work and go visit customers, I wake up slightly *ahem* later in the morning *ahem*. Due to this routine, I must admit that I have not been directly under the sun for a few months. So if I looked pale back then, I now look deathly pale. Yes, I'm well aware of that. If I get one more complain about my colouring, I'll bite!

There's some who pointed it out nicely, which I don't mind. There are some that point it out rudely in my face, I don't mind, what irks the shit outta me is when they bitch about me behind my back and then I find out. ARGH!

I'm almost desperate enough to head over to Watsons to buy the tanning oil. I'm serious. I considered using a darker shade of foundation but that would end up looking funky and funny. Even blusher isn't helping much now. I get super annoyed everytime people mistake me as someone who's obsessed about being fair when I'm not. People take one look at me and think that I'll wilt or melt under sunlight which is so not true since to me, sunlight means FREE vitamin E and I was brought up near the beach so, my love of going to the beach running in the sand under the sun. Joy! So I guess my next challenge is to get tanner before everyone mistakes me:

a) For a walking light bulb since I'll probably reflect whatever light back
b) That I only got months to live and I'm deathly ill
c) I'm the bride of Dracula

A few post back, I mentioned that I gotten a haircut. Hm, not liking this one too much. It's almost the same as the previous one except that the back is super short and I don't know, perhaps my hairdresser thinned my hair a little too much and I can't seem to manage it.

*sigh* I get a heart ache just looking at it

More manageable today, thank god

Woo-hoooo, after so long, E, K & I finally met up with Elyn again. She's always looking good and I was really looking forward to seeing her. It was unfortunately a short visit and again, I was late much to my embarrassment. I drove 80 - 100km/h, weaved in and out of traffic better than any basket weaver could and I was still late. &^%$#@!

Wee heeeee, the Daiso cleanser and a keychain with my initial!

Elyn gave me the Daiso Cleanser which I wanted but bought the wrong thing (I accidentally bought the masque instead) and I was happy cause my cleanser just finished. Thanks Elyn.

While in QB, we noted that Etude house was having a sale, further reduction I think. Went in to browse around and only the lipglosses, lipsticks, bases including the pore eraser is all 50%. Nothing caught my interest till I saw the lip gloss. Only 3 colours left and I tried them on, Elisa agreed that colour no.3 Plum Water (sounds disguisting) suited me best. So I got it. Yay! Another lipgloss to add to my growing army of lipglosses. *sigh* The guilt.

It came with a free folder of the star of Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, I forgot his name, which my sister drooled over. I rather have the female star's. Sheesh.

me likey teh calar!

Clueless on what to do with my nails. I painted it hot pink for about a week before deciding to add the polka dots. It kinda ended up looking a little disturbing. I mean, I've never seen so many dots on my fingers before it's.. odd. I know for a fact that Elisa cringes at the sight of polka dots so it's a good thing, I won't be seeing her too soon or she'll start scratching. Nyahahahah!

Then again, I should give E a call and ask her out...

It's been a long while since I even did any EOTD. Decided to give it another go just for fun. I have not been dressing up my eyes much since I've gotten much too lazy so I'm a little out of touch. Tried Green to see how it'll go.

So do I look like I grew some moss around my eyes? Nyahahaha!

Bought the wrong eyelashes from the night market, they were far too long. They were no longer eyelashes but glasses cleaners
Oh I used black too..

Random Milk

The fat beagle. The very fat, overweight, whinny beagle. I took care of Milk when she was a puppy and have not seen her for a couple of years. I'm glad she still recognises me and is not that hyper anymore.. *sigh* how I missed her.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pinky finally returned from Hong Kong!!

Pinky Doodle Doo returned home from Hong Kong last Sunday. She bought me lots f stuffs. Whee! One thing about Pinky Doodle Doo is that she has a habit of buying me lots and lots of things from trips and usually forgets to buy herself anything. Weird habit huh? I knew about this for a long time already so everytime she called home from Hong Kong to tell me what she bought me, I would consistantly remind her to buy things for herself. Of course, it usually falls on deaf ears. I can't complain but it makes me guilty. I don't ask for them but she goes overboard and buys them anyway. I think she got herself some nail deco and 2 shirts the rest was for me. ARGHH the guilt!

She knew I was totally in love with the Beauty Diary mask of late. I bought them in the night market a few weeks ago and they were quite pricy. They were selling for alot more than the forums in the internet but whenever I think about the shipping, the fear of buying fakes and all, I get a big massive headache. Not to mention, I needed them for a certain someone's birthday. I needed them quick so I bought some. Ouch!

Still sealed! Gonna finish the loose ones first

While in Watsons Hong Kong, Pinky Doodle Doo spotted them! She bought me 2 boxes of them in my absolute favourite, the Bulgarian White Rose and Aloe Vera. They were selling it pretty cheap! Wow! If only I could get someone in HK to buy me some. Then again, the shipping would have killed me off. I'm so freaking envious of the people in HK. Makes me wanna pack my bags and go there too. Unlike my sister who's multi lingual, I'll be laughed at, poked fun off, looked down upon since I cannot speak anything except English and my hometown dialect of Hokkien. T.T I'm a pathetic fool. A chinese who can't really be called chinese.

Also Pinky Doodle Doo knows of my love for food/dessert stuffs and she got me a charm bracelet with just all that. I nearly died of happiness. For one, I love charm bracelets and when I have lovely desserts hanging off them, a dream come true. The bracelet is suprisingly solid and very heavy. I knew it cost quite a bit but I'm really extremely pleased to have it. I'm jumping with joy. Ahh, women and assories. But seriously, who can resist food? Especially delicious looking cakes and deserts.

Pinky Doodle Doo then got me some earrings. My favourite is the one with a cake and fork hanging from it. It totally matched the bracelet she got me. But I do sit and wonder, will I look like a glutton wearing the entire set out. The snowflakes earrings is something I somewhat alread have.Except for the other one, instead of a white plastic background, it's all metal. They too were gifts from Pinky Doodle Doo although I wonder if she remembers giving them to me. If she did, why did she gotten me an almost exact same replica? o.O;; Could never figure out how her brains works.

I'm not sure why, but she got me this too. I freaked when I saw the price but her excuse was, "But it's a cake and it's so cute! Look, it can light up!". Yes, my mom tries her hardest to stuff me and my sister does it too, in a stranger way. Oh well, it's cute.
*clicks it on and off and on and off and on and off*

Nail decor

Another thing for me to freak at the price. I've never bought anything remotely close to decorate my nails before. *cough* I wonder if I'll ever use them, the roses are so cute and I think they are svaroski crystals. Perhaps when I get a new phone, I'll consider sticking it there instead.

My aunt who lives in Hong Kong bought these miniatures for me. I doubt I'll use them since I'm fussy when it comes to scents but the bottles and shapes are pretty interesting so yay yay!

Oh, Pinky Doodle Doo bought me a pink bag that comes with a smaller make up bag with bunnies prints.. Thanks Pinky, love you lot lots!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

A dedication to a beloved friend, mentor and idol.

A little history

It all started with Elisa when she told me there was someone she wanted me to meet. Someone she said that I will like. 12 years of knowing Elisa and this is the first time she said something that seriously and that insistently. So I agreed. Not that I have a choice. It pique my curiosity as who this person was and the reason Elisa said that ‘she’ and I will be able to click.

I admit that at that point in time when I sat in Nandos waiting for this mysterious Elyn, I was nervous. I had good reasons to be nervous as well as I saw something in her selling thread that I badly wanted but it was something she has decided not to sell. So in a way, I was troubling her.

Halfway through the meal, this Elyn came. I remember the first time I saw her I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was absolutely gorgeous. She does not look her age and she looks every bit the sophisticated lady she is. She was wearing a white jacket shirt carrying a Guess bag, her make up was flawless and her personality and bubbliness, infectious.

I remember it became a little harder to swallow the chicken after seeing her. Instead of thinking I’ve troubled her or the fact that she was stuck in a jam outside Gurney for some time and she had to drive all the way to Penang island to pass me my item, she was extremely friendly and talked and treated me like she’s known me for years.

I decided in that instant, that I really really liked her. She talks animatedly, with lots of expressions and one can’t help but be drawn to whatever she’s saying. She lightly touches ones arms to let them know that she’s talking to them and not to make anyone feel left out. Elisa was right, I really liked this lady.

After the first meeting, we met up a number of times, and everytime we met up, Elyn always had gifts for us. It always something she knew we liked or needed and I must admit it’s embarrassing to just take it from her. With each gift, there was a fear growing in me, I loved Elyn for who she is and it’s not because of the gift, I didn’t want to be a parasite or leech, all I wanted was her friendship. I’ve long ago decided that all I wanted from Elyn was her and she was a friend I NEVER wanted to lose. She was far too precious. She really is.

She is my mental support, the person I run to when I need advise or a shoulder to cry on. She’s always there and she’s always got her experience to share. A storyteller skillfully weaving her experiences with the current situation and making things easier to remember and learn. Her experiences are never boring and leaves me in stitches all the time. And through her, I’ve also came to love her daughter (whom I’ve yet to met) very much. I sincerely thank you for all your time and words of wisdom you gave me. You are my pillar of support and someday I hope to be yours.

Elyn, if you’re reading this, all I want to say is that I absolutely love you for who you are. I admire you from the bottom of my heart and I hope that you’ll allow me in your life for years to come. I promise you that, I’ll be there for you whenever and wherever you need me. You are absolutely without doubt, a fantastic person that the fanciest words cannot describe.


I love you from the very bottom of my heart!