Monday, January 26, 2009

Selling Paul & Joe and Givenchy cosmetic

I'll be truthful and say that I thank gawd that I don't have alot of cousins. Well, actually I do, but I'm only close to a handful. So anyway, my cousin came back for the CNY holidays from KL and decided to ask me to help her sell off some of her Christmas presents, also thankfully nothing that I gave her *ebil glare*. Didn't want it to combine with my previous old selling thread so I decided to open a whole new post for her.

All items are NEW and in box, never tested, never tried, never sniffed, whatever. Comes from a smoke free, pet free environment and there will be no swatches, sorry!

I don't decided on the price nor do I really know how much these items are sold for considering that we have no Paul & Joe counter here in Penang and our Givenchy counter in Gurney Plaza has closed down some time ago (check my previous post) But anyway, these stuffs are from her boyfriend who in her words 'simply hentam' and bought for her. I personally can't imagine anyone selling off their Christmas presents but for her, I understand why. She don't use make up and she's selling them off to buy something else.

I'm extremely tempted by the items myself and I can't stop staring at the cute P&J packaging but I'm not allowed to buy anymore lip glosses thanks to my massive collection and my promise to finish one off before buying a new one. So enough chatter, here are the goods!

Please remember that there is only ONE item each. The items are currently with me.

FREE SHIPPING within Peninsular Malaysia

Paul & Joe Lip Gloss N
6.0g/0.21 oz
Selling for only: RM 40
Lip Gloss N - # 01 ( Secret Of Gold )

Lip Gloss N - # 02 ( Syrup )

Paul & Joe Pencil Eye Liner

Crayon Eye Liner
1.0g/ 0.03 oz
#03 Reflection
Pearly beige colour
Selling for only: RM35
A lightweight and adhesive, yet blendable formula.Contains orange flower water and jojoba oil to moisturize and prevents irritation with white lily Extract.
- People Shopping Search

Givenchy Logo Sunkissed Powder
7g/0.24 oz
US$50 (whoaaa..)
Selling for only: RM100
Much more than a tanning powder, this indispensable enhancer gently beautifies a natural tan with iridescent golden reflections. Soft and silky, its precious and delicate texture mingles with the skin for a lasting hold and dazzling transparency. The Sunset shade brings out each complexion with a golden-coppery base to revitalize your tan, apricot for a healthy look, pink for radiance and a touch of silver to illuminate the complexion.
-Saks Fifth Avenue

What is it used for;
• Enhances natural tan with 4 tones
• Sunset shade revitalizes tan with a golden-coppery base
• Apricot gives a healthy look while pink imparts radiance
• Silver illuminates overall complexion
• Delicate, soft, silky texture easily glides onto skin
• Powder holds long on skin for lasting effect


More updates and Etude House Magic BB Balm reviews

Since I'm really bored, decided to do a few more updates, muahaha!

My house is fast becoming a rest stop for all scavenging animals looking for food. We occasionally have monkeys happily raiding our rambutan tree along with civet cats and other wild animals. When it's not the rambutan season, they'll also happily raid our kitchen and leave us with a nice poop ON the dining table. Aren't they kind.

Before that, we have birds feasting on our chili and grapes plants, Kingfishers on our fishes (duh), monkeys on our old mango tree and longan tree, which dad nearly wanted to pull his hair out cause the tree was so sickly it only produced a few longans in 10 years. MUAHAHAHHA!

Anyway, dad got angry after the last raid that left poop on our dining table that he went and buy a trap and left it in the kitchen. So ta-daa, we found ourselves a civet cat around midnight. Dad wanted to cage it for a few days to teach it a lesson before letting it go far far away from our house. A few days later, the poor thing looks so miserable that I got into a quarrel with dad about letting it go, in the end, he did, so please don't call the SPCA on us.

A few days later, and another poopie on the floor, dad caught the 2nd civet cat, a much larger one. I don't know what happened to it. But rest assured, it didn't end up on our table for the Reunion dinner.

The last trip down to KL and on the way back to Penang, I stopped by Sunway Pyramid to head over to Etude House. Was on a mission to get something that E wanted. I browse around and I was so tempted to get something, anything! It was my 2nd time in Etude and this time, I didn't want to leave without buying something! I don't need any face base, blushers or lip sticks/ glosses so I went back to my old nasty habit of buying foundation. Just that in this case, it's not really a foundation but rather a BB cream.

The small boxes of moistful and Aqua Sherbet are purchase with purchase (PWP)

It cost about RM69.90 and comes with a soft mini brush and it's only in one colour, which the sales person told me that it'll blend into my skin colour. It looked really tan so I was a little hesitant to buy it but after a while, ah what the heck!

It's only 25ml despite the big packaging and it's supposedly has pretty good coverage, which was why I ended up getting it. It's not really oily and has medium staying powder but I'm loving it!

The coverage was good much to my surprise but it can look a little thick if applied too much so, I start with 'painting' my nose area, forehead and inner cheeks before using the brush to 'drag' out to the other parts covering my entire face. You'll definitely need to apply loose powder after it so I just slap on my Anna Sui since I didn't buy any from Etude.

Would I buy it again? YES YES YES!

The difference between this and SkinFood's Aloe Vera BB is the coverage and also, the SF has a tendency to be oilier towards later of the day. Doesn't cover pimples that well but is good for those who wants to minimize pores and pimple scars.

My Chinese New Year nails. I'm so not loving it. Never realized how long my nails has gotten till I tried doing the french manicure tip, way too much white! I can soon title myself as Queen of all failed experiments and add this one to my growing resume.

Added the 'pearls' out of boredom and discovered how irritating they were. I had to super glue a few of them so they wouldn't run around and whenever I run my hands thru my hair, they sometimes get caught. Ouch! Which them prompt me to apply more top coat so it'll fill the small cracks and ridges.

I can't wait for after new year when I can cut my nails short. That aside, please take note that despite all that, my hands are not 'useless'. People often wondered if I could even do anything with nails this length. Answer is, it's super tough if the nails are fake/acrylic because you're not used to them and it's like they grew overnight and your not sure what to do with them.

If the nails are real (like mine)we would have gotten used to them as they grew, we would have found ways to improvise as we went along. Example, I can no longer type on my laptop properly so I either use the sides of my nails which is pretty comfortable and doesn't bother or slow me down. I cannot switch off my TV or light or press buttons on a lift the normal way so I use my knuckles instead (which I find much more hygienic because I tend to use my fingers to touch my face)

BUT I can still mop floor and do do pretty much everything like normal. I still help mom in the kitchen to slice and dice vegetables and pound chilis to make sambal belacan. My nails are pretty strong so I can also wash dishes and do water related stuffs without problems. Also I can still remove my contact lenses. I do have a problem opening canned drinks though.

How do I know that I won't face problems later when my nails grow longer? I would know cause I've grown my nails way longer than this. It was to an extend that the tips started to curve inwards (claw like) and I couldn't hold a pen without hurting myself.

A colleague of mine gave me a fortune cookie! My first fortune cookie! Wheee! It's a chipped at the sides fortune cookie but nevertheless a fortune cookie! Wheee!

...And it says that I will soon have gold pieces by the bushels! Exactly just like what my other colleagues got. Uh oh, wow...

She popped the entire fortune cookie in her mouth and I was screaming "There's paper in side" and she spit it out and it said the same thing. Potong stim~

Had no idea what bushels means so I had to look it up;
noun [C]
a unit of measurement equal to approximately 36.4 litres in Britain or 35.2 litres in the US:

Uhhhhhhhhhh... okay. *scratch head*

P.S: I'm really liking Warhammer Online :D

Hello there Mr.Ox!

Ah, the year of the Rat is official over and done, and I'm already missing Mr Rat. Overall it was a pretty good year for me, lots of ups and downs but I found my current job and met lots of very nice people along the way, some whom I've grown very fond of.

It's also a little sad that the next time I'll get to see Mr Rat again, I would be 36 years old =_=;; and the year 2020. The thought of me being 36 is frightening to me. I know I'll have to go thru it eventually but thinking about it now and what the *toot* I'll be and what the *toot* I'll be doing is totally beyond me.

So anyway, one habit I have is my love for reading all those yearly chinese zodiac guide on whether Mr Rat will get married, Mr Moo will get moving, Mr Tiger will have an affair, Ms Rabbit will find a pot of gold and so forth. And it's finally strike me that out of so many of them says different things that left me utterly confused.

So anyway a few years back 2007 if not mistaken, I remember Lilian Too saying that the Rat (that's me) will have a secret benefactor during a TV seminar. In the end, I became someone secret benefactor when I was robbed. Sheesh! That sorta turned me off reading Lilian Too's stuffs, anyway she's usually selling stuffs that poor people like me can't afford anyway. No offense to her many fans out there that swears by her stuffs. It's great that her tips works for you.

So anyway this year, while some say it's not a good year for the Rats, I guess it'll be okay. Dad always says that if we do good karma, we'll get good karma so we won't have to worry too much. Karma the universal law of cause and effect. Yay!

So anyway according to Joey Yap

"While there are many changes afoot, the Rat will receive help from Noble People. You will enjoy smooth relationships with others, with minimal troubles. Where your career is concerned, you need to stay in your current company this year. Help from others will elevate your stature and improve the situation, especially for those of who have more experience than you. They will be able to offer plenty of useful assistance and advice."

I hope so Mr Yap! For my poor piggy bank's sake, I hope so! Help me Noble People, help meeeeee! *ahem*

That reminds me, I've always wondered how old Joey Yap is. Judging by his face, he's so young looking. I'm almost dying to know what skincare he uses. *Hearts over eyes* I really want to meet him but his seminars are usually in KL or overseas and I'm guessing that if I do go to one of his seminars, I might have to eat only Maggie Mee for a month. I kid you not.

Moving on, this time according to The Star Newspaper;


You’re not as lucky as last year. There are several unlucky stars influencing the Rat. However, there are still eight favourable months ahead. Your luck in career and wealth is good, but not in love and health.
Ash: I happened to like last year but if it can be better, then all the better

Career: You have a lucky star this year. Your boss will appreciate your talents and you will get the promotion you’ve been eyeing. But it won’t happen if you don’t fight for it. For merchants, bankers and sales people, you will make more than sufficient money.
Ash: Aww hell, the only time 'muh boss' notice me is when I did something wrong and by saying I have to fight for it, I fear it really might be a physical fight one with either me or him with a black eye.

Oh wait, I'm suppose to be positive and not jinx myself so, LOVE ME BOSS, LOVE MEEE!

Love life: Rats are not lucky in love this year. For married people, you’ll have frequent quarrels with your spouse. For those in love, it’s not a good time to push the existing relationship to the next level. Your love interest could have a change of heart. For singles, set aside some time for social life and you might find a new love interest, but do not expect things to develop rapidly.
Ash: Bah, another non marriageable year. I swear that if I don't marry by 30, I'm becoming a female monk in Tibet whether my dad likes it or not!

Health: You’re vulnerable to accidents and diseases. Too much pressure and lack of sleep might lead to poor health. Go for an annual medical check-up.
Ash: I'm already suffering from lack of sleep thanks to my lack of sales. Sheesh!

Take note: Remember the old Chinese saying: Having good health is good luck."

*Note, click on the links if you wanna read your own zodiacs

So anyway, I know that all this cannot be taken literally, word for word, money don't come without effort and hard work, unless God decides to telegram some money down to you. Just like Tarots, take it with a pinch of salt. Do good and good will come to you. That's what I believe, so to everyone of there, Happy Moo Year and have fun!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You drive me bananas!

Call me ignorant if you must, but I've recently made a shocking discovery that literally and practically shocked my pants off. I received an email regarding this so please read on;


Mum said my uncle saw it in Tunjang (Kedah) and the pasar malam in Titi Chai Kangar (Perlis) where goreng pisang was sold on afternoons.

The hawker added a plastic drinking straw into a wok of hot oil and let it melt completely before he started to fry some bananas in the bubbling oil.

This is why some fried bananas and ubi are so crispy... for hours...!!

My uncle asked the hawker about this, but the hawker did not answer him. When my uncle told my mum about this, they realized this is how the hawkers ensure that fried food stays crispy for their customers. My mum said that in Thailand , they do the same thing to keep fried ikan bilis and fried onions crispy, even if left in the open for hours!!

Another time, I was with my family in Cameron Highlands . It was 3:00 pm and we were hanging around the market area, where there were several hawker stalls.

At one of them, there was a big wok of boiling oil with an empty plastic bottle floating in it and slowly melting. At first I thought it had fallen into the oil accidentally, but then I saw a little girl, about 7-years old, holding a pair of chopsticks and stirring the bottle around in the hot oil.

I realized, Oh my God... these people were using melted plastic to fry food, so that the fried snacks would not turn soft when it cooled down later.

I absolutely cannot understand how anyone can even do something like this for the sake of money. People like that ought and deserves to be put away in jail for endangering lives. Sure money is important, that goes without saying but how would the hawker like it if others did the same to them. MSG, artificial preservative are bad enough, but to add plastic? Remember the Sanlu melamine milk powder case?

What the f*** is this world turning into? Gone are the days of honesty and sincerity it would seem. I mean, my grandparents previously owned a successful seafood restaurant by the sea before they passed on and if the crabs are on the verge of dying or is dead, they are always disposed off and NEVER served to customers. Isn't that how business is supposed to be done?

Since the 1950's, one billion tons of plastic has been discarded and may persist for hundreds or even thousands of years. In some cases, burning plastic can release toxic fumes. Also, the manufacturing of plastics often creates large quantities of chemical pollutants.

- Wikipedia

Told Ian about the story and he turned to me and mentioned, “Yea, that’s old news, I know of hawkers in Malacca that does it.”

WTF! Gee, what’s next? Seriously. Pretty soon, they are going to come out with Strawberry-tasting jam spread made from plastic, mooncakes made from plastic and chocolate ice creams made from milk mixed with … you guessed it! Plastic.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Changing teams + MAC Hello Kitty

A few days after my post about my job, our bank made some changes. The team which I'm currently in will officially disband starting on Feb 1, 2009 along with 3 other teams leaving our branch with only 2 teams. E and I will 'should' be absorbed into the remaining 2 teams.

My current team leader will be heading over to the bank's BM branch on the mainland, while the rest of us has become 'orphans' and will be awaiting the remaining two team leaders to adopt us.

I'm not entirely sure if all this is a good thing because like every coin, there's two sides of it. The good part is that I could probably extend my stay in the bank for another month in the new team, bad thing is, if the bank is to further reduce head count, I'll be one of the first casualties. There's a bit of a confusion now that who and who will be servicing this and that developer, agent and lawyer.

I've really lost motivation to work lately, I keep feeling lost, confused and down. Sure, Chinese New Year is coming but I'm not feeling the festivity. I keep worrying about work that I can't even eat or sleep comfortably.

But worry not, I won't keep ranting about work anymore, I'm pretty sure people are starting to get sick of hearing all about it, I mean, who doesn't have problems with their work, right?
But I would like to thank J for the sms he sent me earlier in the morning to encourage me. I really appreciated the sms and it meant alot to me! Thank you, your sms really brighten up my day!

To further cheer myself up decided to post the upcoming Hello Kitty Collection by MAC

10 x 10 x 10!!
Don't understand? Say it fast, ten ten teeeen!

Anyway, MAC Hello Kitty is coming to town! Yea yea, it's old news but I'm still as excited as when I first heard about it, remember MAC Barbie? I'm still kicking my ass for missing that one. So I'm definitely not going to miss this one. Been saving up lately so that I could buy a couple of stuffs from this collection. Not entirely too sure when it'll hit the Malaysian shores but I'm guessing it to be around April or May 09. It's launching in US in February and since we're usually either around the same time or way way later. Have any of you targeted anything from the Hello Kitty Collection?

Helloooo Meooow~

I'm not sure if I like the eyeshadow or lipstick colours so I can't wait to see the actual things. For now, I'm eying the lip conditioners, probably a lipglass and beauty powder. Huu huu! But if the colours turns out blah, then I'll probably get... something. A bag or bracelet maybe. We'll see. Love the packaging but the colours are so not appealing.

For more info and pictures on the HK Collection, please visit Temptalia

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank You and Good Bye

There's a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall
And the bells in the steeple too
And up in the nursery an absurd little bird
Is popping out to say "cuckoo"
Cuckoo, cuckoo

Regretfully they tell us Cuckoo, cuckoo
But firmly they compel us Cuckoo, cuckoo
To say goodbye . . .

To you

- So Long, Farewell, Sound of Music

Although nothing is official yet, there is a high possibility of me resigning from my current job by the end of this month. It's a little sad but our team is downsizing and my ass is currently on fire and I'm smelling the smoke. Due to lots of delayed documents from customers, and also the lack of customers, and the downsizing part.

What's there for me to do now other than to try to hold on as hard as I can but I'm guessing that I'm not going to be able to make it as it's currently Chinese New Year time and everyone's is probably too busy house cleaning or whatever to even think about refinancing their houses. So by the end of next week, if I still have no documents on hand, I'll have to tie my white undies to a stick and wave it around.

If you think this is abrupt, it's even more so for me. I didn't really see it coming. It's only last Friday when I was I was told that if I have no acceptance by this end of the month, I should know what to do. In Chinese, "seng mok" la.

I'm not embarrassed to write all this down at the fact that I am losing my job because I do know that I did try my best at this job but due to some circumstances, I'm unable to hold on to it. I am indeed thankful to all the people who has helped me and supported me all these times. Thinking back, I do know of a few people that I'll miss dearly. I still hope to visit them, just that maybe next time, no longer as a banker.

There is still about 2 weeks to go so, know that I'll be working my ass off to save my ass all this 2 weeks. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

100th Post!

This blog started not too long ago on the 2nd June 2008 and in about 7 months, I've finally hit my 100th post, whee! I guess that shows that I'm a very bored person.

I initially wanted this post up something important but when I realized that it was my 100th post, I wanted it to be a happy one. So I'll have to postpone the announcement I had wanted to make.

Introduced E to Left 4 Dead and by the looks of it, E's loving it! I'm glad, she wasn't very interested when I told her about Quake 4 but this zombie shooting game really got her attention. Been playing it for the past 2 days now and it's really fun playing with your best friend. We take care of each other's asses and we cooperate well even online. I also realized how important teamwork is in the game because as usual, E's little bro, Dani and Alex are both Rambo-wannabes. Meaning, they walk too fast and forget to wait for people behind. Especially poor little me. I'm usually the last cause I need to take care of their backs so I'm usually left behind, only E comes back for me after seeing me get lost somewhere in the tunnels.


So anyway, had an interview this Saturday and I had a major breakout. My skin was still dehydrated and pimples popped out like literally no tomorrow. I'm suspecting that it's the Clarin's HydroQuench that made me break out but we'll see. So I had to find a way to cover up my pimples and still not look like I painted my face with WeatherShield or Dulux.

E gave some tips and I had to figure out the rest myself. Nerve-wrecking. So many products and just one face. No mistakes allowed.

Thankfully, I seem to have figured out a way to cover uneven, patchy, pore-y, pimpled skin to make it almost flawless. Well, to me anyway. Gonna post this up so that I don't forget this secret recipe. All my 24 years of life, it's only now that my skin has gotten oily, dehydrated and pimple-ly. Usually it's just oily and pimple-ly. XD

But when your skin is dehydrated, the skin becomes tight looking and even line of your face can be seen even clearer. Like d'oh, everyone knows that, so anyway for those out there that might have the same problem as me, here is a little tip, don't take it word for word but experiment on your own just as well.

First, prep your face the night before with hydrating mask, serums and anything hydrating. The following morning, clean your face, apply toner, moisturizer and then what I did was, apply MAC prep and prime (which covered my pores) worked nicely, then on with my MUFE colour corrector in green, wait a while then, pile on the MUFE Camoflauge Cream concealer, apply MAC Mineralized Satinfinish as it gives off a beautiful dewy look and not matte and boring. Anna Sui's face powder on top and slap on my MAC MSF duo in medium/ natural and shimmer's shimmer part as hightlight.

It sounds really simple, but these items are really great because they really cover up everything without making your face look like you got a pancake face. Wish there was a picture but I was in a rush so I didn't take any.

Oh, someone requested for the pictures below. Not such a great job so I might come up with a better one later on.

The Dream

This is in the mind of a certain someone. The captain (the one wearing a Navy Captain's hat) is working desperately to save his sinking ship while the rest of the crew members sits back doing nothing. Yes, his 'ship' is the pea shaped thingie. The light blue represents the water seeping into his sinking ship.

The Reality
The Captain (wearing a pirate's hat) is shouting and yelling to the crew to save his sinking ship while he does nothing.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is the eye make up I had during Christmas, originally done for a YouTube contest for a Festive Look. In the end, it didn't look very festive to me and looks ordinary and not to mention, I accidentally placed the camera angle too high and the camera didn't even catch what the hell I was doing. Sad. I really wanted the prizes.

Colours Used:

Don't quite remember but it's something along;
  • MAC Sweet Sienna,
  • Elianto's Silver,
  • MAC Vanilla,
  • MAC Typographic,
  • MAC paint pot in Blackground

Left: Only painted first 3 nails Right: What the Rainbow puked out

If you're wondering what the hell is this?! I'm not entirely sure I can answer you too. This is just what happens when you're wide awake at 2 am and bored. An experiment failed beyond words that I washed off immediately after the pictures taken. I had initially painted Christmas lights on my nails but it didn't turned our looking very nice so I went ahead and do what you can see above. I should have just tried green and make it all camouflage looking. Sheesh!

My little loot

Had to stand in our bank's booth in PISA last week for the MJ Warehouse Sale. The cosmetic section was having a 50- 70% sale but since I got there on the 3rd last day, everything was almost finish. The only mascara left was Maybelline's Lash Discovery which I hated so I ended up getting these instead.

  • Bloop De Paris Lip glosses RM9.9o
  • Bloop De Paris Wet Tissues RM 2.oo
  • Maybelline's AngelFit Foundation RM16.oo
  • Loreal Hot Curl Hair Spray RM10.oo
  • Revlon Moisture Lipstick RM15.oo

So if you girls see people selling super cheap Loreal, Revlon, Maybelline, Garnier, Bloop de Paris stuffs, be do know that they are most likely bought during the warehouse sale and that the expiry date should be near. Buy at your own risk!

Oh and a BIG shout out to;

J and Mr Macho!
Super sorry that we went MIA for so long. Felt very guilty, but hope you guys are doing well! Will visit you guys soon! <3

Monday, January 5, 2009

Left 4 Dead

First off, A Happy Belated New Year to everyone! Hope everyone had fun, I know I did. Spent my New Year in the ClubHouse with the rest of the guys watching Mythbusters, drinking whatever someone mixed up, playing NERV guns and shooting neighbors with Super Soaker guns. It was quiet, simple and fun.

Anyway, I've been quite addicted to this LAN game lately. Been heading over to NetCity the one near Prima Tanjung whenever there's 'kaki' who wants to play. It's all about shooting zombies and it's really fun! It's a 4 players kinda game, and there's no going solo aka hero type, there's lots of teamwork and covering each other's asses. It's really much better and lots more fun to play with friends instead of the computer (AI) cause sometimes the computer does the funkiest things and you'll swear they are trying to get everyone killed! Not to mention I'm always always the old guy Bill. It drives me crazy in a stupid way.

Besides that I've been at home playing Yahoo Games. That should tell you how bored I am. Trying to cut down on buying cosmetics and all unnecessary stuffs so instead of hanging around in Gurney, it's much cheaper to just put at home. Was cleaning up my room on New Year when I came across all the Watson's plastic bags that I wanted to recycle and half of them still had receipts in them. That's when I came to realize that a good 95% of the time, I always end up walking out with sweets, candies, chocolates or gums. I cannot help myself, everytime I go in, I MUST buy something, it's so silly. It doesn't cost alot, a bar of chocolate here, some sweets there but over the spans of weeks, months, years it actually amount up to something BIG without me realizing. *sigh*

All this time, I known for a fact that I'm addicted to sweets. Sugar and chocolates are one of the things that calm me down whenever I'm feeling angry or anxious. I can easily get into a temper whenever I don't eat sweets for a time period. It sounds so weird but it's just me. I know I save alot of money from not smoking or drinking but this one of my vices I guess.

What a boring entry...