Tuesday, June 30, 2009

College Daze

I seem to know lots of people who were fortunate enough to go overseas for their education but for me, not wanting to burden my parents, I opted for a local college. I studied in Han Chiang College from 2003-2006. At that point of time, we were one of the first batches to study in English I think (I might be mistaken) When my father told me to enroll in Han Chiang, my first thoughts were, "Han Chiang? Where on earth is Han Chiang?"

I live on the northwest part of Penang nearer to Gurney Plaza along with Kern and Elisa. All our houses are about 5 minutes drive from one another and Han Chiang College was a good 15 minutes drive from our area to Han Chiang which is near to the State Mosque aka Big Onion. We live on an very small island where to get to one end to another probably takes about an hour so to us a 15 minutes drive is far away indeed. LOL, this is our mentality.

While places are close by the traffic jams are real killers. The roads are smaller and narrower and although we Penangites, have the title of being the worst drivers in Malaysia. I feel that this is undeserved. Other people from other states come to Penang and is unable to maneuver and adept to our smaller roads and therefore cause a traffic jam of some sorts. We are used to the condition of our roads, no roads are complete without portholes and bumps by the way and we are expert drivers in our own roads. A gentle reminder to others that people who live on the mainland where the roads are WIDE also carries the same P number plate.

*Our number plates all starts with an alphabet that lets others know where we're from. P is from Penang, A for Perak, W for Selangor, B for Kuala Lumpur and so forth.

If you've watch Initial D and watch them racing up and down Mt. Akina, well Elisa does it better. Our very own Elisa who's able to drive down Batu Feringgi at the speed of 90kilometres an hour with NO brakes. If you think "Oh what's the big deal? It's only 90 km/h." Wait till you see the traffic and the road structure. It's like a roller coaster ride minus all safety equipment. How do I know? I was in it.

In other words, we are in fact EXCELLENT drivers thank you very much. *puffs out chest and swagger around*

ARGH, I've digress yet again! Anyway back to my college days, would you believe it if I say that I was the only English educated fool in the entire college? It's like going into another planet where you don't understand anyone at all. I had only a handful of hands (EDIT: AHAHAHAHHAAA.. handful of hands?!?! Sorry but I meant to say handful of friends) as everyone stayed away from me mostly cause there was a communication breakdown and that I looked arrogant.

Instead with hanging out with the cool, pretty kids, I hung out with the smartest kids in our semester. I never regretted my decision. The smarter ones pushes me to push myself to work harder so that I won't be a burden to the group. I was usually in charge of editing and did most of the reports. The easy jobs :D

I remember on the third semester, we had graphic design and had to 'create' our own CD. Given that half of us were a bunch of computer illiterates that only knew how to switch 'on' the computer for MIRC or Friendster and the other half (me included) has knowldge of the computer but has never even touched Photoshop before, it was a mess. I was a stupid one. I drew everything with a paper and pen, scanned it and noobly coloured it with Photoshop and lost alot of hair and sleep while my friends took snapshots of themselves and paste it on the cover. I should have bloody hell done that. Okay so I gotten a slightly better grade but the amount of effort was...tremendously taxing on me.

Some of the sketches I did for the 'album', I took some of my favourite songs and paste on the lyrics.

Looking back at it, I wish I done better.

If I knew JeanJean then, I would have paid her to do it for me or bribe Kern or something. Of course Kern was then also busy with her graphic design course. I sit here and wonder, if I miss college, in the end, I'm happy it was over and done with. I could well say that it was lonely to study in a place where people judge you solely by the language you spoke and the way you look. I pat myself in the back for gritting my teeth and getting through all this without killing anyone.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lazy make up EOTD, grandma pillow NOTD + other updates :D

The alarm went off at 8am sharp today and I woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Okay, not the bushy tail part but when I realized that it was a Monday morning, I switch off the alarm and went back to sleep.

My last day at work turned out to be last Friday. They wanted me to clear my leave so I ended up clearing two out of my six days annual leave. I still had pending cases so I passed everything to my other colleagues and spent the day shredding paper. I must admit that my former company has got to be super stingy. The shredder is super small and overheats every 15 minutes or less. Frustrating. I ended up with paper cuts on my hands tearing the papers instead.

With Cynthia our office admin,
Me and Mr.W's 2 in one Birthday & Farewell Cake, thanks to the people from OneAsia

My last day coincide with Mr. W's birthday and since we were out for lunch with the people from OneAsia, Mr Lim actually bought a cake for us. Lunch was delicious! And yes, I've reached my target weight of 48.5kg. I can now stop being a glutton and eat at my pace. Ahhh~

Good bye and thank you for everything Mr.W

EOTD : The lazy eye make up

Taken on very different days

How's my make up lately? One word to describe it; LAZY. Even Chris from MAC notices and I don't even see her often. How embarrassing.

I no longer do this and do that, I've just gotten too lazy for that. I keep everything simple. I use the usual MAC Bare study as base then Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner on both top and lower lids since it doesn't smudge, then sweep BB's Espresso to soften the harsh gel liner line. Put mascara and I'm outta the house. Since the new ruling of having to be in the office by 9 am sharp, I have begun my simple eye routine and loving it. As much as I love colours, I just no longer have to think of what colour to match this and match that. Black and brown fits everything. Makes my life a lot simpler.

Ta-daaaaa, the lazy make up for lazy people like me

NOTD : How to make your nails looks like some granny pillows :P


Our of boredome, yet again, I got this "bright" idea and decided to try it out. First I bought a long strip of nail stickers and painted my nails with Elianto's Alice blue.


Paint a strip of any light pink nail colour that you find lying around in the middle of your nail. The careful peel the sticker and paste it on to our nails. Repeat for all 10 nails and ta-daa, you'll have nails that can compete with your grandma's pillows or cup's coster! Yay!



Met up with Elyn after so long. I missed her so absolutely much! It's always fantastic to meet up with her for a chat. Postively one of the people that I treasure and love very dearly.

Was suppose to meet her at 1.30pm at Gurney and because I wanted to get her something that I knew she's been eyeing, it was a mad rush to get to Gurney before her. One thing I knew about her is that she's never late! Lo and behold, she indeed got to Gurney way before me and was already having coffee with Chris. But in the end I still managed to get her present before she did! Nyahahahaa! *puffs out chest* It sometimes pays to be sneaky.

The white rose earrings and white and black rose ring
I never never knew that I had a mole near the side of my ear till I saw the picture o.O
And I actually have 2 piercings (used to be 3) on both ears hence the hole on my ear
Random info: I pierced a total of 9 times, Elisa pieced a total of 21 times

After coffee we went 'bergoyang-goyang' window shopping and we both saw and bought the earring and ring. It's so cute! The ring wasn't my first choice but it was the only ring my size so I bought it for my ring finger. Yes, people, I'm married to myself since no one wants to marry me. XD

*Gasp* I finally own an electronic eye lash curler
I love you Elyn!

As usual, no meeting with Elyn is complete without her giving away something. This time it was an electronic eye lash curler much to my surprise. I totally forgot about it the last time Elyn told me she had something 'not cosmetic' to give me.

I was kind of afraid of it initially, knowing how butter fingers I am, I'm bound to burn myself one of these days but the eye lash curler works wonders! My Stage brand eye curler can now sit on my make up drawer for years to come, I absolutely hate hate hate Stage's eye lash curler. It just doesn't suit my typical asian eyes.

Muahahahhaa, I look so suprised. Don't mind the smudge look, the make up was a good 12 hour old. Ain't the purple pretty?

See how it curls my eyelashes up! Up, up and away! *superman pose* Anyway, thank you very much Elyn. The eyelash curler was appreciated and will be loved and take good care of!

P.s: Elyn, I guess everyone glows when they are in love huh? XD

Another totally random fact about myself is that I love recyling things. I find it hard to throw things away and this time, after 'polishing' off the chocolates, I cleaned the box and put random trinket in it. On the box, the trinkets ranges from rings to earrings to lip gloss to hairpins to fancy erasers to a sea shell given to me by E about 10 years ago which I still treasure.

Left to right: Just to prove that I'm not always sour faced :D
"Charlie's Angel" as everyone nickname the three of us, not my favourite nickname but it just got stuck, and it wasn't even us that came up with the silly nickname. ARGH

How do I know it's Uncle Matt's hands behind me? The chunky "Ah Long" gold bracelet gave him away
Pictures are taken from Kern's facebook

A BIG BIG thank you to the Mr. J, Mr. C and Jeremy for the smses. Although I'm no longer with the bank, I do hope to visit all of you just the same. Take care!

'No Plastic' Mondays

Just a small reminder to all Penangites. Staring tomorrow, all Mondays will be a 'No Plastic' Monday, meaning bring your own plastic bag or tote bag or whatever bag when you go shopping as you will be charged 20cents for each plastic bag used.

The money collected will be sent to Partners Against Poverty aimed at helping the state's hardcore poor.

I wonder how many of you thought that it meant not to use our credit/ charge cards on Mondays or that the state of Penang is suddenly not accepting Credit cards on Mondays. Nyahahaha...

Should bring our own straws..?

Resignation Blues

It's been a freaking long time since I last posted. I felt really bad about not updating and suddenly going on MIA but there was stuffs happening in real life that needed some attention.

There's a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall
And the bells in the steeple too
And up in the nursery an absurd little bird
Is popping out to say "cuckoo"
Cuckoo, cuckoo

Regretfully they tell us Cuckoo, cuckoo
But firmly they compel us Cuckoo, cuckoo
To say goodbye . . .

To you

- So Long, Farewell, Sound of Music

I've finally handed in my resignation letter as of today and I'll be leaving the bank (I work in a bank in case you never knew :D) at the end of this month. I guess sometimes changes are needed and I felt both extremely relief and sad at the same time. I'm relief that I won't be under anymore pressure and worrying about my sales even on weekends and meeting weird, stalker-ish customers but sad cause I'll be missing the crazy bunch of colleagues. A year passed by really fast and before I knew it come the 25th, it will be my one year. Although I've been with them for just a year, I've learn alot and at the same time, grew up just a little as well.

I've decided to pursue either a Make Up course or learn some basics in a Psychology course. I'm interested in both but I doubt I'll be able to afford to study Psychology. I've also decided to join the same gym with Kern and continue with my yoga lessons. I really wanted to take a break and perhaps travel but with the Swine Flu and all, I guess that's really not the best of ideas. *sigh*

Since it was 4 of our colleagues birthdays in the same month, we decided to have a birthday bash for them in Slippery Senorita (SS) in Upper Penang Road (UPR) last Friday. The pictures taken below is from Kern's album in Facebook.

Me and Samuel,
the guy who sits next to me in office. As fond as I am of him, there are times I just want to kick his a$$ to Kingdom come
and Friday night was one of them

By the looks of my patchy face, I must have drunk quite a bit by then. I end up with super embarrassing patchy skin every time I drink. Sad

Out of topic but that reminds me, Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream gives off a whitish cast, in other words can and may make you look ghastly white. It's suitable for people who are MAC NC 15 and below (just my opinion). It sometimes makes both my face and neck's colour miles apart and trust me, it doesn't look pretty.

It has good coverage and fantastic oil control but if you're darker than NC15, make sure you test it out before buying. It doesn't oxidize and turn natural on me. It remains quite fair.

I think, out of Kern's entire album, this picture was the funniest! I can't stop laughing at this picture every time I see it. In case you're wondering who the drunken guy is, he's actually CT, our Sales Manager.

I enjoyed the companionship of my colleagues and friends but I didn't enjoy the fact that Samuel kept knocking into me like a ping pong ball and CT was stepping on both my feet trhoughout the night. I should have scampered to safety but I didn't wanted to bother Elisa and Matthew so I entertained myself by watching everyone fall over themselves.

On Saturday night, Su Lin, Kern and the rest of us headed over to LOOK Bistro, a new place that just opened up not too long ago next to Soi 11 in UPR. The music was good and when you're surrounded by friends, everything is just great. It really helps to take my mind off lots of worries in the office and trust me when I say, I have a lot of it. Despite it being my last week in the office, I'm still fighting and pushing for sales till the end.

Darren and I,
I like this picture, why cause I actually looked nice in it :D

P.S : Please don't think funny, it really is because of that reason :D

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ekimura's cosplay contest pt 2 + hair cut

I joined Ekimura's contest because I wanted the handmade hair clips that she makes. They ended up not being part of the prize. LMAO. You can click on the link and vote ^-^

Not that I minded because I couldn't believe the comments I got. I seriously wanted to thank everyone who commented. Thank you so much. It wasn't alot of comments but for those who posted up meant so much to me. It really suprise me cause I was half expecting people like Green Wee Wee to post up again and call me nasty things. In the end, I realize that even if I didn't win, the comments were fantastic prizes in a way. A million thanks!

A while ago, I read that Eki uses Garnier hair colour dye and since mine has faded from violet to some kind of brown I decided to just do it myself this time just to save some money. I've never coloured my own hair before so I was bloody nervous in case it comes out in patches. Elisa was chosed the colour for me Garnier's Blackcurrent.

Taken with flash

I look so tired. Oh wait, I was...
Bad skin day too

As you can see from the picture above, my hair has rebelled! Went on strike andbecame all Brady Bunch like. I could no longer style or even control them and decided to give Ronny a call and teach them a lesson. And teach them a lesson he did. He snipped everything off and gave me a shorter bob and more volume. Finally!

It was hard to take a picture of the back of our head!!

Not exactly what I wanted but it turned out alright. I gave Ronny some rough idea to what I wanted and after that gave him a free hand to do whatever he wanted. When it comes to hair, I rather leave it to people with more experince that myself. What the use of demanding for a haircut that won't suit our face shape, right?

There was a short debate on someone's blog regarding short hair vs long hair thingie and what guys prefer. To me, guys would naturally prefer girls with longer locks but even knowing this has never stopped me from cutting my hair shorter and shorter. My opinion is that a haircut should look great on us regardless of what others might like. If my boyfriend would kick up a fuss when I wanted to cut my hair then my guess would be that he's probably not going to be sticking around when I go bald for some reason or another.

The back, okay, somewhat the back, my hand couldn't do the twist any further

Take E for example, she had always had long hair, down to her waist and she looks great with it, good for her. For myself, short hair suits me better not to mention because my scalp isn't strong enough to handle the weight of my hair when it's long, I tend to shed to the point of being bald :P

Oh I bought a new bag. It was pretty cheap and it's PINK! Woo Hoo! E got one in black and asked if I wanted one as well, the gold one that I initially wanted was out of stock so I opted for pink. It's so sweet looking and I'm so happy with it. The last Coach bag I got sent me to the poor house so I doubt I'll be forking out buying bags like that for some time to come so this will do nicely. Heee~

The chains/ hsoulder straps, inside of the bag. Messy, I know

I can't stuff alot of things into it, cause my wallet ended up taking too much space and there wasn't enough place for my poor make up bag!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ekimura's cosplay contest

A while back, Ekimura posted that she was having an an cosplay contest! I toyed with the idea of joining, unsure of myself but one super hot evening, I decided to just try it out.

For those that knows me knows that I love manga and anime. I was 14 (11 years ago) when I had my first taste of anime. Back then, we didn't have broadband and everyone used the stupid dial up that cost a freaking bomb and was so slow, you can literally pull your hair and cry. Downloading one song of about 4MB will take you a good 6 hours or more. I kid you not, for everyone my age and older, we've all been through this. Ahh the difficulty then. Opps I digress.

Finding an inspirational character was tough. First off, I don't look anything like them with big eyes and all. In other words; I'M NOT CUTE.

Cute would definitely be one of the last words people would use to describe me. I wish I was but unfortunately instead of the cute heroin, I have the face of the evil villians.

Not exactly an anime charater or even looks like one but this picture became my inspiration or even a clue on what to do and how to start

Lacking a certain something - evilness perhaps?

Yes, the villain finally shows herself!
It's all in the eyes, I'm telling ya

For this contest I know that Ekimura allowed the use of photoshop but since I can't photoshop to save my life. I didn't get to use it. STBM.

The eyes can tell a tale of their owns, mine tells a tale of evil, cunning, sly, cynical
Hey, I never said I liked my eyes ...

A close up.
Come on, admit it, it doesn't look like the eyes that can belong to some cute, helpess, damsel princess/angel or whatever right?

For some strange reason, I decided not to play up the eyes too much. I just wanted them simple and to the point. I wanted it all to do with the expression of the face instead, I do admit that probably this pictures are too mild to be considered cosplay but at least I tried.

I will never fit into the princess-y mold, but hey, so why not just enhance whatever I already have instead of sticking tapes and all on my eyelids. So to all the cosplayers of damsels in distress, there, go find your hero quick cause the villian just arrived. Nyahahahahaha!

I sweatdropped a bit when I saw the contest rule being a picture of the items used. Problem is, I was being stingy as usual, I ended up using things I do not usually use.

This is so embarrassing to be posted up

I wanted a fairer than usual complexion so I used Lancome Base in purple, then Elianto cream foundation in white, Elianto Fresh Whitening Stick Foundation (I think the expire date has passed - MUAHAHAHAA), Red Earth Secret Potion, MAC Cream Base in Luna, MAC Don't be shy Blusher, MAC Typographic, and U2B lip palette. Oh I forgot TheFaceShop's falsies and Bourjois Crayon Kohl in black!

It was a super hot day and since I had my wig on and all, I'm not kidding when I say I nearly passed out from the humidity. The only thing that kept me going was hoping to win some of Eki's super cute hair clips. I've been eyeing them for some time but after the currency convertion is not something I can afford but anyway the "cosplay" was fun :D

Stress is a friend and stress is a foe, oh oh

Stress will find you
No matter where you go
No matter if you're fast
No matter if you're slow

The eye of the storm

Wanna cry in the morn
Oh, oh
You're fine for a while
But you start
To lose control

He's there in the dark
He's there in my heart
He waits in the wings
He's gotta play a part
Stress is a friend
Stress is a friend of mine

-Lenka, Trouble is a friend of mine

Been so freaking tired lately, I feel like I've been running a marathon every single day. Day in day out everything has become routine. After all this strenuous "exercise", how can anyone not lose any weight. If I hear one more friend commenting on how much weight I've lost. I AM going to lost it and start beating people up. I've been trying my best not to skip dinner and all but there are occasions when you really don't have the mood to eat and yet I still stuff myself. Food is no longer to enjoy but just to make yourself full.

I realized that all my clothes that I previously could no longer wear have all become loose for me but trust me when I say, I've been trying to put on weight.

Woke up early to send a customer a quotation when I received a message from Mr.W. Monday is another T-meeting. Lost all appetite and mood to do what I was suppose to do. Thinking back about my last D-meeting there I was shot with a bazooka by 'someone' this makes me wanna crawl back to bed and pretend to die.

Yes the T-meeting went badly as well. *sigh* just my bloody luck. I kept getting picked on.

HOLY MOTHER OF %#@!!% I never realized that my profile on FaceBook states that I'm interested in: Women

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To Cuppie Cake - a sonnet of love

People tend to write love poems, sonata, songs praising the one they love. Since I'm free and bored, I decided to do the same. This is also to offset my ranty and nasty and boring rant previously. Here's my heartfelt dedication to the one thing I love a lot. Taken from William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18

Ashley's sonnet MMIX.VI.VII

Oh cuppie cake,

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate;
Rough winds can not shake thou darlings icing buds of May,
Unless it's a typhoon, then I cannot say,
The colour of thee icing tint,
Art better than Benefits Benetint,
Thee taste much sweeter,
Than my Palmer's cocoa lip butter,
Thee smell better than any perfume from Thierry Mugler,
Or Chanel, Gucci and Escada combined together,
Sometimes too hot the eyes of heaven shines,
Fear not, I've place thee in the refrigeration with a card stating you're mine,
So what if men can breath and eyes can see,
They won't be able to lick the icing off thee,
For thee shalt belong to no one but me!

I love you, cuppie cake!

Monday, June 8, 2009

PAS: Stop teaching Science and Maths in English

Had a good day in the office today since a certain 'someone' was in a super good mood, awww, he's so cute when he's in a good mood *melts*

That aside, was taking a crap when I decided to "entertain" my self by reading the newspaper today and it totally spoilt my mood. The kind of bullshit some people can spill out is amazing.

Mind you, I'm not much of a supporter of the government nor am I of the opposition. I'm a fence sitter. You do good, I pat you on the back, you do bad, I bash you on my blog (can't bash them anywhere else anyway) . My life is really simple that way. But this one deserve a good bashing and an ass kicking.

What put me into a hissy pissy mood? Read this;

PAS: Stop teaching Science and Maths in English

The 55th PAS muktamar that ended yesterday passed a motion urging the Government to immediately abolish the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI).

Rembau delegate Taufik Abdul Ghani, who tabled the motion, said the party objected to the Education Ministry’s move to delay scrapping the PPSMI.

“We also call for PPSMI to be abolished immediately and for the return of the old policy, thus uplifting the national language,” said Taufik.

Delano [origins: French]
From the place of nut trees

-Name your baby by Lareina Rule

Taufik Abdul Ghani [origins: Malaysian]
The nutcase that doesn't fall far from the the nut trees

- What NOT to name your baby by Ashley Tan [not published yet]

I've never much agreed with out Malaysian way of education. They are very fickle minded. One minute it's this way, the next it would be another. They keep playing ping pong with our education and our future. During my time, I learn both Science and Maths in Bahasa Malaysia and I had it bad, Both my parents learn theirs in English and was never really able to help me when I'm in a fix. Nor could my online friends because I didn't not know then Persamaan Linear was actually Linear Equation.

When I think about it, what was the use of learning something as important as Science in Bahasa Malaysia? Aren't we losing out when we learn Science in Bahasa Malaysia since we cannot understand the English counterparts? Take a look at the stuffs we buy, the shampoo we uses and the cosmetics and whatever else, aren't they in English? Why is it that the politicians wants us all to be ignorant fools and become the world's laughing stock?

National language is one thing, to be a stupid fool is another. I am proud to be Malaysian (minus all monkey dramas) and I respect the national language which is Bahasa Malaysia. But just as well, I do not believe in making a fool out of my self because of some people's blind faith and need to be more "Malaysian" than others. Just because I don't eat with chopsticks, does that make me any less yellow, slitty eyes and Chinese? [Not insulting anyone here, it's just that I am yellow toned and I have slitty eyes]

The standard of English has dropped tremendously since our parent's time. Imagine back then everyone regardless of races spoke good English. English that we can be proud off and even impress the Mat Sallehs. The kids nowadays can't even string together a proper sentence and yet, the government is not doing much to improve the situation and out pops a bunch of idiots that wants us all to be stop learning Science and Maths in English. Soon, we'll be learning English in Bahasa Malaysia!! Sheesh!

I have a feeling that the person who even suggested something like that probably lives on a tree top over looking his durian and rambutan plantation. Basically a frog in a well. A frog who thinks that the well he's in is the world itself, a frog that has never come out of the well and thus never seen the real world. Oblivious in his dark, damp hole. And probably someone who failed his Maths, Science and English BADLY. I'm so super sure he failed his English exams. I'm so sure of it!

I'm seriously getting sick of all the bullshit that's happening and all the funky things that does not passed through the brain being said. Are they all high on something? Seriously, please share and pass whatever shit you're smoking around, maybe then I can understand your way of thinking.

Dear sir,
Go and die. Go directly to your grave and die. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.

I know it sounds mean but when you're messing with Malaysia's future to compete with the world, that's the nicest thing I can say to you. Do us all a favour. Thanks.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

EH Precious Mineral BB cream + Re-ment Candy House + little update

Anyway, it's been a while since I last posted up, been a little busy and too much stuffs going on, drama here, tension there and work everywhere and been trying super hard to eat and eat more! Mom still ain't cooking so I stuff myself whenever I'm out with E for lunch. It's a little sad when you don't have a boyfriend or someone to accompany or bring you out for lunch or dinner sometimes. I miss the good old days XD

Current weight: 47kg
Target : 49kg

I'm not that tall nor am I that short since I stand at roughly 164cm. But for my bodyshape, being 47kg is too skinny for me, I do NOT want to repeat the old scenario when I fell sick and became 46kg and had bones jutting out everywhere. I looked like a freaking lollipop with skinny body and a big head not to mention skinny girls has a tendency to look haggard and haggard is something I never want to be.

Thanks Khim Sun!

KS finally came back from Hong Kong after the Dragon boat Tournament ended. Was wondering where the hell he suddenly disappeared to. He got the rest of us some gifts, the girls received T-shirts and I got a key chain! I love it cause it's pretty colourful and since it reminded him of me, he got it for me. Thank you so much and congrats on placing 2nd for your category.

EH Precious Mineral BB cream + free gift of cotton pads + mirror

Left to right: It's finally out!! , The list of ingredients

While doing my make up today, I wondered when was it that I got into all the make up craze, when and why was it?

Then I remembered, everything started when I was 12 when I would secretly keep my mom's discarded compact powders which still had a bit left and use it. I love love love powders or basically anything that could give me a flawless looking complexion. To me, everything else can be fixed but a good complexion is the base for looking good. Nothing looks good unless you had flawless complexion, perhaps till now I still have that thinking which is why I have a countless of foundations, loose powders, compact powders and so forth.

Why is a 12 year old so obsessed with her face? Well, when I was younger, me and my sister fought a lot. As in physically. Fist fights and all and back then I was a smaller size than her. Odd isn't it now that I'm a good half a head taller than her. So anyway back then during one of the fights, my sister scratched the side of my face with her nail and left me with a 2 inch long scar across my left cheek. Back then, mom didn't care much for me so she never gave me any cream or anything to make it heal and left it at that. A couple of years later, I went to see a skin doctor cause I was having breakouts and I asked the doctor about the scar. All he said was that the scar was here to stay and for me to use make up to cover it.

Right. Until now, no amount of make up can cover the freaking scar. It barely visible from far (D'oh) but near, you might be able to see it and I guess you can say that it embarrasses me.


Anyway, my reviews of the EH Precious Minerals is the same as before, been using it for a couple of days now and I'm still loving it. The coverage is good and covers most of blemishes, last a long time without fading, oil control, sticks to the skin like a 2nd skin.

It can be a little hard to blend if you use the wrong moisturiser with it and can be considered a little on the thick side, and it only comes in one colour. I'm pretty fair so I'm able to use it okay but for people with darker skin tone, I'm a little worried as to how far it can oxidize into their skin tone. Anyone with MAC NC30 skin tone that can tell me?

Left to right: Afternoon and night time difference.
In the afternoon, it was more subtle and by night, after partying till the wee hours of the morning, this happens. ARGH

This is what happens when I use falsies, go out partying and drink. I wake up with double eyelids... on ONE eye. It usually happen on the right eye but this time it was on the left. I just wish that I could get double eyelids on either both eyes or no eyes. It's freaking irritating. It's like eye bags, I have a [note the singular not plural] eye bag on my right eye.

I'm not entirely too sure whether to be thankful that it's only one eye and that my eye creams can last be doubly long or sad that in the end of the day I still have to buy an eye cream. Bah!

What could the box contain??
Why, it's another cuppie cake!!! <3

Woke up late on Sunday and decided to open up my Re-Ment Candy House that I bought a while ago from Uncle Tong in Midlands One-Stop. Ahhh so so cutee, assembled my village of candies and stare at them wondering if I could eat them. Tempting.